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Emergent has 31 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

I keep learning.

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  1. This one is good! Kendra is a natural storyteller. There are so many gems in this video. https://youtu.be/tQtxkSS-z74?si=HZ10ZTPeIDLXafKI
  2. Emergent

    Nursing is Toxic Video

    Despite the overly dramatic title, this is a very professionally presented video detailing the negative human dynamics of a new to the ICU orientee. This nurse really spells out the social realities of many nursing units. I think many of us have expe...
  3. What is needed is a more accurate test for THC. It's ridiculous to limit the off duty, legal use by nurses. After all, if you were taking a pain pill that was legitimately prescribed, they wouldn't get their panties in a bunch. When I was the s...
  4. You are going to have occasional faux pas that angers a patient. The best thing to do is to apologize as soon as possible. He might be a cranky old man, but as detailed above, you didn't read the orders correctly. If a patient questions an order, alw...
  5. Emergent

    Cotinine urine screening pre employment

    Seriously? They discriminate against smokers?
  6. In Washington state, also, if you use needles and shoot up in a city park, all's well. Children don't need parks, homeless drug addicts do.
  7. That was one thing that I liked when our hospital did it. When I brought a patient up from the ER, I was able to easily identify an RN. It's useful for more than the patients. Like someone said they are rather clueless often. They can easily mix up a...
  8. Emergent

    The 3 12s, 5 8s Debate

    I am working 5 days a week now. It's a seasonal, non-nursing position, 99.9% stress-free, in the outdoor nursery/greenhouse of a local variety store. I'm retired from nursing, this is just for fun, and ends in July. The only downside is that I w...
  9. Emergent

    Any nurses file their own taxes? Turbo? h&r block?

    Once you get set up in Turbo tax, it's pretty easy. I have 2 rental properties, and an investment account. It's user friendly. I opt for the minimal service. One year I got the extra advice option. I don't recommend that, you get a different person ...
  10. Fascinating police interview. Opinions? This is a YouTube video. It touches on her addiction to Tramadol. It is heart-wrenching. Nurse interrogated after murdering husband
  11. Emergent

    Paramedics Criminally Charged/Convicted

    The article says the victim was 140 lbs. The police should have been able to restrain this guy without drugs.
  12. It's a slap in the face to the family of the woman who died for her to be cashing in on this. It would be like a drunk driver who was convicted of vehicular manslaughter making money from giving speeches. Instead he or she should go to schools and ta...
  13. Hire Radonda Vaught as your keynote speaker
  14. 😂 Thanks for lightening up an otherwise dreary day...
  15. Emergent

    Signs of hospital closing?

    One thing I advise you to do is to use up or cash out as much PTO as you can. The people who never took vacations, worked extra shifts, and were very loyal to their teams, got shafted. When the hospital closed they lost all their PTO, which in many c...