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  1. Recorded calls?

    Is is the norm for CM calls to be recorded, critiqued, and then given a grade by management? Please chime in ! TIA
  2. Insulin titration

    Hello friends! Has anyone ever heard of a nurse managing insulin for patients, hospital setting or otherwise. For example, managing and titrating doses? TIA
  3. Being replaced?

    Thanks everyone ☺
  4. Being replaced?

    Hello my fellow nurses! I need some advice. So I've been in my role over a year and I receive job alerts still from when I was searching. Well, one of the alerts was my job!! Yep, I'm the only nurse in my current role and my director hasn't mention...
  5. COVID-19: No PPE!!

    Thanks all for your input!! All of you have helped me with wrapping my mind around all of this. So I did get that using the wall station hand sanitizer is sufficient enough. I guess I was more concerned about the airborne room doors being cracked ope...
  6. COVID-19: No PPE!!

    Hello all !! I'm at a loss of words for what I witnessed at a well-known hospital's Covid unit!! I saw nurse's walk into Covid positive rooms with only scrubs and surgical or mask only! No shield no gowns, no goggles!! Then I saw many go into the ven...
  7. Virtual CPR class !!

    Hello all! Does anyone know of a reputable AHA approved virtual BLS class? TIA
  8. Hello all! I'm wondering if anyone can send me a sort of " brain" or " cheat sheet" to, for my new job as a case manager?? I would so greatly appreciate it! ☺️, I'm so excited to start my new job and want to give my best to my...
  9. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    All of these stories are good, some are too scary to finish reading. I have one. When I worked as a LVN in a rehab center. There was a hospice pt being cared for by my coworker. The coworker asked me to accompany her to check on the pt as something w...
  10. Asthmatic and forced to Covid unit

    Thank you all for responding and assisting me! I have spoken to my unit manager, and was told so sorry, but all hands on deck. I also have a special needs son , who's Autistic and have asthma and a low white count. His doctor wrote a note to place me...
  11. Asthmatic and forced to Covid unit

    Hello all, My dilemma is still so shocking to me! I've been in FMLA for asthma. My last asthma attack was in June. My employer knows all of my history and still trying to transfer me to a Covid patient unit. I can't believe this is happening!! I've g...
  12. Being sent to sister hospital

    Looking for advice. I'm clinic nurse now with med surg experience. I was told I'm being sent to a sister hospital's Covid unit. My employer has known for month that I've been under a doctor's care for asthma. I was told I can only be exempt if I have...
  13. Vent with coronavirus

    Hello all, To all ICU nurse's, my friend is desperate ! Her husband is 42 yrs old and diagnosed with coronavirus, placed on moderate ventilation in their local ICU 3 days ago, she wants to know what questions should she be asking to find out if he'...
  14. VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hello all! Nurse4life8181 or anyone that can help me with the Nurse 3 proficiency! I'm at a loss. Please share by email at : Any help I will greatly appreciate. Thank you all?
  15. Dallas VA hospital SCI unit

    Hello, Sorry I don't know anything about the SCI unit, but tou mentioned that you've work in a few VA's. So I was wondering , Have you heard anything about the turnover and pt ratios in the Dallas VA ED, I was offered a position there?