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Emergent has 28 years experience as a RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Emergent

    Nursing profession reputation

    Is this one sentence? It's hard to read.
  2. Emergent

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    I've cut down to 4 or 5 shifts a month. Many us older people are definitely either cutting back or retiring a little early.
  3. Emergent

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

  4. Emergent

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Thanks for the update.
  5. There are some jobs I've heard, for experienced nurses.
  6. Emergent

    What I Hate About Nursing In 2021

    OMG, that extra, mostly meaningless online education is killing me.
  7. Don't trust statistics.
  8. Emergent

    What I Hate About Nursing In 2021

    Masks Hyper regulatory nonsense Useless, blanket, time consuming screenings. The list grows longer every year Mind numbing charting Increasingly entitled public Disjointed healthcare system Moral distress to me, caused by things such as Covid limitations of visitors policies, ridiculous extension of natural life, pouring precious common resources towards people who make zero effort to take care of themselves. Disregard of safety and sanity of frontline healthcare workers Billions diverted to corporate salaries Masks
  9. Emergent

    Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    They have staffing needs and also there is definitely nepotism going on with that nurse practitioner student. The new director of nursing is trying to strong-arm your friend. Your friend can always go to per diem. That would give her the flexibility to look for a new job. That is my recommendation.
  10. There are lots of nurses on prescriptions for controlled substances. Just bring RX documents.
  11. Emergent

    The traveler's I've seen... (add yours)

    I have several stories, but too lazy to post them. There are great travelers, but some are just dysfunctional misfits. I've seen some doozies recently.
  12. Hopefully this thread won't be a negative pile on, but probably that is inevitable. Basically, if you wanted to work in a nursing home you're going to have to get a covid vaccine. The only reason that they would let you work there without one is out of desperation for a warm body. I personally am not super into a million vaccines, but even I got the covid vaccine. Let me ask you this question, do you drink soda pop? We know for a fact that soda pop is detrimental to the health. I personally don't believe hand washing is the number one preventative to disease. I think it is eating a healthy balanced diet, having a lot of physical activity in your life, and getting adequate sleep are stronger factors in staying healthy. I see people adamantly against covid vaccine who are very careless with other aspects of their health. I think that is because they are distrustful of the government actions, the pharmaceutical companies, and probably ideological agendas surrounding this covid pandemic. I see the same hypocrisy on the other side of the fence as well. If you want to continue your nursing career I advise you to get the covid vaccine. If I were younger I would probably get out of nursing and pursue another career choice. There are many opportunities to work from home now which sounds like it might suit you. The whole healthcare field has gotten pretty intense since this pandemic. I advise you to seek another line of work.
  13. Emergent

    What to do when patient refuses wearing a name band?

    Typical of the State to worry about the fact that a bar coded bracelet is not on a patient that everybody knows very well and there is no doubt who the patient is. Yet the state is still looking to maybe ding the facility for a technical violation of a blanket policy that cannot apply to everyone, because people are individual human beings. That's because the state has not one ounce of common sense or critical thinking. They are two-dimensional rule enforcers that have no grasp on the fact that nursing and healthcare is very dynamic and ever-changing. Meanwhile, the elephant in the room is staff shortages, high ratios, and infrastructure that is often dysfunctional on many levels.
  14. Emergent

    What to do when patient refuses wearing a name band?

    They have human rights, F the regulators. If they refuse to be a barcoded commodity, chart about it and tape it to the foot of the bed.
  15. Emergent

    First Time Parents Asked For A Different Nurse

    @chare You just type the "@" sign, then the username. You'll see
  16. Emergent

    Nursing home state surveyor general tips please!

    Be sure to find something wrong, even if it has zero actual impact on patient wellbeing. Concentrate on the yearly target problem so you can make the geniuses in regulatory feel good about their worthless careers.