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  1. XB9S

    UK Nurses working abroad

    Moved to international this thread does not have anything to do with nursing in the UK
  2. XB9S

    Doll's eyes reflex...

    ROFL, coffee keyboard incident :D
  3. XB9S

    Doll's eyes reflex...

    These may be of use http://www.frca.co.uk/Documents/115%20Brainstem%20death.pdf http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1297287/pdf/jrsocmed00007-0031.pdf
  4. XB9S

    non-medical prescribing course

    Yes I've done it and am a practising prescriber. The course is loads of work but I really enjoyed it. Are there any bits in particular you are finding difficult
  5. Please note This is not a thread about DNPs, their education or a debate about their choice to use the Dr title. Please stay on topic
  6. XB9S

    Information on pediatric nursing

    Hi there, in the UK it's spelt Paediatric not Pediatric (that's the US spelling) have a look at this, http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/details/Default.aspx?Id=78 In the UK the first 18 months is a common foundation program after which you focus on your particular area of nursing, this can be Adult, Children, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities. Here is a little more specific info about Children's nursing http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/details/Default.aspx?Id=128 http://www.rcn.org.uk/nursing/becomenurse
  7. XB9S

    International Nurses and UK Nursing

    ha, not unless you have a british passport. :)
  8. XB9S

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    That's a lot of spinal injured patients for 10 staff. Our ratios are 10 for 24 patients.
  9. XB9S

    Frontline staff to lose jobs

    Zippy do you mind if I ask how many patients your 10 staff cover
  10. XB9S

    Question about a brain shunt?

    We are unable to offer any medical advise here so I am closing this thread. I am sorry to hear your Aunt isn't feeling so well, she should have been given advise about how to manage her shunt and what signs to look for by her doctors. She needs to have the discussion with her neuro team ASAP about her symptoms and if they feel the shunt is involved.
  11. XB9S

    UK Cost of Living and Band 5 Salary

    They can do but in the current climate it's extremely unlikely to happen, I've only ever seen this happen once in 25 years
  12. XB9S

    nmc sub part 1 or 2?

    Sub part 2 adult will be the enrolled nurse. You are a RN sub part 1
  13. XB9S

    nmc sub part 1 or 2?

    No you will be registered as RN and your area of practice (adult, child, mental health etc) Level 2 used to be the old enrolled nurse part of the register but I think we are all classed as registered nurses now.
  14. XB9S

    What makes you irritated by student nurses?

    OK guys, I'm calling time out on this thread.