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Medical and general practice now LTC
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Silverdragon102 has 32 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

A member of allnurses.com since 2001 when looking for options and support when looking at moving from the UK to the US. Strangely that changed to Canada and deciding we loved where we lived the US became a place to visit instead of living. I love animals and currently have 5 dogs and they are all rescue, ages ranging from 3 to 9 years of age. current hobby if playing with epoxy resin and acrylic paints and have a few various things done like paintings and coasters. 

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  1. Silverdragon102

    What if Covid-19 doesn't go away

    Who knows what is going to happen. I see reports that it could be around for 2-3 years and will still have a impact because even with the high number of cases and deaths there are still people who think it is a false made up report by the media to cause unnecessary panic. Vaccines appear to be close but can the companies make the billions of doses required to vaccinate everyone in a timely manner
  2. Silverdragon102

    Canadian RN to California Licensure by Examination: Help!

    Until you meet state requirements you cannot site NCLEX so if they require courses they have to be done first before permission is given. you could try another state but I am not sure how easy it will be to obtain the emergency licence
  3. Silverdragon102

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    I believe you won’t get a CGFNS ID until you pay for a service
  4. Silverdragon102

    Chinese nurse

    I stand corrected EB3 for July for someone from China was 2016 not 2008. Be aware that’s dates move backwards as well as forward so once you find employer and your I140 is filed and approved you need to keep an eye on dates as the I140 approval date is your priority date
  5. Silverdragon102

    Chinese nurse

    EB3 is employer based and is based on place of birth so doesn’t matter if in the US or outside the US. Quiet a jump from July to Aug but good for you in one way however, even from within the US you are still affected by the waiting time which has decreased from 2008 to 2017 and to maintain legal status you will either have to find employer willing to file EB3 but also employ you on a H1b visa that isn’t affected by the cap. Example a university hospital. This means you can stay in the US working whilst waiting. Alternative is staying as a student. You do have options of OPT if you qualify and have applied for it a few months before you graduate which helps you gain some US experience but many struggle to find a employer with OPT. You may benefit from speaking to a immigration lawyer experienced with nurses
  6. Silverdragon102

    Chinese nurse

    EB3 is employer based so employer has to file your application via lawyer the issue you have is finding employer willing to wait 12 years for you to get interview and approval to move on immigrant visa
  7. The preliminary results of a clinical trial suggest a new treatment for Covid-19 dramatically reduces the number of patients needing intensive care, according to the UK company that developed it. The treatment from Southampton-based biotech Synairgen uses a protein called interferon beta which the body produces when it gets a viral infection. The protein is inhaled directly into the lungs of patients with coronavirus, using a nebuliser, in the hope that it will stimulate an immune response. The initial findings suggest the treatment cut the odds of a Covid-19 patient in hospital developing severe disease - such as requiring ventilation - by 79%. Coronavirus: Protein treatment trial 'a breakthrough' Interesting read
  8. Silverdragon102


    Member hasn’t been back to the site since Nov 2018
  9. Silverdragon102

    Working on a Covid unit- should I see family?

    I personally would isolate and not put family at risk
  10. Silverdragon102

    American with foreign BSN - - how do I work in NYC?

    It isn’t true about needing work hours to register as nurse in the US many foreign nurses do it without experience. There are 2 ways to register with NY BON just look on their website for initial registration with exam and look for requirements for nurses trained outside the US
  11. Silverdragon102

    Getting to NP

    Yes. Information should be on the college of RN website for province you plan on working in
  12. Silverdragon102

    Australian RN equivalent to USA LPN?

    I think California LVN requires CGFNS. Found this so ERES is an option https://www.bvnpt.ca.gov/applicants/important_information.shtml
  13. Silverdragon102

    Temperature checks for Employees

    We do the same except use a wrist band. It has only been in the last week we have let outside contractors in. We have started resident visits but outside and visitors still go through the screening
  14. Silverdragon102

    Best Countries to Relocate as US New Grad RN?

    Moved to the International Nursing forum where there are several threads discussing different countries and registration. Also suggest checking out the Nurse Registration forum
  15. Silverdragon102

    BEGINNING to Look into TRAVEL NURSING Questions?!

    Moved to the Travel Nursing forum
  16. Silverdragon102

    MJC allnurses 2020

    Just a quick reminder that personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you disagree with what someone has posted I am sure you can get your point across without making it personal

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