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Emergent has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. The problem is that I got this person their last job. I also had given a reference before. We both worked at our last job until we got laid off, which was expected. I was pretty appalled at their attitude and work ethic. Let me just also mention that...
  2. What do you all do if someone asks you to give a reference, and you really have very little respect for that person's work ethic. You've had a congenial relationship, but you really can't in good conscience give a positive reference about them.
  3. Emergent

    Nurse Practitioner had live sex for online viewing

    Whenever someone says "I'm not judgmental", or "I don't judge", I pretty much disregard what they are about to say. First of all, everyone makes judgments of one type or another. And the people who say they are not judgmental always are, about one t...
  4. Emergent

    Med assistants are nurses?

    I'm a landlord. Someone answered my ad on Craigslist when I was looking for new tenants once. She informed me that she was a nurse at Dr So&So's office for work. Naturally, I looked her name up on the nursing website. I emailed her back sa...
  5. Emergent

    Fentanyl Crisis

    Drug use is a supply and demand situation. Apparently there is a high demand for mood altering drugs in the United States. That is huge factor in this crisis. If there is no demand, there is no profit motive to supply the drugs. Canada is also s...
  6. Emergent

    Fentanyl Crisis

    The causes of drug abuse are multifactorial. It's simplistic to blame a political party or governmental policy for this complex problem. It may just be a natural result of a society of excess, and the inevitable impending decline of our civiliza...
  7. I think you know why they are shorthanded. I would not stay. I tried School nursing substituting last year and I really enjoyed everything about it. The main nurse out there is a fantastic person, who was easily accessible by text or phone for ...
  8. Emergent

    Fentanyl Crisis

    By strong arm of the law I mean protecting non-users, such as this little boy, from the carelessness of addicted people. The government clamped down on tobacco smokers to protect the lungs of non-smokers. Yet, the city of Seattle eased up on en...
  9. Emergent

    Fentanyl Crisis

    First of all, even the 2010 statistics are atrocious, let alone the 2021 ones. 100,000 people in the United States died of overdoses in 2021. This quote is from a BBC article on a recent death of a little boy in a daycare that was also a location fo...
  10. Emergent

    Nurse Practitioner had live sex for online viewing

    She's an embarrassment to herself, her family, and her profession. What a pathetic woman.
  11. Emergent

    Can I be forced to take Spanish speaking classes?

    This whole thing sounds weird. First off, the people that I have worked with are called 'Medical Interpreters'. They are trained in medical terminology. They would come into the room when I was triaging a patient, and then again when the doctor came....
  12. Even if women are more prone to hypochondria, each and every presentation should be taken seriously. We had plenty of drugs seeking frequent flyers in the ER, who had cried wolf many times, but then finally presented with a serious diagnosis. It...
  13. The article seemed a little slanted to me. They also were dismissing the idea that the man flu was because men get hysterical.
  14. Here's an interesting article. Do you all think women are more prone to hypochondria? Women 'greater hypochondriacs', research shows
  15. Emergent

    2 Nurse Skin ✔ q Shift ❓

    I'm sorry for your loss. I think all these computer charting mandates have eaten away at any time for that. The nurses are too busy clicking drop-down boxes so the chart reviewers won't have a fit.

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