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  1. lorettap

    IV certification for LPNs

    Also caps care in lake worth
  2. lorettap

    IV certification for LPNs

    Check out nurse refresher
  3. lorettap

    acls algorithms

    try this website http://www.acls.net/aclsalg.htm
  4. lorettap

    I am just Sad!

    Thank you all for your kind words!
  5. lorettap

    I am just Sad!

    Sadly when i went to work today my friend had passed. It was truly an honor and a blessing to have him in my life I will never forget him! He was truly an amazing person. I felt a feeling of relief when I found out ...... no more suffering and he is now at rest. ( still very sad though) Rest in Peace Sir!!!!!(Poppi) Love you
  6. lorettap

    I am just Sad!

    First let me say Happy Holidays to all the allnurses.com bloggers and staff! I am a reentry LPN working at an ALF and I do love it been there about 10 months now and I am now dealing with one of my residents on Hospice and very close to dying. I have become very close to this res and family . This is really the first death at the ALF that I have had to deal with , so actually I am lucky that way. Yesterday was tough every time i left the room i broke down!I forgot how heartbreaking this can be. My biggest goal right now is to make sure he stays comfortable, which Hospice is doing a great job in seeing that he is! well thanks for letting me vent !
  7. lorettap

    New York State Licensure

    After many years of having my NY license inactive I contacted them to reactivate my license and I have to say they were most helpful to me I received the paperwork very quickly! The whole process took me maybe two weeks! So I am shocked to see that you are having a problem. After the process I have told many people how helpful the NY BON was for me.
  8. lorettap

    Assisted Living

    Please let us know what happens and good luck in whichever works out best for you!
  9. lorettap

    Assisted Living

    Well I work at an ALF and I love it I really can get to know my residents and I can notice subtle changes some are indepedent, a few alzhiemers ( that have to be watched)but because most are semi independent and need help with meds i really get to talk and spend time with them hear about their past ( the average age at my ALF is 90 )they are quite interesting I really love my job!
  10. lorettap

    Wound Care Certification

    Anyone know anything about Wound Care Educators and their Wound Care Certification Course? I have checked out both websites and the prices are very different so any input would be greatly appreciated. I want to take the best course I can. I think this is a good field to be certified in an believe it will open many new doors , any input out there on job potential? As always I look forward to everyones input, I value all of your opinions and have gotten excellent input from other questions I have posted.
  11. lorettap

    returning to Nursing

    There is a refresher course in Lake worth FL the name is Capscare,it is a refresher course for RNs and LPNs I was a re-enrty LPN and took this course, It was great! They have either an online or classroom course. There is also a clinical portion of 100 hours. You can also check out nurse refresher through Kane seminars they offer a one day course highlighting procedures ie: trach care , foleys, ivs etc, i did take that course as well. they do have a web site so take a minute and check it out iam sure it is what you are looking for. The instructor is AWESOME! Good luck and keep me updated
  12. lorettap

    Success Returning to Nursing

    Yes it is a little expensive but I think well worth the money. I think the clinicals were as important as the theory, it gave me a chance to get familiar with the hospital experience and routines a chance to look at common meds etc. The clinicals I took were in Boyton Beach, Fl, it was about an hour and a half from my house but again well worth it. I all took anotheer refresher course through Kane seminars and that was strickly for procedures ie catheters, Iv's, trach care etc that was a one day class. the insructor at Capscare is great and I am soooo happy i invested the money afterall i am worth it! And so are you And as far as how much experience I had it really did't matter 25 years is a long time and so much had changed, procedure wise!
  13. lorettap

    Success Returning to Nursing

    I took the Capscare Refresher Course and I loved it . There are clinicals as well( 100 clinical hours) which is awesome. I did finally get a job and a I love it! The market is tough here in South Florida. Capscare gave me both the confidence and tools to return to nursing (after 25+ years) If you have any further questions and I can be of any help let me know! Good luck
  14. lorettap

    I passed the CPNE in Milwaukee, Wi !!!!!

    Awesome !!!!!
  15. lorettap

    Scope of Practice Fl LPN

    if you g o the fl bon site you can see the scope of practice for lpn's
  16. lorettap

    Daytonite has passed away...

    She will be missed! Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends