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  1. ThePrincessBride

    Nurse Satisfaction comes before Patient Satisfaction

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Nurses being the goose and patients being the gander, that is.
  2. ThePrincessBride

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Frequent Sick Days and Tardiness

    There are so many other things wrong with this hospital system that make me want to quit; this is just the straw that broke the camel's back. I could write a letter, but management here isn't very receptive to feedback. I work at two hospitals, and the other one is NOT like this whatsoever. There is usually a six-minute grace period, and you are given four sick occurrences per six month cycle, 8 per year. You are also allotted eight tardies per rolling cycle. For the past eight or so months I have thought about sitting down with the NM about all of these negative changes, but she...let's just say she is a mental case, and other coworkers have been upfront with her that if things don't start changing for the better, they will quit. Another coworker has stated that once she gets a phlebotomist job, she has every intention of quitting...to the NM's face. I just don't know what to do.
  3. ThePrincessBride

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired! - Frequent Sick Days and Tardiness

    At one of my jobs, if you are even one minute late, it is considered an absence. I've already made up my mind. I plan on quitting after this semester. If I'm going to be considered absent for clocking in one minute late, i might as well go home.
  4. ThePrincessBride

    NICU Nursing

    Great post! NICU is the end-goal for me. I am fortunate in that I am in the NICU often for postpartum mothers. It is a very extreme specialty, and most of the nurses that get a job stay in the NICU for the long haul. My heart is with the babies.
  5. ThePrincessBride

    Yikes I'm Getting Old!

    While I don't think that age is just a number, I don't think it is entirely indicative of one's state in life. I've seen patients in their late forties look awful, they are on disability, their health is terrible because they didn't take care of themselves, while I've seen plenty of seventy and eighty-somethings still "with it" and look about ten to fifteen years younger. My 87 year old grandmother until very recently was driving herself around. She also can still get up and down the steps and her mind is still sharp. Then I have a grandmother ten years younger who is in and out of hospitals, has suffered strokes and gets out of breath walking a very short distance and has for quite a while. She also has a long history of smoking, drinking and gambling while my 87-year old grandma does not. People are living longer, medicine is advancing and soon it will be very common to see people live until their nineties. Not too long ago, I read an article on "super senior" citizens still working their jobs out of want and not out of need, so I guess we shouldn't be so shocked to hear about fifty, sixty year-old people who "still have it." But what do I know? I'm a 40 year old trapped in a 21 year old's body. I hate alcohol, I don't party and I'm very much a mamma's girl. :)
  6. I kind of have to disagree with this. This message not only reflects poor grammar, it reflects poor judgment (just look at some of the content of the message). If the person is a native English speaker, shame on them. If the person is foreign, I would question why he/she didn't have someone proof-read the e-mail before hand, but that's just my opinion.
  7. I am not claiming to have perfect grammar, but that is atrocious. The state of the English language is deplorable. I would never send something out like that to a faculty member or teacher, nor would I mention a decline in interest in becoming a Nurse.
  8. ThePrincessBride

    Can I be a Nurse? Fear of blood.

    Eh, I wouldn't enter a field like Nursing if I was afraid of the sight of blood, but that's just me.
  9. ThePrincessBride

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    He/she may not want to be an NP/CRNA now, but who knows, maybe down the road he/she may want to become one? Hence why I suggest to not stop at a BSN for some grad schools prefer them. And I hear a lot of ADNs complain about job applicants stating "BSN only". Either way, a four year degree trumps a two year degree if all else is equal.
  10. ThePrincessBride

    Should we curtail the growth of nursing programs?

    Uh...do you not realize that we are in a recession and EVERYONE is hurting? Also, I don't know if you realize this, but as someone else said, the prereqs, clinicals, etc, do a great job at weeding out those who are unqualified to enter the field of nursing. Trust me. I've come across quite a few of these people, people who couldn't even pass an introductory chemistry course or outright flunked ANATOMY or couldn't do basic algebra will not make it into nursing. Then there are clinicals and the nursing program itself that helps rid the market of wannabe nurses. And then there are the AD Nurses. Of course, BSN nurses are going to get a preference. I find that most of the nurses who complain about unemployment have a two year degree or a degree from one of those "diploma mills" where they did clinicals ONLINE (****).
  11. ThePrincessBride

    Areas of nursing

    Interesting that you like LTC and Geratics. According to the Nursing Polls section, those are the least favored areas of Nursing.
  12. ThePrincessBride

    Nursing School = Divorce???

    Also want to add that if something like Nursing school would break up your marriage, then you two didn't need to be married in the first place.
  13. ThePrincessBride

    Nursing School = Divorce???

    Only know of one, but the marriage was weak to began with. They were young, immature, had two kids, and didn't seem to know what a true committment was.
  14. ThePrincessBride

    How many credit hours...

    It isn't. Microbiology=5 creds, Human development=3 and human nutrition= 5 creds. I will be eliminated Micro and Human Development, but the one term where I will have seventeen credit hours looks like this: Foundations II (6 creds) Introduction to Scientific Inquiry II (1 cred) Integrated Sciences for Nursing Practice II (5 creds) Human Nutrition (5 creds) That equals 17 credit hours. I would take Human Nutrition over the summer as well, but can't find a place where my school will accept the creds transfer.
  15. ThePrincessBride

    How many credit hours...

    I feel very overwhelmed. I am taking Microbiology and Human Development over the summer to get those classes out the way, yet I still find myself looking at close to 17 credit hours if I take Human Nutrition. :/ Autumn Quarter, we take Foundational Nursing (6 creds), Introduction to Scientific Inquiry (1 cred), Integrated Sciences for Nursing Practice I (5 creds) and Microbiology (5 creds, but I will be taken this over the summer). Should I take Human Nutrition this quarter or wait until Winter Quarter? If I wait until Winter quarter, I will have 12 cred hours Autumn Quarter, 17 winter quarter, and 12 spring quarter (I would have gotten rid of three credit hours thanks to taken Human Development over the summer). Either way, I'm stuck with at least one quarter of 17 credit hours, and I'm not sure I can handle that! I've taken 15 credit hours mostly in my college career, but I haven't gone up to 17 creds! What would you do? Wait until Winter quarter to take the class, or push it to your first quarter of Nursing classes? Thanks and sorry for the long post!