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ThePrincessBride has 7 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Med-Surg, NICU.

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  1. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    My concern would be if employers would be willing to hire someone with only urgent care experience into the primary care/chronic disease management setting
  2. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    Could I go to Primary Care after working in Urgent Care if I wanted to?
  3. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    Thank you Yeah I learned a little bit more about the fellowship. After 1 year, I would go from the 75k per year salary to an hourly position of 60 per hour. So not double but a healthy increase. Is it okay to start off an urgent care? I he...
  4. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    For me, it would be a pay cut from what I make as an RN with almost 8 years of experience. However, after a year, I think the pay would go up to 100k+ per year. I am not familiar with the benefits of the urgent care position, but I imagine they ...
  5. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    Is there a particular reason you recommend the urgent care fellowship over Minute Clinic?
  6. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    It would be one year long with didactic portions, skills training. We would start with one or two patients per hour and work our way up. The salary would only be 75k. Minute Clinic would have very minimal training, but pay would be 51/hr.
  7. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    Hello, I am in the middle of the interview process. Currently looking at Minute Clinic or an Urgent Care fellowship with Wellnow Urgent Care. Which should I do? I have done the MC student preceptorship so I have some idea what I am looking at, ...
  8. ThePrincessBride

    I Left hospital nursing. What are you doing now?

    Hey Emergent, couple of questions... I am looking to leave the abusive hellhole that is nursing especially after today and entering into advanced practice after I have my baby. Were you nervous to leave the hospital setting? Did you find th...
  9. ThePrincessBride

    Mid-Life Blues

    I am in my early 30s and I see the cliques a lot with the younger nurses (in their 20s). It bothers me too, but what helps me is to remember that I am not here for friends, I am here to work and make $$$. I am also a proponent of "don't crap where yo...
  10. ThePrincessBride

    Telling People Your Nurse Title, RN or LVN

    I say RN or Nurse. Once I start working as an NP, I will just say "in healthcare."
  11. ThePrincessBride

    Offensive Badge

    Politics have no business at work. But I'm sure you already knew that
  12. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    No one actually said that many male nurses are gay. What I did say was that I find that the male nurses who typically do this best in predominantly female areas oftentimes are gay. Big difference.
  13. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Good questions. Honestly, in my many years of experience, I have seen male patients refuse male nurses and demand female nurses even in very intimate settings. Many say they don't want male nurses because *insert homophobic remark* or because t...
  14. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    In some cases, a woman doesn't have an option to have a female OB deliver her baby. Anyway, I am on the fence about this issue. While I don't have a problem with male nurses seeking employment in LD, I think that given how common it is for women...
  15. ThePrincessBride

    No Ethnic DIversity

    Eh...I live in the Midwest. Racism against Black people is rampant everywhere. As a Black nurse, I have dealt with a horrifying amount of racism in the Midwest. And since being embolden by a certain former president, white racists have become e...