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angel337 is a MSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Room.

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  1. You have plenty of hands on experience to qualify for a indirect patient contact job. Go to indeed and search case management, disease management, utilization review etc. Or just search the job board where you are for similar opportunities.
  2. angel337

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    I have always worked with male nurses (over 15 years). I personally have not seen any mistreatment. I think that male nurses are highly respected and if anything they have a major advantage over female nurses when pursuing career advancement.
  3. angel337

    NP vs MA vs MD power struggle

    I agree. Employers want the 3 for 1 special hoping to work you like a dog doing the work of 3 people. Being that nursing is female dominated. most women naturally want to assist where they can, but it's a proven disadvantage that results in job dissatisfaction and high turnover .
  4. One word...horrible. I'm so tired of these stories, they bring me to tears. Tired of people treating AAs less than human. People treat animals better. Minorities are just like everyone else. How would these people like it if the tables were turned? They couldn't handle it. It would be a national out cry for equality.
  5. angel337

    Long hours/no life

    You are not crazy to want work life balance. They know many nurses want the no weekends, no holiday schedules that the typical insurance job has, so when one nurse leaves its not hard to fill the position. Also many of these jobs are work from home, I still do it and it helps with retention but the downside can be working all the time. I have learned how to cut it off. Do what is best for you and your family.
  6. Of course you would not lose your license. The instructor in my opinion is just doing her job. She wants you to take the career seriously. I am a clinical instructor and I look at the overall behavior of the student before any major discipline takes action. However the university requires that we enforce the expectations and initiate warnings for occurences that appear to be avoidable.
  7. angel337

    Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

    You need to get experience. I honestly don't think either unit is necessarily better than the next. Narrow it down to schedule. I had a similar opportunity as a new grad and chose emergency room because of the various shifts. Was the best decision ever for my nursing career.
  8. angel337

    Anybody else feel this way?

    Other professions require at minimum a bachelor's degree. I don't think nursing should be any different. I've been a nurse for 14 years and was always annoyed with "nurses only have a 2 year degree??" When asked from other medical disciplines. I think to be taken seriously we should meet that minimum requirement. Clearly people do well with diplomas and adn degrees. We all have to pass the same boards. That being said at some point you may want to advance your career so it's a great thing to get your BSN now. You won't regret it.
  9. angel337

    New Grad NP

    I would rather invest in a job that has a need for full time employees.Also as another poster said, working 2 jobs is too much. You are no longer an RN hustling on the side for extra income. Do that once you are experienced and confident in your skills.
  10. angel337

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    Congratulations. Very positive,refreshing thread. The 100s of negative nurse postings will make anyone question if they should pursue this career.
  11. angel337

    Aggressive family member

    Was this the first stick? I didn't read all the comments yet. I only ask because as someone else suggested it's good to have another person with you if possible ..tech or another nurse for support. So just in case you do have to attempt a second time, people are less likely to behave this way. I speak from experience. Alone with parents and a baby that needs an invasive task done ( straight cath etc) gives parents more power over the environment.
  12. angel337

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    I hear this consistently. Being treated like a professional goes a long way.
  13. angel337

    HRA assessments

    Good question. I was considering doing the same thing. I assume it's not a conflict ff you function as a NP in role and RN at the other.
  14. angel337

    Failed nclex 11 times.

    I know this is an old post, but maybe the barrier is that you cannot envision the care that is needed to provide quality care to patients. When I was in nursing school 16 yrs ago, you had to retake the last two semesters of nursing school if you did not pass after 4 attempts. I think anyone struggling to pass should reach out to the school they graduated from for assistance. Maybe they can counsel or even offer a refresher class at a discount price.
  15. angel337

    NP being used as an RN

    They need to stop being cheap and hire a RN immediately. If you were not there, they would have no choice. They can use a nurse agency. the stories are endless of how organizations want to double dip with NPs by using them to cover 2 roles. Unacceptable.
  16. angel337

    You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    I have seen graduates from DE online programs receive offers quickly while some high ranking brick and mortar graduates struggled for over a year before finding a position. Many things factor in such as a good resume, work and volunteer experience as well as networking opportunities. Some new NPs pass over jobs because it doesn't meet their lifestyle needs in terms of work schedule, pay etc. I don't believe you need extensive RN experience at all to be a good NP. However, I do believe NP experience will always be more favorable. An HR representative told me that the reason why new NPs get overlooked for positions is because they continue to represent themselves as RNs instead of providers and the hiring managers view this as a person that will be difficult to train and not ready for the major responsibility that comes with being a NP.

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