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Hello all,

To all ICU nurse's, my friend is desperate ! Her husband is 42 yrs old and diagnosed with coronavirus, placed on moderate ventilation in their local ICU 3 days ago, she wants to know what questions should she be asking to find out if he's getting better and to find out how much longer he'll be on? TIA

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I'm sorry, but we cannot offer medical advice of any kind per the Terms of Service. What I can say is that no question is a stupid question, and your friend can ask any question of the healthcare professionals taking care of her husband that she wants. They are there to provide education, among other duties, and they'd rather have a patient or family member ask for "too much" information than too little. Your friend is probably overwhelmed right now and it may be too much for her to absorb a lot of info, but I'm sure she'll ask plenty of questions as she is able.

Here's hoping your friend's hubby gets well soon. Viva

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As mentioned above no question is a stupid question and your friend should ask whatever comes to mind.

closing this and I hope your friend’s husband gets better

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