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  1. Always_Learning

    Feeling Drawn to Palliative and EOL Care

    If you work in labor and delivery, you might also consider getting some additional training on perinatal loss. There is some great information out there on grief, loss, and palliative care specific to many different areas (critical care, L&D, onc...
  2. Always_Learning

    Best tips for blood draw on elderly

    I prefer to use a butterfly for all of my draws...your mileage may vary. My best tip for drawing blood from an elderly patient is to maintain traction on the skin. Typically, an older individual will have less subcutaneous fat, so it takes a little m...
  3. Always_Learning

    conscious pt terminal wean

    I wanted to add a few thoughts to the discussion... First, "terminal weans" and/or hospice care are NOT euthanasia. The line is difficult for those outside the field to see, but for starters, you can research the "principle of double effect." We give...
  4. Always_Learning

    Hospice and Kidney dialysis?

    I can't tell you how often it occurs, but yes, I have had patients on dialysis when the renal issue is not the primary Hospice diagnosis.
  5. Always_Learning

    How to not feel embarrassed or dumb when you dont know a skill?

    There is no shame in saying you haven't done something before. In fact, asking questions is essential to being a safe nurse. However, when dealing with patients, I like to say, "let me find out for you" or "let me check on that so I can get you more ...
  6. Always_Learning

    Life, Death, and the Nurse In Between

    Nicely written. Although I have worked in ICU and Hospice - both of which involve life and death - there are some things you don't get over. I am calm and collected with families during their time of mourning. But...there is this sound. It's a guttur...
  7. Always_Learning

    Hoping I didn't ruin my shot

    Honestly, it happens more than you think...particularly if you are working in a hospital for the first time or working in a new area. There are all sorts of bugs floating around that you're not used to. When I started working in the ED many years ago...
  8. This made me LOL.
  9. A Limerick for the (Delicious) Know-It-All New Nurse So you think your preceptor a hack, for harping on skills that you lack. When your patient is dyin' Please don't come a-cryin' When you don't know V. fib from V. tach. (uhhh...should we shock 'em?...
  10. Always_Learning

    Words of wisdom/advice for new hospice nurse?

    Some of the best advice given to me was, "In Hospice, the 'patient' is anyone you encounter behind that door." You have to get out of the mindset of caring for just the patient, because in Hospice, the patient's family and loved ones need just as muc...
  11. Always_Learning

    4580 starting Fall, first 5 weeks....

    I'm in. This is my last one, thank God.
  12. Always_Learning

    Cruel Summer

    How hard all of this must be. Thinking of you and praying for your family.
  13. Always_Learning

    What do you do when Work calls on your day off?

    "Ksssh.....kssssh.....uh.....bad reception here.....can't"
  14. Always_Learning

    Help! I don't "get" vents!!!

    Go here...index and click on "Vents and ABGs." This site was always my best friend; in fact, I purchased it in book form. It's easy to read and even humorous. :)
  15. Always_Learning

    "I don't want an admit..."

    I don't think I ever squawked too much about getting an admission; somebody's gotta do it. Some admits are easy, some are complex. I help others when I can; they help me when they can. Some charge nurses are helpful, some less so. Such is life.