Daytonite has passed away... - page 2

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our most beloved members, Daytonite. Daytonite was instrumental in working with the nursing students here at She... Read More

  1. by   Purple_Scrubs
    Her legacy will live on...years from now students will be reading her words of wisdom and thus she will continue to impact the profession indefinitely.

    Rest in peace, Daytonite.
  2. by   tamme
    I will truly miss her! She inspired so many of us over here. My condolences to her family.
  3. by   Tweety
    Sad to hear, but I know she was sick for a long time, fighting a tough battle. I will surely miss her.
  4. by   madwife2002
    This is very sad news I am so sorry for this loss and my prayers are with her family at this time
  5. by   shannahan
    She had such wisdom and took the time to share it freely. I hope allnurses will make a forum of her posts so that her wisdom will live on to benefit future nursing students.
  6. by   tokidoki7
    Daytonite was the greatest! A very wise woman, took her time to help everyone, always had something profound to say. I even saved the private emails she sent me. I'll miss her a lot.
  7. by   That Guy
    I was just thinking how I had not seen anything from her in awhile. I always enjoyed reading everything she posted
  8. by   lorettap
    She will be missed! Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends
  9. by   XB9S
    I am truly saddened to hear this, she will be greatly missed by all
  10. by   Always_Learning
    What sad news. She was a great teacher, a great nurse, and she will be sorely missed.
  11. by   CBsMommy
    Her family and friends are in my prayers. She was such an inspiration to a lot of people and will be whole-heartedly missed.
  12. by   cherrybreeze
    I am very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace, Daytonite, you will be missed.
  13. by   mmt4
    I am so sorry to hear this. She was an amazing source of information and help to students and she will be sorely missed.