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Medical and general practice now LTC
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Silverdragon102 has 33 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

A member of allnurses.com since 2001 when looking for options and support when looking at moving from the UK to the US. Strangely that changed to Canada and deciding we loved where we lived the US became a place to visit instead of living. I love animals and currently have 5 dogs and they are all rescue, ages ranging from 3 to 9 years of age. current hobby if playing with epoxy resin and acrylic paints and have a few various things done like paintings and coasters. 

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  1. Silverdragon102

    Candian RN to California help sos

    I would suggest looking for employer willing to support for visa application but it doesn’t have to be a travel nurse as nafta isn’t difficult to obtain as long as you meet state requirements, have a license, visa screen certificate and a job offer
  2. Silverdragon102

    Candian RN to California help sos

    Do you have a US SSN? California will not accept application without it.
  3. Silverdragon102

    British Educated RN applying to California BON

    Unless you have a US SSN or ITIN then you can’t submit anything to California
  4. Silverdragon102

    SSN info, please

    Usually paperwork is good for 3 years. You shouldn’t have to take the NCLEX again but will need to resubmit paperwork and any other relevant documents. Because California requires a US SSN then you can’t submit anything until in the US and a number has been issued to you
  5. Silverdragon102

    Licensure endorsement for California???

    California is a hard one to apply to and until you apply and submit paperwork they will not make a decision and just because you are licensed in one state cannot guarantee meeting California requirements
  6. Silverdragon102

    Kaplan NCLEX-RN QBank scores

    Moved to the NCLEX forum
  7. Silverdragon102

    please help

    Do you have any books? I would suggest checking out
  8. Silverdragon102

    Advice on international nurse moving to Canada

    What does the provincial college of RN for the province you want to live and work in say? Usually it is so many nursing hours in the past 3 or 5 years
  9. Silverdragon102

    RPN moving to California

    You will need a license from California to work in California. Some RPN’s have managed to obtain RN in the US but a lot depends on your transcripts. You would have to search for bridging programs for the US if you are not able to get RN but if planning on returning to Canada it may be beneficial looking at bridging or BSN
  10. Silverdragon102

    CGFNS Visascreen and CES Processing Time Canadian RN

    Usually CGFNS will use the same documents for both
  11. Silverdragon102

    Uk paediatric nurse looking for some advice please!

    What some provinces are doing is getting you over for an assessment which will decide on whether you have enough experience or need to do some courses before sitting NCLEX
  12. Silverdragon102

    3rd-year BSN student in Canada looking ahead to USA

    You need to start by applying to a state for initial license by exam but if passed NCLEX for Canada then arrange for results to be forwarded
  13. Silverdragon102


    As I look at their website the international section excludes Canada but the other section only looks at requirements if trained in the US. Have you tried contacting the BON? Another option is apply to another state and endorse
  14. Silverdragon102


    Which state are you wanting to live and work in?
  15. Silverdragon102

    NHS Superannuation

    Something I have been thinking about sorting and I would definitely have issues as I left the UK in 2008 and I paid into it from 1986 to 2002. I do have a Barclays Visa card but also haven’t used that since 2008. Would be interested to see what sort of answers you get
  16. Silverdragon102

    Failed NCLEX 3 times with MAX questions

    Check this out