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Silverdragon102 has 34 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

A member of since 2001 when looking for options and support when looking at moving from the UK to the US. Strangely that changed to Canada and deciding we loved where we lived the US became a place to visit instead of living. I love animals and currently have 5 dogs and they are all rescue, ages ranging from 3 to 9 years of age. current hobby if playing with epoxy resin and acrylic paints and have a few various things done like paintings and coasters. 

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  1. Silverdragon102

    UK nurse registration for Ontario

    I haven’t had any problems getting both my employer and college of nursing recognizing my degree. I haven’t heard that about CNO but when I applied many years ago we still sat the CRNE. NCLEX was a couple of years later
  2. Silverdragon102

    UK nurse registration for Ontario

    I didn’t have BSN and registered in Canada, but it was way back in 2008. Things have changed but I would suggest trying, they will tell you if you need to make up nursing hours or need to do a return to work course. I did my BSN a few years ago now t...
  3. Silverdragon102

    Canadian LPNs

    Probably better to apply to the state you plan to work and live in
  4. Silverdragon102

    TN to GC?

    You require a employer willing to go the immigration route and sponsor you
  5. Silverdragon102

    Irish trained psychiatric nurse to usa

    Some of the Canadian provinces will accept RMN but the process isn’t cheap and can be long
  6. Silverdragon102

    EB3/GC for CA or HI ?

    EB is green card. You don’t need a lawyer to get your nurse registration sorted, they really aren’t needed until you have a employer and they are willing to sponsor you
  7. Silverdragon102

    EB3/GC for CA or HI ?

    Would suggest contacting hospitals in the areas you want to live and work in and ask them if they are willing to sponsor
  8. Silverdragon102

    My mother caught COVID and is on the ventilator -- now what?

    Sorry for your loss
  9. Silverdragon102

    How to transfer score of NCLEX-RN(USA) into Canada

    You would need to find a employer willing to go through the process of work permit. You will still need to meet provincial college of registered nurse requirements
  10. Silverdragon102

    F2 Visa, NCLEX RN EXAMP Passed July 8th 2021

    I believe you can’t work on a F2 visa but will require the company to sponsor you for your own work visa
  11. Silverdragon102

    Candian RN to California help sos

    I would suggest looking for employer willing to support for visa application but it doesn’t have to be a travel nurse as nafta isn’t difficult to obtain as long as you meet state requirements, have a license, visa screen certificate and a job offer
  12. Silverdragon102

    Candian RN to California help sos

    Do you have a US SSN? California will not accept application without it.
  13. Silverdragon102

    US RNs who successfully submitted to NNAS

    As per the. College of RN for Alberta International applicants Your first step towards becoming an RN in Alberta is to apply for assessment through the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). NNAS will determine whether or not you need...
  14. Silverdragon102


    The next step is applying to the state you plan living and working in. If you last applied to CGFNS back in 1991 then your paperwork will have to start over again
  15. Silverdragon102

    British Educated RN applying to California BON

    Unless you have a US SSN or ITIN then you can’t submit anything to California