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    Antecubital vein for chemo

  2. This review is for St. Alexius in Bismarck, ND. IF YOU APPLY FOR A POSITION AND YOU ARE AN RN PLEASE APPLY FOR AN RN POSITION. NOT GRADUATE NURSE! PLEASE CONTACT ME or WHATSMYUSERNAME_RN BEFORE YOUR APP FOR REFERRAL(HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US IN APP) AND I CAN HELP POINT YOU IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!! Hello, I would like to say I am a new grad BSN-RN who applied to every place but my home state. I moved from Hawaii to any place that would take me other than Texas. Texas is known for taking their own new grads. Why you ask? I wanted experience of living somewhere else. I applied to 15 hospitals across the US and even in small towns. I had a generic cover letter and resume for the ones that were "Whatever" applications. I applied to 3 in North Dakota and they all called me. There is a true nursing shortage in ND along with a shortage on every possible job you can think. Many people do not want to think about relocating for their first new job, but if you have no ties and are losing more and more time away from the hospital, then I would highly recommend you consider this decision for your career. I am currently located in Bismarck and there are some upsides and downsides to my experience at my hospital/area. Pros 1. This place is booming, many new jobs. 2. Other transplants are here 3. Progressing my career and being trained in WHAT I WANT 4. Small town, easy to get to work 5. My housing is cheap for what I am paying.(Although you have to really look) 6. Best nurse aides I have seen yet! 7. Compact state, I have a Texas nursing license. 8. Even though pay is low they are in need and you can rack in quite a bit of overtime and incentives. 9. People here are very friendly 10. Some LPNs are still active in the hospital, and they are a great asset to have. These are old school LPNs who will help any new grad that comes across their path. I have had 5 shifts so far and am grateful they are there for me. Cons 1. I wish food was cheaper(Texas food is dirt cheap) 2. Small town 3. Not very multicultural 4. I don't like my hospitals charting system 5. Cold weather(It snowed yesterday) 6. I moved here not knowing anybody. 7. I wish pay was better ND Has a true nursing shortage and if your career progression means anything to you, you should send an application out here. I would also like to add even though I get paid 22.79 an hour. I am still making 44k+ a year before overtime. Every week you do not work you are losing your grip on your skills, experience(whatever we do have), and about 1k a week. https://www.google.com/maps/search/st+alexius+street+view+bismarck/@46.806396,-100.777594,3a,75y,247.44h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sQjBrez-Q1Iskm03jiHNlfA!2e0 Street view of the hospital. Talent Specialists Help Keep Bismarck Hospital Staffed on Vimeo - This is a video online that was posted on the local news in regards to needing nurses
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    Reflection of accepting a job offer for North Dakota

    btw, because I made this post. I met my fiance, we are getting married in a month
  4. Obv since I made the thread ill go first. I have my own private clean bathroom at night.
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    The Enemy... The Nurse Manager

    There is a saying, if you don't like the way things run, get into a position to make a change. Sick and tired of people complaining that wont give feedback to the NM and wont give suggestions. Not all NM are great, but the ones I had have tried. The upper management is the problem. Not lower management like NMs and ANMS. People need to join committees, in services, practice, etc. My current floor is new and people sit there and complain but do not offer solutions. They are complaining that they are short. Nurse Manager is offering double time for people to come in and the nurses are still attacking her saying she isn't doing anything. You have 2 sides wailing on you and its hard to make people happy. I tip my hat to you
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    Ethical issue? Treating a 101 year old patient

    exactly... there is one flip side. There comes the financial ethical dilemma of who is paying for this. I think keytruda goes for 6-8k a pop. Although im not completely sure
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    I cried with a pt .....

    definitely gets real when its someone your age, Its always worse to me when they are younger. "This shouldn't be happening" is what I always think.
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    massage contraindications?

    be careful with their platelets below 20.
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    Why are nurses sexualized?

    there are "sexy" everything nowadays. female cops, female batman, male cops, etc. I honestly wouldnt overthink it as something targetting nurses but society.
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    OCN Exam 2016

    ONCC Web-Based Practice Tests one is free, you pay for the other 2
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    OCN Exam 2016

