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med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt
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Daytonite has 40 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med/surg, telemetry, IV therapy, mgmt.

BSN, RN - Specialty areas include: Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, IV therapy, Management, Student Assistance, Educator

BSN, RN - Specialty areas include: Medical-Surgical, Telemetry, IV therapy, Management, Student Assistance, Educator

Be helpful to each other. Haven't most of us experienced enough backbiting and negativity at work? And please don't use the phrase "eating our young". People that "eat their young" are just nasty people who are difficult to get along with. They are in every profession, every walk of life, and not just nursing. ~ Daytonite

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  1. Hello would you mind sending me your medsurg organization sheet. I saw that you had one on another post. My email is you so much! 

    1. ATXCat


      I just read that Daytonite has passed away

  2. Daytonite

    Urosepsis Care Plan

    Step 1 Assessmentdark yellow, odorous urinepale dry skinpoor skin turgordry mucous membranesrefusing liquidsminimal appetite140/98, hr=106weight 102-usually 115thin extremitiesminimal right leg movementunequal palmar grips-right weakerred 2 cm spot o...
  3. Daytonite

    Nursing DX for postpartum couplet

    for the mother: effective breastfeeding for the baby: effective breastfeeding ineffective thermoregulation r/t immature compensation for changes in environmental temperature risk for infection r/t break in skin integrity at umbilical cord site
  4. Daytonite

    Need for a psychological dx

    Problems with eyesight are Disturbed Sensory Perception, visual.
  5. Daytonite

    chemo care plan assistance

    ineffective protection r/t bone marrow suppression secondary to disease process and chemotherapy, decreased synthesis of immunoglobulin by plasma cells secondary to decrease in normal circulating antibodies, and immunosuppression secondary to chemoth...
  6. Daytonite

    Care planning help

    They already told you in the admitting information. It is sepsis. You can tell from the vital signs.
  7. Daytonite

    chemo care plan assistance

    i get chemotherapy and one of my drugs causes the same problem with my feet as well as my hands. i do have to use a walker on the days that my feet as swollen and sore. your diagnosis impaired tissue integrity r/t chemical insult (?) secondary to c...
  8. Daytonite

    Care Plan Help

    Good diagnoses, but before making any goals, consider what nursing interventions you will order. The reason I recommend this is because your goals are what you expect to happen as a result of the nursing interventions being performed.
  9. Impaired Verbal Communication.
  10. Daytonite

    Nursing Diagnoses Prioritization

    A "risk for" diagnosis almost never is sequenced first because it is not an actual problem. actual problems are always sequenced before potential problems. second, poor tissue perfusion is not an official nanda diagnosis and i have no idea what you m...
  11. Daytonite

    effective breastfeeding care plan

    Do not mix interventions or goals for the mom with the neonate if the care plan is for the neonate.
  12. Daytonite

    Need chest tube basics

    Because continuous bubbling means there is a leak in the system and therefore the chest tube is not able to do its job. Yes, it is supposed to bubble, but only on expiration when the lung is releasing air from the pleural space.
  13. Daytonite

    effective breastfeeding care plan

    Your goals reflect what your interventions would be, so what are your interventions?
  14. Daytonite

    Confused about this??

    The problem is that the care plan is about the mother. You can't mix up mother and baby problems on one care plan.
  15. Daytonite

    Need some advice on this

    you posted this on the nursing student discussion forum and i just got finished replying to it. you need to go over there to read the answer. - confused about this??