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Caffeine_IV has 7 years experience and specializes in LTC, med/surg, hospice.

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  1. Nope not with my current role. It's a desk nursing job with absolutely no patient interaction not even by phone. For many nurses that is a dream but I dread going to work. It's not a good fit for me. I don't miss the bedside rush but I would like to ...
  2. Medicine vs Surgery Unit

    Surgery is fast paced because you will have frequent admits/addons/discharges throughout the day. I found surgery to be predictable in that the patient with no complications has an expected course and routine. Unexpected things do occur and you will...
  3. You know the shift is gonna be a hot mess when ...

    The census is low and there are at least 8 surgeries scheduled and you aren't staffed appropriately When you do bedside rounds and 3 out of 5 patients are confused/fall risks with no family When "person who shall not be named" is the charge nurse for...
  4. I stole a bottle of ibuprofen

    I wouldn't call it diverting but it is stealing. First I would have simply asked another coworker if they had anything OTC I could take Not sure what to say but I would have kept this info to myself.
  5. Considering a Change - Not Sure of Career Path

    I can relate to this very well! I am working a desk job as a clinical documentation specialist and it is NOT for me. The only thing I like is the flexibility. I have done med surg, hospice, LTC and outpatient radiology. I didn't realize how much I e...
  6. Subtle deterioration on the floor

    I like the MEWS and that is what we have at our hospital. Of course nothing is error proof but it does help give insight to a.patient that may need closer monitoring Some of the other subtle assessment changes are things that many nurses only learn t...
  7. What is considered "job hopping?"

    In general I think moving on before a year would be hopping BUT whether it has a negative impact lies with your future employers. If you have the right set of skills and experience, it tends not to matter.
  8. Transplant Coordinator

    6 months before a transfer is pretty good as many places require a year. And you have a good background with your ER and critical care experience. Would you be able to work PRN once a month? That is what I am doing since I took a non bedside role.
  9. PRN and working FT

    The FT job is supposed to take precedence so I generally would not let them know. It may be unavoidable depending on how your schedule is done.
  10. Work and pets?

    I'm sorry. My sweet curious cat got out and has been gone for 3 weeks. We really miss him. He would never even put a paw on the grass before. I hope you get a happy ending.
  11. The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    Working at a department store in the mall. I'm sure it helped me with the customer service aspect of nursing but at $6.25/ was draining. I was young (20) and pregnant working there and people would frown and look down on me. Even make rude...
  12. 'Right to Die', what's your take on it?

    I do not have an issue with it especially for terminal where the person has made their wishes known. I have witnessed many painful/uncomfortable deaths and I certainly would not want to experience that. The doses of medicine I have given at those tim...
  13. Working for two hospitals

    I did before. I worked outpatient Per diem and med surf per diem at 2 facilities. It was awesome.
  14. Abandonment if I don't pick up over time shifts??

    I often had to stay over when I worked LTC. Once you accept the assignment it is yours until you get relief. Her threats are ridiculous but they do put you in a bad spot.
  15. Is this unreasonable?

    The stories and poor practice would bother me. However I would not want to create an environment where being a team player is frowned upon. I expect that any other nurse on my unit is competent to adjust meds if I am tied up. So if they are doing it...