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emtb2rn has 21 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. emtb2rn

    Stupid hurts.

    OK all y’all, time to lighten it up. Disclaimer: this is kinda an ED thing but all disciplines are more than welcome to join. Title says it all. I’ll start. Alcohol + jammed lawnmower = date with orthopedic surgeon. Yeah, stupid hurts.
  2. emtb2rn

    Flushing tubing after IV ATB administration

    We do same as munro. Leaving any abx in the tube under doses the pt.
  3. emtb2rn


    In my opinion, the cen is really a "what's the doctor gonna do?" test. I recommend mark boswell's prep material. When i studied for it years ago, i used his book (original home made version) but his stuff is now on youtube. Also spend the $ on the bcen's own practice test. It'll give you the look & feel if the actual test. Good luck, don't change your answers.
  4. emtb2rn

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    "I put one kid through college & put the other one through a wall. Gave 'em both what they needed". Lou from "back to school".
  5. emtb2rn

    Treating Respiratory Failure With Ativan/Lorazapam

    I'm in resp distress from simply trying to wade through that post. I'm getting pretty anxious, distress getting worse. Sure wish there was a med that would calm me down so i could breathe easier...
  6. emtb2rn

    Nurse Creates The Mother Lode of All Advance Directives.

    Very funny. I think i'll draft something similar to go along with chest tattoo that reads, in 2" letters: Stop! Walk Away!
  7. emtb2rn

    Will I be looked down upon?

    Does your manager already know your plans? If yes, then it's very possible that you will be treated differently and not in a good way. It's not even out of the realm of possibility that you get let go during orientation so they can cut their losses. Your plan is not favorable to the hospital's roi. If they do not know your plans, do not tell anyone and wait until you need the references.
  8. emtb2rn


    Avengingspirit, I learned about research methods and how to understand a study in my BSN program. Where did you learn how to interpret scientific studies in order to refute their findings? Just wondering.
  9. In it, it's known as the id10t error. Very similar to pebcak issues (problem exists between chair and keyboard). They've been around for decades. As for drama, i follow the advice of that great philosopher joe walsh and just walk away.
  10. emtb2rn

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    Jewish gramma 1: oy, i have good news and bad news. Jewish gramma 2: and what's that? 1: the bad news is my grandson is gay. 2: so what's the good news? 1: he's marrying a doctor! Before anybody gets the knickers in a knot, i'm a kinsman who answers questions with questions.
  11. emtb2rn

    What not to do...

    While doing your er rotation, do not say "but that's not how they taught us" in front of the pt.
  12. emtb2rn

    Nursing Supervisor is Inappropriate

    One more suggestion. Can you surreptitiously activate "record" on your phone when you see him approaching? If you can, that's tremendous ammunition.
  13. emtb2rn

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Too much story and no labs. Please remember the rules - result and dead or alive, no details. My thread, my circus, my monkeys.
  14. emtb2rn

    Nursing Supervisor is Inappropriate

    Report him now. Document everything in an email to yourself as suggested above. On a side note, i can't believe your coworkers (especially the guys) let him get away with this. My female coworkers are my sisters and anyone who acts inappropriately with them will have a come to jesus meeting.
  15. emtb2rn

    RN to BSN

    Don't think that unicorn exists.

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