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  1. CBsMommy

    Steel Magnolias and Sweet Memories

    I always love your posts VivaLasViejas! You are so wise! As for me, "Pink is my signature color"!
  2. CBsMommy

    Pay difference Denver, CO Springs, Ft. Collins

    Colorado Springs is saturated as well and you will be making more in Denver. I live in Colo. Spgs and commute to Denver (which I DO NOT recommend). Good luck!
  3. OP, if you want more practice, I would suggest finding a job as a PCT or CNA somewhere. If it's the basic tasks that you are having a problem with, I would find a job in a nursing home where you would get a TON of practice with these skills and meet some fantastic CNAs who have probably been doing their job for years that could give you some pointers about how they manage their days! I agree with the poster that said that it was all about organization. I just finished my third semester and have my day planned out before I even hit the floor. I've been doing my clinical days the exact same way since the beginning of the second semester. It's easier to deal with "curve balls" thrown your way if you have a plan of attack, so to speak. How long are your clinical days? Hours you are working? How do you organize your day? Maybe you can ask your clinical instructor how he/she would organize their day. Acknowledge that you might have a little time management issue and accept the help. It doesn't mean that you are a "bad student" but everyone can find ways in which to better themselves. Do it now, while you are a student. Finally, I really hope that you were not trying to move an obese patient without help. If the patient was so exhausted that he was not able to wipe his face, it doesn't sound like the patient was able to help you move him. Don't hurt yourself before you even begin. Good luck. It sounds like you really want to succeed. I hope that you can work it out to where you can!
  4. CBsMommy

    2 yr ADN students..question on IV's and blood draws

    2 year ADN program here as well and we learned to do them in second semester. Once we checked off in lab, we were allowed to do them during clinicals. Good luck!
  5. CBsMommy


    I would've given them a funny look and just said TMI! They would've received the hint! Hopefully...
  6. CBsMommy

    Finshed Final exam today ! One more semester to GO !!

    You know that's true!!! I'm happy for the summer break though!
  7. CBsMommy

    Finshed Final exam today ! One more semester to GO !!

    Congrats! We don't take our last final until Monday and I am still waiting for grades to be posted in our Pharmacology class (hopefully sometime today). I can't wait to get third semester behind me too, start summer vacation and graduate in December!!!
  8. CBsMommy

    Magnet Status And Adn Nurses ** Not Another Adn Vs Bsn Thread**

    This thread is really old but since people are still looking at it... I graduate in December with my ADN and I was hired at a hospital that is working toward magnet status with the promise of a nursing position after graduation. Just my 2 cents!
  9. CBsMommy

    Turned down job..did I do the right thing?

    I don't see that you had another choice really. Unless you wanted to have your baby and come right back to work (which I would never suggest). Only you can know if you did the right thing. For me, when my son was born, I only wanted to spend time concentrating on him. He was the most important thing in the world to me. You can never take that time back....they will only be that small once. Is there a way that you can call that hospital and ask if they run another program at the end of the year and if you can join that? Good luck to you and congrats on your bundle of joy!!!
  10. CBsMommy

    100% on my exam and it wasn't exciting... :(

    Congrats on your 100%! That is an awesome thing in nursing school and you should be proud of yourself! I would feel the same way if I was in your shoes right now however if you know that you did not cheat, and you ran this down for your professors, it is what it is. I'm sorry they had to question you about it though, that sucks. If it's still really bothering you, you could pull the instructor aside and just tell them you are bothered by it. That would help clear the air a little. If I was in this same situation though, I think I would just let it go. Good luck to you in the rest of your studies!!!
  11. CBsMommy

    Senior Practicum DONE! Next stop, GRADUATION!

    Congrats! I also remember reading your posts before starting school and look how far you've come! Do you remember some of your posts? And, thank you, I started school one semester behind you and knowing that you've made it this far hopefully means that I can do it too!
  12. CBsMommy

    Need help to convince parents!

    The only reason I am going for my ADN first is because it's cheaper. The BSN program would have been faster (in my area there was no waitlist for the BSN) and gives people more options after graduation. If I was your age, I would go straight for the BSN. I am in agreement with the first poster...missing the college experience is one of the few things that I will always regret. Good luck to you on your journey to nursing!!!
  13. CBsMommy

    I made it!!!! I am a nursing Graduate!!!

    Congrats! I wish I could post the same! Hurry up December!
  14. CBsMommy

    School -- Over it.

    I am right there with you. Same graduation month. I am sick of my classmates, the drama, the assignments, the instructors, clinicals, you name it. In fact, two weeks ago I swore that I was quitting (ok, not really, but a girl can dream). A few more weeks left in the semester and I cannot WAIT for them to be done! I am SOOOOOO over it!!! Now, back to pharm....
  15. CBsMommy

    I NEED to know learn how to study for nursing classes!

    I would get the book titled Test Success. It talks all about nursing tests and gives you very helpful hints on how to choose the right answer based on the question. It also provides study tips. Good luck and hope you do better!