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That Guy has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Emergency/Cath Lab.

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  1. That Guy

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    They suck. Give me an Ultrasound over that useless thing any day of the week
  2. I had this happen with nursing school. they used a picture of me that was taken at clinical for some of their promotional material. Come to find out one of the things you sign at the beginning of the year is a disclosure saying they can use these any...
  3. That Guy

    Are you a "Sister?"

    Only time I have ever heard it was one of our staff doctors called everyone brother or sister and it was so damn annoying.
  4. That Guy

    Is this legal?

    Most of their funding comes from federal not state sources. You bet they will abide by their rules over state rules, or so I would think.
  5. That Guy

    HCA Hosptials in Denver?

    Well decide how little you would like to get paid and subtract a few dollars from that. Thats usually what they offer.
  6. That Guy

    Medical Response?

    Adult and has pulse, negative on the CPR. Yes its low but they at least have one....until they herniate and die.
  7. That Guy

    As a RN, which would you choose?

    I say that I have survived CPR once, I think my luck will run out on the next time.
  8. That Guy

    Calling Report to ER from Urgent Care

    Why they came to you, why are they coming to me, anything you guys did. Other than that I will ask it all myself anyways. Keep it short, sweet and simple.
  9. That Guy

    Misuse of the ER

    Lets be honest, the sick, non emergent people are what keep the doors open and give those every important numbers that keep us staffed every day. Yeah all sick people would be a lot more fun but its not the reality of what goes on.
  10. That Guy

    Back Pain How to live with it

    Sleep Number bed. Holy **** it has changed my life. Not cheap by any means but it works
  11. That Guy

    mixing pain medications with a flush

    I will dilute my headache cocktails because nothing is worse than going crazy with a burning crotch.
  12. I recently took a spot that had a sign on bonus but you had to have Level 1 Trauma experience of 2+ years. So I feel like there is an experience shortage for sure in some of these towns.
  13. That Guy

    LPN to Paramedic

    And if they were I wouldn't be a nurse. One of the main reasons why I got out of EMS.
  14. That Guy

    LPN to Paramedic

    Even as an RN I would have to go to medic school as there is stuff they can do we can't. Plus the whole prehospital world is widely different than in a hospital.
  15. That Guy

    Staffing Ratios in the ED

    Another study with the punchline of "No ****". You mean it takes me longer to get my patients going when I have 7 of them as opposed to 4?

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