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  1. Ya I think you have to work at the highest license you hold, unless you just recently obtained that license. When I was a CNA I was given 6 months to find an RN job before the hospital would terminate me, as they said it's a conflict to work with RNs and not report something if needed, etc. plus, nothing is more annoying than working as a CNA knowing you are an RN. Luckily I found a job pretty quickly.
  2. USMCRN2015

    Boy/Girl Who Cried WOLF Syndrome

    My daughter is a frequent flyer at her school, and I've told her numerous times to stop going to the school nurse for a "magic cup of water or a hug" and the nurse has even admitted to me "well I do coddle them a lot so they like me". Sure enough she came walking home off the bus with a second degree ankle sprain, good and swollen bc she didn't go to the nurse bc she was afraid of getting scolded by me (I'm not a school nurse) and her teacher even told her that for a sprain there's nothing they can do. My husband and I say her down last night and explained the boy who cried wolf bc we told her nobody took her seriously bc she was always in the nurses office.
  3. It also says *new grad RNs welcome to apply at the bottom.
  4. I applied to a ton of these positions and all disqualified for being a new grad.
  5. USMCRN2015

    Ridiculous NCLEX Wait Times

    MA def doesn't offer a temp license.
  6. USMCRN2015

    Case Management Interview!!!

  7. USMCRN2015

    Case Management Interview!!!

    Oh and I did research average salaries but would like to hear it from those out there!
  8. USMCRN2015

    Case Management Interview!!!

    Hi! I'm an RN with a year HH experience. I will have my BSN in June and have recently been asked to interview for my company for a Case Manager position to open up. It's for a rather large company in MA and deals primarily in HH, and LTC. I literally have NO idea what kind of salary to ask for. I'm out of Boston, MA. I currently work nights and want to make my switch to days worth it if I can. Any advice on CM salary around the New England area? Thank you!!!
  9. USMCRN2015

    Curry College MSN

    Hello all! I just received my acceptance letter to Cohort Fall 2016! Finishing my BSN in June and I'm excited to continue. Anyone have any experience to share? Course load, times, etc? Thank you!
  10. USMCRN2015

    Could be pregnant. Gap year?

    How about you be an adult and take a test. A hypothetical pregnancy is just that.
  11. USMCRN2015

    Anyone else a planner nerd?

    Limelife Planners are where it's at! I love mine!!!
  12. USMCRN2015

    Boston RNs

    I live in Quincy
  13. USMCRN2015

    Boston RNs

    I make 29/hour but I work in Weymouth. But I get a Veteran pension as does my husband.
  14. USMCRN2015

    Taking the Teas before completing all required science courses?

    I took the TEAS during A&P 1 and before micro and 2. I suck at science btw (weird I know) but even taking those classes I don't think I would have done any better. I rocked the rest of the exam, so my 45% overall in science wasn't a huge deal.
  15. USMCRN2015

    Military nurse

    Not impossible, but no branch are accepting ADNs, as Bachelor's are required for commissioning.
  16. USMCRN2015

    Military nurse

    But the 1stSgt, unless directly overseeing health care recruiting, doesn't have much to do with it. Not trying to be disrespectful, as I stated previously I was a SNCO as well, but from my experience and research healthcare recruiters have their own set of rules and goals, and don't have much to do with regular active duty/reserves. They have their own quotas that normally Active/Reserve green side personnel don't have much to do with.