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  1. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    Hello, I am in the middle of the interview process. Currently looking at Minute Clinic or an Urgent Care fellowship with Wellnow Urgent Care. Which should I do? I have done the MC student preceptorship so I have some idea what I am looking at, ...
  2. ThePrincessBride

    Which to pursue?

    It would be one year long with didactic portions, skills training. We would start with one or two patients per hour and work our way up. The salary would only be 75k. Minute Clinic would have very minimal training, but pay would be 51/hr.
  3. ThePrincessBride

    I Left hospital nursing. What are you doing now?

    Hey Emergent, couple of questions... I am looking to leave the abusive hellhole that is nursing especially after today and entering into advanced practice after I have my baby. Were you nervous to leave the hospital setting? Did you find th...
  4. ThePrincessBride

    Mid-Life Blues

    I am in my early 30s and I see the cliques a lot with the younger nurses (in their 20s). It bothers me too, but what helps me is to remember that I am not here for friends, I am here to work and make $$$. I am also a proponent of "don't crap where yo...
  5. ThePrincessBride

    Telling People Your Nurse Title, RN or LVN

    I say RN or Nurse. Once I start working as an NP, I will just say "in healthcare."
  6. ThePrincessBride

    Offensive Badge

    Politics have no business at work. But I'm sure you already knew that
  7. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    No one actually said that many male nurses are gay. What I did say was that I find that the male nurses who typically do this best in predominantly female areas oftentimes are gay. Big difference.
  8. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    Good questions. Honestly, in my many years of experience, I have seen male patients refuse male nurses and demand female nurses even in very intimate settings. Many say they don't want male nurses because *insert homophobic remark* or because t...
  9. ThePrincessBride

    Should Male Nurse Work In L&D?

    In some cases, a woman doesn't have an option to have a female OB deliver her baby. Anyway, I am on the fence about this issue. While I don't have a problem with male nurses seeking employment in LD, I think that given how common it is for women...
  10. ThePrincessBride

    No Ethnic DIversity

    Eh...I live in the Midwest. Racism against Black people is rampant everywhere. As a Black nurse, I have dealt with a horrifying amount of racism in the Midwest. And since being embolden by a certain former president, white racists have become e...
  11. ThePrincessBride

    VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    The VA hands down. Benefits are better, you get a crap ton of vacation and sick time, there is FERS with TSP matching. Plus it is a lot closer. 60 to 70 minutes one way commute would be a non-starter. That extra 15 per hour will quickly be eaten...
  12. ThePrincessBride

    No Ethnic DIversity

    Yeah, more often it is a white patient who demands a white nurse than a non-white patient demanding for a non-white nurse. I see it quite frequently, unfortunately.
  13. ThePrincessBride

    No Ethnic DIversity

    I work in NICU and have come across non-white patients who would prefer a non-white nurse, preferably one that is of the same race. Just because you yourself (I am presuming you are a white male, please correct me) haven't witnessed it, doesn't mean ...
  14. ThePrincessBride

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    Well I did exclude psych and other mentally incompetent patients. And we already have people for them...psych nurses. Psychiatrist. Psychologist. BERT. But the vast majority of the abusive patients are not mentally ill, they are aholes.
  15. ThePrincessBride

    New Nurse, Thinking About Throwing in the Towel

    You came into nursing at the worse possible time, during the worse of the pandemic. Nursing was bad before but Covid took nursing and her brothers and sisters (medicine, respiratory therapy, etc) to hell. It is totally okay not to want to work...
  16. I don't think a med like vec should he easily accessible. It should require two nurses to pull and 2 nurses to give or it needs to be Stat or ordered from pharmacy. I mean, if you have to double sign heparin drip changes, you should have to dual...
  17. ThePrincessBride

    Patient Died in ER lobby

    I'm sorry but we should not be putting the onus on nurses to de-escalate a situation. If a family member or patient is misbehaving, they need to be removed from the facility (unless this is a psych or demented patient). Healthcare is not a huma...
  18. ThePrincessBride

    The MD Bias Hits Home

    This is one of the reasons why I do not want to work as an NP for a teaching state hospital as NPs are treated like assistants and not autonomous professionals.
  19. ThePrincessBride

    Back to the Hospital?

    I second per diem. You can still get access to 401k (or at least, in my per diem job you can). I only know very few people who have gone outpatient, regret it, and return to the inpatient world.
  20. I think you will find that the only people who disagree with you are NPs who have never worked as a nurse.
  21. ThePrincessBride

    BSN-DNP yes or no?

    I will agree to most of what you are saying though in my clinicals, I have seen patients be let go due to behavioral issues. Additionally, an NP, you aren't stuck with that patient for 12 hours not do you have to destroy your body for them.
  22. ThePrincessBride

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    Unfortunately , this is a direct consequence of allowing criminal courts to intervene in medical malpractice/negligence cases. And Black and Indigenous nurses are more likely to suffer more harshly under the justice system than our white counter...
  23. ThePrincessBride

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    I would need to know more details regarding if she should lose her license. How many other patients did she have? What was going on that day? Were there other safety concerns going on? On face value, yes she should probably lose her license bu...
  24. ThePrincessBride

    Another Nurse Accused of Homicide for a Mistake!

    And here it comes...nurses will be torched to kingdom come for making an error. RV conviction has opened the flood gates. Any mistake you make will be scrutinized. Hopefully you have insurance to the hilt. I bet this nurse had 39 other pati...
  25. ThePrincessBride

    Old Timer's Take on Fixing the Nursing Shortage

    I apologize. I just don't handle *** condescending attitudes too well and I will stop replying to the pot stirrer.