When pushy CNAs show how little they know


This is sort of funny. It's about one of my favorite ER techs, but she annoys the heck out of me by being pushy and bossy at times. I had a nose bleeder, an old man, history of nose bleeds since childhood, now made worse by now being on Coumadin. A&O, we started the whole deal that we do, with him in charge since he was very familiar with his nose bleeds and likes to be in charge. It wasn't a really bad one.

Then he says " I feel like I'm going to pass out like I did last time", he briefly bradyed down to the 40s, probably a vagal response, right? I quickly pop in an IV and notify the Doc. This tech, always wanting to be prepared says "Do you want the rapid infuser?" LOL.

I'm thinking, that's the most idiotic suggestion I've heard in a long time. But I hate to put people down, so I tell her, no, he probably just vagaled. He was fine with a position change, he didn't even need a rhino rocket this time.



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Awww, give her credit for showing interest!


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Idiotic? You must be a peach to work with. But I suspect this is just for your entertainment anyway.


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On the other hand, Emergent didn't tell her "that is the most idiotic suggestion I've heard in a long time".

Anticipating what you might need is a super fantastic trait in any healthcare position, though. Maybe she needs to be nudged into nursing school, Emergent!

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Give her a break, bleeding + passing out + nurse slams an IV in? Rapid infuser makes sense to me, for someone who isn't as up to date on the patient as you are.

Most of us are in ER for the adrenaline, she is likely still new enough to get hyped up easily; takes more and more to get my adrenaline rushing anymore (jaded? no, just calmer over the years :sleep:).

Although I had a tech who was still in EMT training, who could not think outside the algorithm boxes; we had an ortho pt who fit the first few criteria of one problem, but there were other things entirely possible as the cause/problem. He sat there and argued with 2 board certified ER docs that it HAD to be this one diagnosis, couldn't possible be anything else! Attitude came across of "how stupid are these guys when even I know that!".

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That would've been a good teaching moment.

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Idiotic suggestion? Yikes.

It sounded like she was just trying to help out. Not bossy or pushy at all.

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That would've been a good teaching moment.

And therein lies the difference between a good nurse and a great nurse.


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Sorry, I don't find this funny at all.

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Give her a break. Believe it or not your knowledge level was very similar before becoming a nurse. Know one knows everything.


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I am sure you knew everything about the hospital since day 1 OP


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That's why I us CNAs/Techs in school are afraid to ask questions. For this reason right here. Perhaps she was double checking what she learned in school.

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