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XB9S has 22 years experience and specializes in Advanced Practice, surgery.

Nurse for 20 plus years, nurse education and advanced practice.

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  1. hi, I am  a band 5 learning disability nurse working in an inpatient unit. I have just applied for a band 6 post on the unit I currently work on. I have to do a presentation on, 'what are the 3 main differences between a senior band 5 nurse and a band 6 and how would you measure this?'

    Any advice any guidance would be very much appreciated, thankyou.


    1. XB9S


      Hi Sarah 

      Start with the job description, what does the band 6 role include that the band 5 doesn't 

      Think about service and quality improvement and how you measure it.  Things like reduced incidents of challenging behaviour etc 



    2. sarahwcooke1984



      I've been trying to look for kpi, but cant seem to find anything relevant

    3. XB9S


      The KPI will be pretty similar to general settings, thibk about your quality indicators 


      PADRS, mandatory training, any waitung times,  incidents and serious incidents,  concerns and compliments, training figures, infection figures, pressure ulcers, falls.


      Does that help 


  2. Hi there, my partner is a nurse on an assessment ward with 4 years experience at band 5. She’s applied for a role which will be band 6 until she passes her prescribing course after which it becomes band 7, so assume the interview is at that level. She has been asked to produce a presentation around how the role of community matron develops primary care networks and enhanced care home support, so I’m looking for some tips around how much detail to go into in the presentation, If there are any common pitfalls and if there is any other general advice? I saw a lot of references to your blog but the links don’t seem to work anymore?


    much appreciated if you can help at all. 

    1. XB9S


      Hi Mark, how long is the presentation for? I guess that will determine the level of detail.

      Take a look at the JD and try to cover off some of the key elements, I would imagine it will be around making sure there is adequate governance and assurance regarding care and improvements.  

      Support and education for the team, networking with health partners and local authorities to wrap care around the patient


  3. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    I've sent you a PM
  4. XB9S

    Outdoor fields and nursing?

    Hi there, I spent around 20 years volunteering in a rescue organisation in the UK and love wilderness medicine. Happy if you want to drop me a PM and chat
  5. XB9S

    Most nurses not heros

    There is a growing view with my colleagues in the UK that the "hero" worship is a convenience for our government Calling us heros, referring to our clinical areas as the "front line" is deflecting and distracting the general public from our increasing death rate (2nd only to USA ) poor reporting of community deaths, so the reality is the death rate is higher is hidden and not challenged. The downgrading of the virus classification from a disease of high consequence which opened the door to reduced levels of PPE. Using terminology usually attributed to war means when a "soilder" is injured or dies there is an acceptance this is likely to be an acceptable loss without the scrutiny of the equipment we are sent into battle with I am seeing frustrated, angry colleagues (and myself included) declaring this is not a war, we are not fighting on the front line and deaths and injury because of poor decision making is not and should not be accepted
  6. XB9S

    Checking in

    Good to see that the 4 nations of the UK are united in how to proceed with the lockdown 🤪
  7. XB9S

    Checking in

    Not morbid at all, I think its what we are all feeling and after yesterday my worries are so much higher. Our ED was so busy with drunk aggressive people, I expect within 14 days we will see the impact this behaviour has on an aggressively contagious virus. Oh and gin would be great 👍 😁😁😁
  8. XB9S

    Checking in

    Well we are being told we are past the peak, and that we have flattened the curve. I've been working in a medical unit and CoVID admissions, and even though we have had enough of the recommended PPE so many of my colleagues and friends have been ill its been very scary, and you have to question the level of protection we are using It's been a really tough couple of months and I have to be honest I think I'm more anxious about what comes next than I was going into this thing. The impact of this virus both physically and emotionally has been huge, exhausting. So just "checking in" to say hi, how are you all doing and hoping that you are relatively unscathed Sending you all hugs (appropriately socially distanced of course)
  9. XB9S

    How to properly inject your lungs with Lysol

  10. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    You could look at the Royal College of Nursing, they have CPD modules on their website
  11. XB9S

    UK nurses overseas - maintaining NMC registration

    CPD is CPD, my advice would be if it's in a different language then write a reflection around your CPD in English to evidence relevant learning. Aa a confirmer I would accept that
  12. Hi Joshe, so sorry for your experience, it sounds like a very challenging day and one where you needed support. Are you a registered nurse or nursing assistant? Also, can I ask which country you work in, some of your language suggests it may not be the US in which case the legislation around restriction and restraint may differ. Edit: sorry from another post I can see your from Austrailia.
  13. XB9S

    Moving to UK - looking at nursing school?

    It depends where you work, my hospital its desirable but not essential
  14. XB9S

    NHS nurse transferring to another NHS Trust

    You will need to apply for a post, NHS Scotland has a different jobs website https://jobs.scot.nhs.uk/
  15. It's tough isn't it, I've been a nurse manager for around 15 years now and will always pitch in the the clinical areas are short staffed. I got to the point where I was working 12 hour days every day and becoming exhausted. I've had to be more disciplined, I now dedicate only 1 day a week where I work clinically and whilst that 24/7 responsibility is still there you don't share it alone. I try to empower and encourage my team to problem solve and give me other solutions to staffing gaps themselves and often they come through. When they aren't able, then I will pitch in.
  16. Hi,

    I've read your blog and would really value your advice. I am currently working on a large cardiothoracic critical care unit as a band 6 nurse and I have an interview next week for a band 7 post on the same unit (we have 7 or 8 band 7s currently). I have to give an interview and a presentation on " What Role does Leadership play in creating and maintaining a positive organisational culture?"

    I have outlined what makes a positive organisational culture, focussed on transformational leadership and tried to relate it back to our unit. Am I on the right track?



    R x

    1. XB9S


      Hi sorry I've not replied sooner, I've been on holiday.  Sounds like you are on the right track, you can talk about attitude, role modelling, promoting positivity in a difficult environment.  


      Whilst transformational leadership may be your style it's worth recognising that sometimes you may be required to adapt that into a more direct and instructive style depending on the situation.  For example if you think of emergencies you would be giving clear instructions and direction to your team because that's what's needed.  


      I love Shakletons (explorer) style of leadership, crisis managment at it's best, and that is kind of what we do in the NHS every day.  If you have time have a look at some of the work around his leadership 


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