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  1. BsnBull

    COVID-19: No PPE!!

    Hello all !! I'm at a loss of words for what I witnessed at a well-known hospital's Covid unit!! I saw nurse's walk into Covid positive rooms with only scrubs and surgical or mask only! No shield no gowns, no goggles!! Then I saw many go into the ventilated patients rooms and then step back to the nurses station talking to friends and charting!! Many not even washing their hands just sanitizing!! Has anyone else seen this practice lately???
  2. BsnBull

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    All of these stories are good, some are too scary to finish reading. I have one. When I worked as a LVN in a rehab center. There was a hospice pt being cared for by my coworker. The coworker asked me to accompany her to check on the pt as something weird had just happened with the contract hospice nurse and she ran out crying. We entered, the pt looked up at me ans asked if she could hold my hand, I said sure. I didn't know these pt well btw. She said Your mama told me to tell you she can't wait to see you again! I dropped her hand. My coworker asked was my mother still living. I said no she died 6 months ago. And the fact that she said my " mama", not mother, mom, etc! This is what we called her, mama.
  3. BsnBull

    Asthmatic and forced to Covid unit

    Hello all, My dilemma is still so shocking to me! I've been in FMLA for asthma. My last asthma attack was in June. My employer knows all of my history and still trying to transfer me to a Covid patient unit. I can't believe this is happening!! I've got so much time invested and love my job. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. TIA
  4. BsnBull

    Being sent to sister hospital

    Looking for advice. I'm clinic nurse now with med surg experience. I was told I'm being sent to a sister hospital's Covid unit. My employer has known for month that I've been under a doctor's care for asthma. I was told I can only be exempt if I have cancer or is pregnant. I'm afraid of contracting Covid and dying honestly! A good friend of mine died of Covid a few months ago, she also had asthma. TIA for any advice.
  5. BsnBull

    Vent with coronavirus

    Hello all, To all ICU nurse's, my friend is desperate ! Her husband is 42 yrs old and diagnosed with coronavirus, placed on moderate ventilation in their local ICU 3 days ago, she wants to know what questions should she be asking to find out if he's getting better and to find out how much longer he'll be on? TIA
  6. BsnBull

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hello all! Nurse4life8181 or anyone that can help me with the Nurse 3 proficiency! I'm at a loss. Please share by email at : adukelelemom@gmail.com. Any help I will greatly appreciate. Thank you all😊
  7. BsnBull

    Dallas VA hospital SCI unit

    Hello, Sorry I don't know anything about the SCI unit, but tou mentioned that you've work in a few VA's. So I was wondering , Have you heard anything about the turnover and pt ratios in the Dallas VA ED, I was offered a position there?
  8. BsnBull

    Neuro Pcu ratio

    If anyone has worked on a Neuro Pcu unit what's your ratios? We currently have 6 to 7 patients per nurse, 2 tech's for the entire 30 bed unit to share nurses, we explain diagnostic results to families because the doctors refuse, it's starting to become too overwhelming! What's your experiences?
  9. BsnBull

    Dr. Feelgood

    Hello all, I have a issue at work and just want some opinions on how to solve it. Well there's a doctor that treats patients on my unit, he's condescending to staff, and just had horrible bedside manner to patients and families. He makes the nurse tell the family members the test results upon discharge! I mean something as serious as strokes! This is illegal but he does it and no one supports the nurses when we complain. On top of that I had a pt of his that was diagnosed with meningitis, upon getting report from another nurse to find out if it was bacterial or viral, another nurse blurts out that he's her boyfriend and that she doesn't like the nurses calling his personal phone about "these " patients, and she's gonna speak to the director because nobody should have his personal number. I'm like that's his job and the test results were showing bacteria. And we wanted to make sure other staff and family remain protected. We contacted a supervisor and awaited the word on the next step, we find out the supervisor called back and relayed the message to that nurse and she didn't tell us! When approached her words were " oh, I forgot to tell you". What's your thoughts?
  10. BsnBull

    Bullied by preceptor!!

    Thanks all for your comments! I did speak to my preceptor and was overheard by another nurse, she stated the nurse did the same to her !! So this is not unusual for this nurse. The next time that I saw her she spoke as if nothing happened. I'm going to make sure that I never precept withe her again that's for sure. My spirit was truly broken that day.
  11. BsnBull

    Bullied by preceptor!!

    So, I've been precepting with this nurse for a few weeks, she's awesome. She's very patient and tells me my mistakes , mostly with charting because it's so redundant. Today she was ill, I was placed with her peer, a nurse with 10 yrs experience. She yelled at me in front of family'and and staff for every little thing. She would say " now you go back and chart this right now ", just go !! I've been a nurse for 2 years!! I couldn't believe I was so humiliated, how should I address this?? I'll be back with my preceptor my next scheduled shift, I was told that this lady's tone can be intimidating, but this was harsh. Not to mention I was taught a different way of things for the last few weeks. Thanks