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DatMurse has 3 years experience and specializes in Hematology/Oncology.

Went to School at UT Tyler. Tried to get a job in Hawaii, Wound up in Bismarck, Palo Alto, Then now I'm San Diego .

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  1. DatMurse

    Antecubital vein for chemo

  2. DatMurse

    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    btw, because I made this post. I met my fiance, we are getting married in a month
  3. DatMurse

    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    There is a saying, if you don't like the way things run, get into a position to make a change. Sick and tired of people complaining that wont give feedback to the NM and wont give suggestions. Not all NM are great, but the ones I had have tried. The upper management is the problem. Not lower management like NMs and ANMS. People need to join committees, in services, practice, etc. My current floor is new and people sit there and complain but do not offer solutions. They are complaining that they are short. Nurse Manager is offering double time for people to come in and the nurses are still attacking her saying she isn't doing anything. You have 2 sides wailing on you and its hard to make people happy. I tip my hat to you
  4. DatMurse

    Ethical issue? Treating a 101 year old patient

    exactly... there is one flip side. There comes the financial ethical dilemma of who is paying for this. I think keytruda goes for 6-8k a pop. Although im not completely sure
  5. DatMurse

    Med-Surg/Oncology, please enlighten me.

  6. DatMurse

    I cried with a pt .....

    definitely gets real when its someone your age, Its always worse to me when they are younger. "This shouldn't be happening" is what I always think.
  7. DatMurse

    massage contraindications?

    be careful with their platelets below 20.
  8. DatMurse

    Why are nurses sexualized?

    there are "sexy" everything nowadays. female cops, female batman, male cops, etc. I honestly wouldnt overthink it as something targetting nurses but society.
  9. DatMurse

    OCN Exam 2016

    ONCC Web-Based Practice Tests one is free, you pay for the other 2
  10. DatMurse

    OCN Exam 2016

    Did it in maybe an hour. These are great books I highly reccomend. I did not use the study guide general curriculum book. Based off of other people's review, I would say get the previous study guide/book.(The green one) OCN Exam Practice Questions: OCN Practice Tests & Exam Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam: 9781627338783: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com OCN Exam Secrets Study Guide: OCN Test Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam: 978161
  11. DatMurse

    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    would a new grad that took the ons chemo cert be proficient? probably not.
  12. DatMurse

    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    How comfortable are you with chemo? if you are going to travel get the chemo cert IMO.
  13. DatMurse


    so I just moved here. Doesnt seem like there is many options. apply to UCSD sharp scripps and kaiser.
  14. DatMurse

    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    even then, there are so many new drugs that the chemo courses do not offer it. competency relies on the nurse, not on a certification. Rules of administering safe chemo, chemo ordering rights if the doctor is allowed to, knowing drug interactions and withholding parameters, how to administer it, tubing etc. chemo regimens, bsa dosing. Was it done properly? standing height/scale etc. There are plenty of things nowadays with computers at our stations. looking up globalrph to see manufacturer recommendations. The online class is a joke and I done it at 6 months of EXP. I think it is dependent upon the nurse. Its like BLS or ACLS. just because you have the cert, does that mean you will function when the time comes? I know plenty of nurses that do and plenty that dont. I would say OCN would show that you aqre more than competent imo. ex of new drugs that are not on chemo/biotherapy. Darzalex, they do not mention Campath for sure., trabectin, REPOCH is not on there either. Ninlaro, elotuzumab. I think alot of it is up to the individual nurse. basic competencies of knowing contraindications of the big drugs are important for sure. Dox/etoposide/vin/cytoxan/ifex/arac/dauno etc. but I am still a fresh nurse at near 3 years. I still havent seen anyone get near to lifetime dose of an anthracycline. Maybe its cause there are so many combo options nowawadays.
  15. Ageed, many nurses never question there practice and just follow. They dont know that rationale and report what they are supposed to report. Now as long as they do their job that is fine. But when I started working or doing clinical studies a few years ago, I was always paired up with a preceptor who likes students. Clearly one who likes to teach. So I had this idea that every nurses knew every little thing. In reality many dont. Ex. People are worried about blowing iv lines on a generally healthy person due to rate. Or doing 1l of fluid over an hour. Fluid overload with complications will not happen over 1l on someone with solid tumor and no complications in their kidney function. OR even the iv blowing, product specs say these can handle 18l an hour. These are not the first Iv catheters made. We changed the technology for a reason. But not all nurses know that....
  16. DatMurse

    Considering moving to Bay Area

    Read pms. I work at Stanford