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  1. madwife2002

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    Yes I am LOL
  2. madwife2002

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    I drive a lot too Trauma, I cover 15 clinics with over 800 patients, who rely on me to make sure the quality of care they get is second to none! It is a hard job which involves a lot of traveling but I love it! Last month I drove 2500 miles
  3. madwife2002

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    I am jealous!
  4. madwife2002

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    Plus Nephrologists need to get fistulas in prior to pts getting on dialysis, why because it just makes sense! Thanks for this Article Trauma I think I will write something on access and outcomes soon myself as it is my life LOL
  5. madwife2002

    Dialysis and Renal Nursing

    We really need to do more about HTN prior to ESRD! This should be a focus in preventing or delaying pts getting onto dialysis
  6. madwife2002

    Dialysis Compliance Buy-In...

    A stroke helps with compliance! You know we had a young patient 31 went to Vegas for a week-no dialysis organised came home and went straight to the ER for fluid overload! Yep a few weeks later a stroke-now he's frightened and compliant
  7. madwife2002

    Dialysis Compliance Buy-In...

    Prevention is something which I am passionate about, especially in the inner-city where poverty prevails, education is poor and lifestyles mean you cannot always afford to go and see your doctor. The other passion of mine is the funding of anti-rejection medications which stops being paid for by Medicare 3 years post transplant, causing failure when they can no longer afford the $1000 per month medications! So then we are on the vicious circle of going back on dialysis, which costs more than $1000 per month. I understand that once a pt is transplanted the expectation is that the patient is now well! So they should find a job! Unfortunately this is not as simple or easy as it sounds for patients, plus how many pts have transplants and although they dont need dialysis have multiple problems with their transplant.
  8. madwife2002

    4th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    'I only said to her, that I heard Nurses got paid big bucks for sitting around doing nothing"
  9. madwife2002

    I just have to say this....

    Me too!
  10. madwife2002

    Describe your biggest failure and what did you learn.

    I have learn't that the grass is never greener on the other side I have learn't that I cannot please everybody I have learn't that the people you least expect can stab you hard in the back I have learn't that you have to stand by what you have said because if you dont it will come back to haunt you
  11. madwife2002

    Negative and Positive parts of being an RN

    Nr Akron Ohio
  12. madwife2002

    Advice on Cushion Seating

    Have moved into Rehab nursing some of the nurses in here have lots of advice and experience with dealing with aids and appliances or may be able to point you in the right direction
  13. [color=#333333]nhs cost-cutting will lead to more diabetic patients having limbs amputated, losing their sight and suffering worsening health, ministers have been warned. the number of diabetic specialist nurse (dsn) posts unfilled across the service has doubled within a year. a survey of 385 hospital trusts and primary care trusts (pcts) by diabetes uk found that 218 jobs were vacant last year, even though the number of people with diabetes is rising by 150,000 a year. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/may/22/diabetics-at-risk-nhs-cuts
  14. madwife2002

    Staff Appreciation

    I want to get my staff a little gift I have about $5.50 to spend on each member of staff so I dont have a lot to spend. I would like some idea's of what I could buy which would show them that even though I haven't a lot of money to spend I really thought about it. I normally have a store of chocolate and candy, and we have had a gift card drawing once a month for about 8 months but only 2 people per month win it. Last month everybody had pizza at the staff meeting So I am open to idea's if any of you can help me, appreciate the staff
  15. madwife2002

    Nurse managers-Do you think tattoos look professional?

    Not bothered either way to be truthful as long as the employee does their job