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  1. Silverdragon102

    Graduate UK nurse making move to USA

    She will not need work experience to apply but NY have their own way of assessing transcripts and generally do require hours but a lot depends on how transcripts are completed
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    Income Tax

    Moved to the Nursing in Canada forum When I submit tax info I just submit receipt for fees already paid as that is proof paid
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    NMC Decision Letter

    Moved to the Nurse Registration forum where there are plenty of threads discussing the NMC
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    February 2019 NCLEX RN results California

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    Rutgers ABSN Summer 2019

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    Regis CHOICE Program 2019 Fall

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    I got some hips, can't find scrub tops

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  8. Found this Credentials Review The credentials review looks at theoretical instruction and clinical practice in five major areas of nursing: adult medical nursing, adult surgical nursing, neonatal nursing, pediatric nursing, and psychiatric nursing. Generally, it does not examine additional education in the sciences, humanities, or other areas of study. https://www.allnursingschools.com/articles/foreign-nurse/
  9. US nurses training is general. Your transcripts are expected to show both clinical and theory hours in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Most agencies are aware of this but the only way to find out is submit to the state and see what happens. This has also been known to impact when endorsing as well
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    I passed!

  11. Just be aware if California is your end goal then getting registered in another state won’t make any difference when trying to endorse as same issues may occur. I believe once assessed by California and deemed short you have 2 years to meet shortfall. Otherwise most other states have similar requirements and processing times and Obstetrics will still be required. All states require hours both clinical and theory in Paeds, Mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult
  12. You will still need to sit NCLEX for LPN after meeting requirements
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    Australian nurse NNAS process question

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  15. Incentives will go against the collective agreement so a big no no. Where you start on the scale will depend on employer. Although a different province my employer recognized my many years experience but they didn’t have to.