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ThePrincessBride has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med-Surg, NICU.

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  1. ThePrincessBride

    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    This girl could go to prison for attempted murder, and I am not even exaggerating. Do it. She is dangerous.
  2. ThePrincessBride

    All these nurses writing articles

    I have sat with a surveyor and the level of nit-picking was ridiculous. And let's be honest....they care more about charting /paper work than actual patient care. They don't mandate safe ratios at all. They don't advocate for nurses or providers. They are a pain in the butt.
  3. ThePrincessBride

    Is Nursing a Profession?

    Nurses at my job are expected to clean toilets and body fluids at my jobs...we are not professionals.
  4. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    What?!? You turned down the School NP job? Nuts!!! Sleep med sounds cool. Not too many postings for them.
  5. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    I am thinking about adding PMHNP for all the reasons you've listed. It will add an extra 1.5 years but I think I would be much more marketable instead of just having an FNP.
  6. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    See, I don't really want to work in a PCP office (and it seems NPs in my area who work for PCP offices are poorly treated). I want to deal with more sub-acute cases where I am not necessarily having to follow a patient for years at a time. As for thinking about myself...that isn't necessarily a bad. Altruism exists for only the wealthy few who can afford to be altruistic. I can't afford to be altruistic...I have bills to pay and familial obligations....but that doesn't mean I want to do the bare minimum. I just don't want work to be my life.
  7. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    Yeah, I realize I can't be picky and am willing to do just about any type of work so long as I have a flexible schedule with decent pay and benefits. I was thinking Corrections or Urgent Care or Retail health. Here where I am from NPs get paid okay, but it is not anything impressive. And there are a bunch of crappy, for-profit NP schools pumping out new grad left and right. I am definitely willing to move for my first job. How many hrs do you work now versus when you were corporate?
  8. ThePrincessBride

    Millennial Nurses Have Issues

    Eh....it is much more complicated than that. The world has changed and my generation knows that we cannot play by the same rules as our parents if we want to succeed. We cannot stay at the same employer and expect to get decent raises, promotions or be treated well. We cannot drop out of school and work at a factory and expect to make enough to support a family. We cannot not save for retirement and expect a pension or social security to take care of us. We also seem to have different values from our parents. Millennials, as a generation, are not loyal to companies. We typically value work-life balance and taking the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and explore. We aren't rushing out and getting married and having kids young and working at the same job in a bubble for 40+ years like our parents. Many of is want to experiment either by job hopping or traveling the world. As a generation, we are also somewhat more cautious than our parents and a little wary, thanks to 2008 and the recession. So while it may seem like we take risks with our job hopping, we actually oftentimes switch jobs to gain more skills and make more money for stability. We work for ourselves, not "the man."
  9. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    I understand but it seems as though the NPs I talk to have a crap work-life balance. Plus with clinicals (which my school arranges), we get the opportunity to try out different settings to see what it is we like. I think I would be miserable if I had to work five-six days a week. My future babies come first. Plus, I am not getting any younger. I get needing a year or so of full-time experience before going part-time, but I definitely want to be able to lean out as my kids need me more.
  10. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    I guess my concern is that I plan on having children in the next couple of years and I don't want to work 60 hours per week like it seems many 40-hour positions demand of NPs. I wouldn't mind 4 10s...if that is an option.
  11. ThePrincessBride

    5 8s, no thanks!

    Question: I am an FNP student who actually likes the idea of a three or four-day work weeks. I know retail clinics offer 3 10s, but they are every other weekend (which I don't want). I know there are urgent cares. Any other ideas? Or I doomed with every other weekend or five 8s? My dream job would have 3 10s or 4 8s...is that realistic?
  12. ThePrincessBride

    Medical schools now adding "fluff"

    Only a privileged person would call learning about social awareness and inequalities "crap" and not someone I would want providing care to minority and underserved populations....which is a good portion of 'Murica.
  13. ThePrincessBride

    NP Worries

    You do realize that schools are a business and they are there to make money, right? So many schools are churning out poorly trained NPs for the money. And you are very close to violating allnurses' policy on personal attacks. You can express your opinion without being rude, condescending and name-calling. My opinion is that those "studies" you spout off about not needing to know and master the basics before jumping into the role of an advanced nurse are ludacris because I just pulled up an NCBI report that says opposite. Now, have a nice day. I don't care to debate with someone who would rather behave nastily than act with maturity.
  14. ThePrincessBride

    going back into med surg

    I transferred from a bigger NICU in a better part of the neighborhood to a smaller inner city NICU. I have noticed the larger the institution is, the less personable and more competitive it becomes. Do you work in a larger ICU from a magnet hospital? Those can be some of the worst places to work for. Talking amongst other ICU nurses, it seems that smaller hospitals are much more supportive and inviting.
  15. ThePrincessBride

    going back into med surg

    Excellent post. This has been my experience as well before I transferred to a different NICU. Super cut-throat with so many witchy personalities and so unlike the chill, laid-back comrades of med-surg world. And I definitely agree about ICU being very task-oriented despite the claims of using more critical thinking skills. While ICU nurses may have more complicated procedures, I have noticed that med-surg (and LTC/SNF nurses) nurses tend to have some of the best assessment skills because there are fewer, if any, monitors/machinery/devices available. Both groups are valuable but I get tired of the ridiculous disrespect that is shown to the med-surg RNs.
  16. ThePrincessBride

    new nurse- NP or PA school?

    Not saying there isn't anything wrong with switching your mind, but from the sounds of your first post, you seemed as though you were surprised or unaware of the schedule nurses have, which is common knowledge. And if you know exactly what you want, then what was the point of this thread?