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  1. shannahan

    Technical difficulties - not charting

    Thanks everyone for confirming what I suspected. This is a small, newer company and this is not the only issue I've worried about. I emailed the supervisor about the legalities of this and she ended up saying we can type a narrative but when the computer glitch is fixed we will have to go back and enter our charting properly. I've decided to just muddle my way through and complete the charting here and there, however long it takes, to get it done right.
  2. shannahan

    Technical difficulties - not charting

    I am so worried about this. I've tried to find the rules/regs on the Arizona BON to show my supervisor but am unable to locate it.
  3. shannahan

    Technical difficulties - not charting

    Long time since I've posted here! Where I work the computer system is having issues and we are unable to chart our regular visits. I was typing up a complete assessment and pasting it into a prn visit narrative section. My supervisor is telling me not to do that. They will not allow paper charting to be scanned in either. We are supposed to hold off on charting until this issue is fixed. I have spoken to IT and they are clueless as to why the system is having issues so I do not foresee this being fixed anytime soon. My question - what are the legalities of not charting in a timely manner? How long is too long to go without charting? I am not really able to find answers by google searches. Any suggestions on how I should handle this? I am very nervous about going longer than 24 hours without documenting.
  4. First, is this something you had to disclose? I guess I'm asking, does the board know about it? If so, did you send a letter in with your application explaining it? If you did, I would just call them and ask the status.
  5. shannahan

    For new grads looking for their first job

    Plenty of people who are "hardworking and have the right outlook" are out of work right now. Plenty of unemployed new grads are doing ALL the right things. The problem is the economic climate we find outselves in. Unfortunately, a good outlook and hardworking background is not going to change what the hospitals are doing currently. I'm sure you are trying to be helpful, but you are giving false reassurances when you have no idea what people's circumstances are. How do you know everything will all be all right? These situations can have devastating impacts on people's lives. You are incorrect in saying everything in life works itself out in time.
  6. shannahan

    JCL Birthing Center Closing

    She shouldn't even need to know someone personally that needs an organ transplant to understand that it's not comparable to buying a Mercedes.
  7. shannahan

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    What state is this?
  8. shannahan

    JCL Birthing Center Closing

    Hoozdo - Don't you know Obama is the cause of everything bad that happens in this country, even before his presidency lol Interesting where the real death panels are coming from now...
  9. shannahan

    I need a job, license is on probation.

    What about recovery facilities? Seems like you would be a good example to others trying to recover. Another option you may want to look at since employers can be rather unforgiving - opening up your own group home for people recoverying from alcohol/drugs.
  10. shannahan

    Through blood, sweat, and tears

    Congratulations! How awesome to know you made it through and now have a job. I hope to be posting the same thing this November.
  11. shannahan

    Students- I need your input please

    Our worst clinical instructor didn't allow us to do much - said she wasn't going to risk her license! She demanded to be present when we practiced certain skills, yet she hid out and was unavailable. She seemed hesitant, which was not good for the students confidence levels. Our best instructor came off like a real hard a$$ during orientation - let us know the bar for her students was "up here" and she would take no less. Told us she didn't like shy people and could make grown men cry. She said, "trust me and just roll with it. I know what I'm doing." She totally inspired confidence in us all, and this forced us to step up. It became apparant to me early on that this bad guy routine was to help us do just that. She was also very active talking and joking with all the nurses. By doing this, she could more easily place us with them, as well as get feedback on our performance.
  12. shannahan

    Finally have a job after months of applying!!!

    Congratulations to both of you!!! @future looks good - Do you live outside of Texas? If so, how did you interview - just over the telephone or did you have to travel for interviews?
  13. shannahan

    Cool App

    I found an awesome app at springpadit.com. It helps you stay organized between your computer and smart phone. What I love is you can add a Spring It button to your favorites bar on your computer to click when you want to save the webpage, i.e. a recipe, restaurant, book, etc. Then when you're out and about with your phone you have it. I'm using it to put helpful info for out in clinical, i.e. lab values. This way I have it all the info. I'm not ready to pay for the full version of the Skyscape or the others so this is a great freebie that will help me get by. You can also sync up with all the various social media but I'm not using that feature.
  14. shannahan

    Baby during NS = bad idea?

    We've had 2 women in our class get pregnant and have babies. They've done fine. They are both very young and very smart. I don't think I could have done it even when I was younger due to the morning sickness and being really tired. I wouldn't worry too much about fertility at your age. There are so many treatments for it now. I had my first at 36 and my last at 42!
  15. shannahan

    What nursing book can you not live without?

    Saunders 4th Edition Nclex broken down by system. I needed the practice test questions because I wasn't doing well on tests. I also love how it has a nice summary of each section too that matches nicely with the nursing books the school gave us. This should probably not be used until after Fundamentals. I also love RN Notes pocket guide for clinicals and carrying to study on the go.
  16. shannahan

    Apollo College myths

    Ironic that more myths were added to a thread entitled "Apollo myths" lol

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