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XB9S has 22 years experience and specializes in Advanced Practice, surgery.

Nurse for 20 plus years, nurse education and advanced practice.

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  1. Hi,

    I've read your blog and would really value your advice. I am currently working on a large cardiothoracic critical care unit as a band 6 nurse and I have an interview next week for a band 7 post on the same unit (we have 7 or 8 band 7s currently). I have to give an interview and a presentation on " What Role does Leadership play in creating and maintaining a positive organisational culture?"

    I have outlined what makes a positive organisational culture, focussed on transformational leadership and tried to relate it back to our unit. Am I on the right track?



    R x

    1. XB9S


      Hi sorry I've not replied sooner, I've been on holiday.  Sounds like you are on the right track, you can talk about attitude, role modelling, promoting positivity in a difficult environment.  


      Whilst transformational leadership may be your style it's worth recognising that sometimes you may be required to adapt that into a more direct and instructive style depending on the situation.  For example if you think of emergencies you would be giving clear instructions and direction to your team because that's what's needed.  


      I love Shakletons (explorer) style of leadership, crisis managment at it's best, and that is kind of what we do in the NHS every day.  If you have time have a look at some of the work around his leadership 

  2. XB9S

    Career advice

    Hi Nicholas, it's such a shame you can't seem to fine your niche in your current post rehab nursing can be so rewarding and true MDT working means you can develop skills used by your therapy colleagues to enhance your nursing skills. I have been part of a similar team where we all have some shared competencies so for example I can assess and fit some equipment, assess gait and support mobility assessments, our therapy colleagues do some simple dressings, obs and continence assessments. We developed generic competencies to help with this. I came to this job from acute care, I love it but i am lucky i work with very progressive and receptive people.
  3. XB9S

    Moving to UK - looking at nursing school?

    There isn't a Health Care assistant certificate in the UK, to work as a HCA you see a job you like advertised and apply for it.
  4. XB9S

    Ethical Dilemma: Is it ever ok to mislead a patient?

    I realise it may not be helpful as I'm in the UK, it is interesting how other nationalities provide care for those with altered mental state. We have very clear laws that guide us (Mental Capacity Act) which direct us to undertake an assessment of her capacity relating to the decision, I.e. medication. If she lacks capacity then a MDT best interest discussion and decision can be made about the use of covert meds, considering her wishes for refusal balanced against the benefits of the medication.
  5. XB9S

    Interview Preparation for Qualified Nurses

    Unseen presentations are not unusual, they could be scenario based, or ask you to think about quality or service improvement Think of it as just another interview question and prepare for that
  6. XB9S

    American Nurses in U.K

    We don't pay for prescriptions in Wales
  7. XB9S

    On Vacation - Would You Intervene?

    My guess would be the medic was either military (maybe) or a volunteer medic /first responder A paramedic, nurse or doctor would have identified thier profession. I've worked with UK rescue charities who have advanced first aid responders, they may identify themselves as medics but thier skills still tend to be at a basic level. Personally I would have interfered, but I live and work in the UK so on home turf, my professional body states I have a duty to assist, I work in the Pre hospital arena and i know UK law around responding
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  9. XB9S

    RMN ward manager Interview

    Hi Mercy there are a couple of things, no matter what initiative you present the interviewers are looking for a couple of things. Knowledge of service improvement methodology, so how to implement sustainable change and leadership, so how do you get your team to do what you need them to even when you're not there. It may be you structure your presentation around the improvement methodology as a platform for presenting your ideas. There are lots of resources on the NHS improvement website https://improvement.nhs.uk/home/
  10. XB9S

    ITU Nurse wanting to specialise in palliative care

    Have you asked for feedback from the roles you were unsuccessful in, if not that may be a good place to start. As an ITU nurse you will have experience in end of life care, but palliative care is so much more than that. Marie Curie defines it as " treatment, care and support for people with a life-limiting illness, and their family and friends. It’s sometimes called ‘supportive care’." The aim of palliative care is to help you to have a good quality of life – this includes being as well and active as possible in the time you have left." To work as a CNS you really do have to be an expert in that field, so looking more towards a band 5 palliative care role or even district /community nursing to start building your knowledge and skills may be a starting point. See if you can shadow one of the existing CNS to get a better understand of the role, and it is unlikely your current employer would support that as it is a completely different field so you may need to do that in your own time unless you can pitch it too you're boss in a way it would support and enhance your current role. Other advice would be to start with the essential criteria of the posts you have applied for and plan your professional development in achieving that,
  11. XB9S

    NHS nurse transferring to another NHS Trust

    You will be expected to pay back any bonus or relocation package you recieved from the Trust
  12. XB9S

    NHS nurse transferring to another NHS Trust

    No relocation package unless its specified I just gave my 4 weeks notice and moved to the new post. No payment just moved into the new organisation. Are you an overseas nurse and tied into any contract? That may make a difference, if your tied in then you may have to repay any incentive or relocation you were paid.
  13. XB9S

    Band 7 interview

    Have a look at the national Cancer strategy and do some research about where your department is in line with the strategy. This will give you a base to start from. Look at QI methodology and try to include this in your presentation
  14. XB9S

    NHS nurse transferring to another NHS Trust

    Yes, what do you want to know
  15. XB9S

    Band 6 Interview... help with presentation topic please!

    https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/safety-huddles/ https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.improvementacademy.org/documents/Projects/hush/About%20Safety%20Huddles%20overview_v3.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiwhtvpkeThAhVysXEKHbZkA4MQFjAIegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw39om379xJZdhnvv-BZ7JIN&cshid=1555951192184 https://www.health.org.uk/blogs/how-safety-huddles-can-drive-improvement-and-reduce-harm
  16. XB9S

    Band 6 Interview... help with presentation topic please!

    Why don't you have a look at general information about safety huddles and transfer the learning to your speciality. There's lots out there, does your unit use safety huddles, if so any improvements you could suggest or if not how could you introduce them and why.