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NurseLoveJoy88 has 6 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC.

young, God loving, nursing student

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  1. NurseLoveJoy88

    Written up for false documentation...

    Thank you for all your support, encouragement and opinions. I guess I'll go somewhere so that I can be stoned to death. I'm such a terrible nurse! Who is willing to throw the first stone?
  2. NurseLoveJoy88

    Finally got a job!

  3. NurseLoveJoy88

    I have an interview on Tuesday for Mother/Baby at local Hospital,l

    The interview went lovely. They were very impressed with my experience and my overall personality. The pros: working in womens health with possibility to cross train. Cons- part-time only, possibly of getting cancelled often. I have two more interviews scheduled this week. One is ICU internship the other is outpatient surgery. Hopefully I will get something else soon!
  4. NurseLoveJoy88

    Oh crap...I can't believe I forgot...

    It happens. You recognized your mistake, I'm sure someone noticed and hopefully got clarification to start it. Aw, the joys of nursing!
  5. NurseLoveJoy88

    I have an interview on Tuesday for Mother/Baby at local Hospital,l

    Aw, thanks ! I'm praying!
  6. NurseLoveJoy88

    Written up for false documentation...

    Once again, I take full responsibility and do not make excuses. I don't think they are out to get me at all. I'm moving on and that is all that matters. I'm at peace with my decision.
  7. NurseLoveJoy88

    Written up for false documentation...

    I'm not on orientation. In LTC you get 2 days of floor orientation if that. I'm still in my probation period Getting fired right now would only be a blessing.
  8. NurseLoveJoy88

    Written up for false documentation...

    When did I ever blame the facility for my mistake? I have stated several times that I take full responsibility and do not make excuses. The DON praised me for my honesty. Ironic, I know!
  9. NurseLoveJoy88

    Written up for false documentation...

    Yesterday I put in my two week notice to go PRN. I have had it with this place. I get written up for false documentation, however they are calling nurses in to come in to falsify records because the state is in. I don't get it! How can you write me up for the very thing you are guilty of doing. Yesterday the DON and supervisors were trying to get me and other nurses to falsify records for the state. I did not. I also found out another nurse was recently fired for something very minor. They didn't even tell her she was fired and sent her termination letter in the mail. This is crazy! The only reason I'm staying PRN because I don't have another full time job lined up and I still need some type of income. It will be tight for me so far as money for awhile but I trust God that He will provide. On to the next....
  10. NurseLoveJoy88

    job hopper? advice?

    I'm a job hopper as well. I'm ashamed to admit it. My first 2 years as a nurse was stable I had two jobs in two years which I stayed at both a year each. Then I started nursing school again and that is when I became a hopper. My school schedule was constantly changing and I could not balance both. I also tried ped HH and hated it. Now that I'm a RN I'm hoping that I'll have more opportunities to find what is the best fit for me. Many people on AN advised me to seek out another career, however that is not an option. I'm confident in my ability to be a nurse, I just have not found my niche yet. I'm hope it gets better for you. Hang in there. We will both find our place in nursing. Don't give up.
  11. NurseLoveJoy88

    Would you leave current job for a Mon-Fri less stressful opportunity?

    Take it. I'm in LTC and miserable. I'm not quitting but I am reducing my hours by going from full time to PRN. I don't have another full time job lined up right now so I'm relying on faith that I will get something else. In the mean time I do school nursing PRN as well. I'm giving up very good pay, however my piece of mind and happiness means way more to me. Do what is best for you and your family.
  12. NurseLoveJoy88

    Nurses eat their young - now I understand why.

    All of those answers were absurd except the one about the cruise. I love to go on cruise and I often book them months in advance, so if a cruise is coming up then I do mention it on the interview... usually people understand. Anyway, I digress. The new grads you interviewed definitely seem to have a chip on their shoulder. They should be grateful just to have an interview nowadays.
  13. NurseLoveJoy88

    4 people with UTI

    Nothing is wrong with you. UTI is common in the elderly. I've heard many docs say that probably over half the residents in a LTC will come back positive for a uti because of colonization. The elderly don't drink much fluids and many are left incontinent. This does not reflect you at all.
  14. NurseLoveJoy88

    I have an interview on Tuesday for Mother/Baby at local Hospital,l

    I do feel that I'm a safe nurse. I've been in nursing for over 5 years and this job was the first job I've rec'd write ups. This facility does not believe in verbal warnings. Write up at this facility is pretty common with all staff. I know I have alot of growing to do as a nurse. I know I've made mistakes as well, but I do know that I'm safe. I look forward to a new and exciting opportunity. I strive to improve as a nurse on a daily basis. I'm not going to dwell on my pass mistakes. I recognize them and doing everything I can to do better. Thank you for your concern.
  15. NurseLoveJoy88

    How I Got My Dream Job!

  16. NurseLoveJoy88

    New Grad hoping to start out in Women's health field

    It may be difficult but I believe anything is possible. I have ADN and will be interviewing for a PP position next week as a new grad.

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