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  1. You have plenty of hands on experience to qualify for a indirect patient contact job. Go to indeed and search case management, disease management, utilization review etc. Or just search the job board where you are for similar opportunities.
  2. I perform visits. I do not work by the hour. I have already met the requirement.
  3. No. Its 1000 clinical hours within 5 years for recertification. I will have plenty. I like my ft job. I had no interest in being in a clinic setting seeing 40 pts a day. Also my clinical background helped tremendously. Again, there are definitely bet...
  4. I went to Maryville post graduate adult geriatric primary care NP program. I personally thought it was fine. We had live content review via webex with our instructors. All exams are proctored. I felt they were responsive to concerns and they do have ...
  5. The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    I have always worked with male nurses (over 15 years). I personally have not seen any mistreatment. I think that male nurses are highly respected and if anything they have a major advantage over female nurses when pursuing career advancement.
  6. Why is BSN required for CRNA?

    What makes a BSN useless?? Since its so useless why don't you apply to the schools that don't require it? Problem solved.
  7. bring back diploma they can function on graduation

    I teach BSN clinicals and I always tell students an additional year of clinical would be paramount to their overall success. The curriculum is too much for the expectation. More clinical time would change the quality of RN education.
  8. NP vs MA vs MD power struggle

    I agree. Employers want the 3 for 1 special hoping to work you like a dog doing the work of 3 people. Being that nursing is female dominated. most women naturally want to assist where they can, but it's a proven disadvantage that results in job diss...
  9. One word...horrible. I'm so tired of these stories, they bring me to tears. Tired of people treating AAs less than human. People treat animals better. Minorities are just like everyone else. How would these people like it if the tables were turned? T...
  10. Long hours/no life

    You are not crazy to want work life balance. They know many nurses want the no weekends, no holiday schedules that the typical insurance job has, so when one nurse leaves its not hard to fill the position. Also many of these jobs are work from home...
  11. Of course you would not lose your license. The instructor in my opinion is just doing her job. She wants you to take the career seriously. I am a clinical instructor and I look at the overall behavior of the student before any major discipline takes...
  12. Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

    You need to get experience. I honestly don't think either unit is necessarily better than the next. Narrow it down to schedule. I had a similar opportunity as a new grad and chose emergency room because of the various shifts. Was the best decision e...
  13. Anybody else feel this way?

    Other professions require at minimum a bachelor's degree. I don't think nursing should be any different. I've been a nurse for 14 years and was always annoyed with "nurses only have a 2 year degree??" When asked from other medical disciplines. I thin...
  14. New Grad NP

    I would rather invest in a job that has a need for full time employees.Also as another poster said, working 2 jobs is too much. You are no longer an RN hustling on the side for extra income. Do that once you are experienced and confident in your skil...
  15. Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Congratulations. Very positive,refreshing thread. The 100s of negative nurse postings will make anyone question if they should pursue this career.