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Caffeine_IV has 7 years experience and specializes in LTC, med/surg, hospice.

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  1. Caffeine_IV

    Manager interrupting

    I wouldn't appreciate that I wouldn't make a big deal of one occurrence.
  2. Caffeine_IV

    How to get into outpatient oncology

    I would say keep applying to any opening. Join ONC and meet with the local chapter for networking opportunities. I am starting an outpatient oncology/infusion position with a background in med/surg and hospice (about 8 years). I applied for an opening 3 or 4 times. Don't give up.
  3. Caffeine_IV

    Med/ surg nurse to patient ratio

    1:6 on nights.
  4. Caffeine_IV

    New job, IV issues

    Keep doing them. Practice, practice, practice. When one of the good stickers does an IV, watch them and note their technique.
  5. Our case managers ( RNs and social workers) often ask the MD about substitutions/alternatives for meds that a patient cannot afford. As they say, discharge planning starts the day of admission. It is not out of my scope to advocate for my patient. I would encourage the patient to ask the doctor about it or I would speak on their behalf to the case manager and physician.
  6. Caffeine_IV

    How many job applications are too many?

    I applied for 20 transfer position in my facility before I got one. I would apply to any position that interested me.
  7. Caffeine_IV

    If you could redo it....would you choose nursing?

    I would do it again but I would plan more in regards to my job selections. There have definitely been up and downs and some shifts where I'd say F-this I'm never coming back. I always came back though.
  8. Caffeine_IV

    What do your CNAs do and do they do it without being told?

    I've met great and lazy techs same with nurses. I can easily remember the worst ones that take multiple smoke breaks, ignore call lights, take 3 hours to bath a patient or even sleep! Most do the job they are meant to do. No more no less. Some can be really in sync with you and do what you or the patient needs before you ask.
  9. Caffeine_IV

    I miss floor nursing...I think?

    I am also that left bedside for a Mon-Fri job with no patient interaction - not even on the phone! I miss patient care but it doesn't have to be bedside/acute care. I wish you well whatever you decide.
  10. Nope not with my current role. It's a desk nursing job with absolutely no patient interaction not even by phone. For many nurses that is a dream but I dread going to work. It's not a good fit for me. I don't miss the bedside rush but I would like to be involved with patients. So I'm seeking something outpatient -- day surgery, GI lab, radiology etc. I have to pick jobs that will work with being a single parent. If I was childless, I'd think I'd like working in critical care or Pre-op.
  11. Caffeine_IV

    Medicine vs Surgery Unit

    Surgery is fast paced because you will have frequent admits/addons/discharges throughout the day. I found surgery to be predictable in that the patient with no complications has an expected course and routine. Unexpected things do occur and you will learn what complications to be watchful for. I prefer medicine for the complexity and variety. These patients tend to have longer stays. Their is some predictability with the plan of care. Both of these are demanding and would allow you to gain great assessment skills.
  12. Caffeine_IV

    You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    The census is low and there are at least 8 surgeries scheduled and you aren't staffed appropriately When you do bedside rounds and 3 out of 5 patients are confused/fall risks with no family When "person who shall not be named" is the charge nurse for your shift When "other person" is the CNA assigned to your patients When you get report on a patient who doesn't look great and they say "They've been like that all day".....those tend to go bad When you start getting report and get called overhead because the assignment needs to be re-done..somebody put "Shannon" on the schedule but she's on vacation
  13. Caffeine_IV

    I stole a bottle of ibuprofen

    I wouldn't call it diverting but it is stealing. First I would have simply asked another coworker if they had anything OTC I could take Not sure what to say but I would have kept this info to myself.
  14. Caffeine_IV

    Considering a Change - Not Sure of Career Path

    I can relate to this very well! I am working a desk job as a clinical documentation specialist and it is NOT for me. The only thing I like is the flexibility. I have done med surg, hospice, LTC and outpatient radiology. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed patient contact ( not necessarily bedside/acute care) until I was away from it.
  15. Caffeine_IV

    Subtle deterioration on the floor

    I like the MEWS and that is what we have at our hospital. Of course nothing is error proof but it does help give insight to a.patient that may need closer monitoring Some of the other subtle assessment changes are things that many nurses only learn through experience. And once you see it, it stays with you. Time permitting when we have a patient go bad, we discuss among ourselves what happened...what we may have missed. There is a difference in being too busy to round and assess and not knowing what signs to be alert for.
  16. Caffeine_IV

    What is considered "job hopping?"

    In general I think moving on before a year would be hopping BUT whether it has a negative impact lies with your future employers. If you have the right set of skills and experience, it tends not to matter.

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