    Did it in maybe an hour. These are great books I highly reccomend. I did not use the study guide general curriculum book. Based off of other people's review, I would say get the previous study guide/book.(The green one) OCN Exam Practice Questions: OCN Practice Tests & Exam Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam: 9781627338783: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com OCN Exam Secrets Study Guide: OCN Test Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam: 978161
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    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    would a new grad that took the ons chemo cert be proficient? probably not.
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    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    How comfortable are you with chemo? if you are going to travel get the chemo cert IMO.
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    so I just moved here. Doesnt seem like there is many options. apply to UCSD sharp scripps and kaiser.
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    OCN versus ONS chemo biotherapy certified

    even then, there are so many new drugs that the chemo courses do not offer it. competency relies on the nurse, not on a certification. Rules of administering safe chemo, chemo ordering rights if the doctor is allowed to, knowing drug interactions and withholding parameters, how to administer it, tubing etc. chemo regimens, bsa dosing. Was it done properly? standing height/scale etc. There are plenty of things nowadays with computers at our stations. looking up globalrph to see manufacturer recommendations. The online class is a joke and I done it at 6 months of EXP. I think it is dependent upon the nurse. Its like BLS or ACLS. just because you have the cert, does that mean you will function when the time comes? I know plenty of nurses that do and plenty that dont. I would say OCN would show that you aqre more than competent imo. ex of new drugs that are not on chemo/biotherapy. Darzalex, they do not mention Campath for sure., trabectin, REPOCH is not on there either. Ninlaro, elotuzumab. I think alot of it is up to the individual nurse. basic competencies of knowing contraindications of the big drugs are important for sure. Dox/etoposide/vin/cytoxan/ifex/arac/dauno etc. but I am still a fresh nurse at near 3 years. I still havent seen anyone get near to lifetime dose of an anthracycline. Maybe its cause there are so many combo options nowawadays.
  16. So I have a question for you cardiac nurses. -Quick rundown. patient used to be on 120mg of cardizem ER. -patient was running brady and possible syncope on admittance -doctor dc cardizem. -pt is running afib/aflutter in the 130s-150s over the past few days, asymptomatic. -I wasnt worried about it and the tele monitor is calling em and harassing me over something that has been unchanged. -The hospitalist has known about this for the past few days. -I get a call from their charge nurse asking em if the hospitalist knows about this. The day hospitalist knew about this and I felt that this can wait. She paged the night hospitalist to come over to my floor, the hospitalist wasnt worried, neither were any nurse on my floor. So did I do the right thing? For something that has been unchanged over the past few days, is it necessary to call the hospitalist if the patient is asymptomatic? Day hospitalist even charted it in his progress notes. side note: This telemonitor has overstepped her boundaries in the past and trying to get me to give an oncology patient fluids because her admitting diagnosis was for dehydration(The lady was on her last leg and she was changed to a palliative care the next day because of the metastasis of her cancer). She has also told her charge nurse to call me and even at a point told me that her charge nurse recommended me push adenosine on someone that had orthostatic tachycardia.
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    Considering moving to Bay Area

    Read pms. I work at Stanford
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    Nor Cal? 55+ for starting. New grad will not be able to get a job out here. especially an outsider.
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    Recently moved from Socal to Norcal.

    I have friends who got a job at 6-8 months, there 3 of them. Look at john muir, washington, sutters. It wont be easy. you should have waited a year, but my friends have jobs.
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    Chose med surg like I'm supposed to, but really unhappy.

    I hate med surg/onc. I didnt like working in it, BUT while I did hate it, I have seen things that many people at big hospitals sub specialty floors never encountered. Myasthenia crisis, strokes, chemo/biotherapy, neuro problems, parkinsonian, haldol vs ativan to take down a delirious patient, Continous bladder irrigation. So While I didnt like it, it helped equip me. I work at one of the best hospitals now and it is shocking how much I learned at med surg in that little hospital.
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    Affordable housing in the SF Bay Area

    I have a place for 2960 for a 1 year lease in san mateo. 2br1ba. I dont know what numbers you are even getting
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    New Grad relocation and job search

    I think OP should get it in states that use nursys. It is a pain if your primary state does not utilize nursesys if you ever decide to leave. Take it from someone who got their first license in hawaii -_-
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    Moving to Palo Alto, CA

    2500 for a 1br is the lower end and if you are lucky.
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    RT vs. RN? Is RT a useless profession?

    I guess if the most of RT's work can fall in the nurse's scope of practice it is kind of crazy. Dont get me wrong, the airway scares me. But technically couldnt they train a nurse to do RT's job?

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