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XB9S has 34 years experience as a BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN and specializes in Advanced Practice, surgery.

Advanced Practice, Nursing Leadership, Surgery, Neuroscience 

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  1. XB9S

    Advice Needed - Denied Promotion

    It's bound to knock your confidence when you are unsuccessful on so many occasions, that self doubt and "imposter syndrome" really starts to take hold. Personally I really don't think interviews are the best way of getting the best person for t...
  2. XB9S

    Dissertation Survey Help!

  3. XB9S

    How do I deal with these rude family members?

    What a distressing situation for all involved. I would imagine the family are very angry as in thier eyes we have caused harm and this will result in the loss of thier loved one I think I would probably put some pre-emptive measures in place...
  4. I would say this sounds like a very different experience to the care homes in my region. In my experience the RN to patient ratio is 1 : 25 or 30 residents, recruitment is an issue with reliance on high numbers of agency nurses to cover shifts meani...
  5. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    Hi Skylark, we may need to plan timings as I'm in the UK but happy to help
  6. XB9S


    There are quite a few threads here about UK nursing, I can't answer about how it compares to US as I've only worked in the UK Jobs for registered nurses are abundant so if you don't like where you work moving shouldn't be a problem and a...
  7. Hello. Applied for Band 6 position requiring presentation. Topic: Role of Coordinator in patients flow in and out of unit. Will appreciate any input. Many thanks.

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    2. XB9S
    3. LOP01RN


      Will you be able to elaborate to me the F in SAFER? I'm not sure if I have understood it clearly. Thank you.

    4. XB9S

      XB9S, BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN

      F is about early and appropriate transfer (Flow) from ED or assessment units to appropriate wards 

  8. Hi I am preparing for bowel screening practitioner interview.Please need some tips for interview and presentation plzzz.

    My topic for presentation was  "Given the challenges facing Bowel Cancer Screening services, what would be your 3 main objectives for your first 6 months in post?"

    Please help my interview was on 12 th

    1. XB9S

      XB9S, BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN

      Hi there 


      Take a look through the job description to pull out what is expected from the role and start your planning from there. 

      Is this a new post if yes then your priorities are going to be assessing and establishing the service based on what the specific targets are (cancer detection,  education,  early referral to treatment) 

      One priority will have to be establishing yourself within the service, meeting stake holders understanding what the expectation are

      I wouid strongly recommend you arrange an informal visit with the line manager, find our what thier priorities would be.  

      Hope that helps, good luck 

    2. 358GSATHEE10


      Thank you very much for your reply.

  9. Hi was wondering if you could help

    I have been offered an interview for band 6 post in outpatient department and have to present a 10 minute presentation on " the role of a band 6 nurse in improving standards of care within the outpatient department".

    its only 10 minutes, am not sure what to include. am worried I will make the presentation to long.

    any advice.

    1. XB9S

      XB9S, BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN

      Hi there 

      Think about a quality focus, and plan and practice.   There may be things you've seen which you wouid want to improve but if your struggling ask to meet the band 7 and see what thier priorities are then go from there 

  10. Hi, I am  a band 5 Orthopaedic Theatre Practitioner. I have just applied for a band 6 post. I will be asked questions about 'How you think the Orthopaedic Deputy Lead role will differ from your current role?' 

    Thank you so much in advance. Highly appreciated. 


  11. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    I'd be up for that Skylark
  12. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    I've actually benefited greatly from reflective discussions from a nurse in a completely different speciality both for my revalidation and to support others to revalidate. In fact one of my reflections was around this and the commonality in t...
  13. XB9S

    Band 6

    What type of unit or speciality is the post in, think of relevant or topical issues and start from there Some generic ideas Nursing leadership Infection control Preventable harm such as falls or pressure damage
  14. XB9S

    A&E Band 7

    Hi there, it may be helpful to think about what professional development means to you as a nurse.and not just formal training programmes Here are my thoughts Transition into a new role, what will you need Attendance at meetings such as mortality re...
  15. Hi, I am new to this page but have already found very helpful tips on your blog. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on an interview.

    I have secured band 6 interview through PowerPoint presentation (10mins) (community nurse interview). The brief is ‘how to strive to create more sustainable models that provide better services for patients closer to home and reduce the demands on the acute sector?’  I have a few ideas for example transforming community MDT meetings that focus on prevention or one stop shop initiatives. Any ideas or tips would be much appreciated.

    Thank you


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    2. XB9S

      XB9S, BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN

      Great, good luck let me know if I can help with anything else 

    3. Jane18



      just wanted to say thank you for support again. I had my interview yesterday and got the job! Thank you for your advice and support. 

    4. XB9S

      XB9S, BSN, MSN, EdD, RN, APN

      Thats fantastic,  congratulations I am so glad I could help