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  1. Wow, that is ridiculous. No wonder the prosecutor pursued this.
  2. Maybe this shows that the current oversight by BONs is totally inadequate. How can they possibly respond in a timely fashion in a fast paced world with a schedule that sounds like it's from the horse and buggy era?
  3. I want to add here, I really want to begin a different angle on this case, rather than rehashing the previous discussions. Specifically, where was the BON in all this? They are deemed, and even cited by the defense, as being the final authority here. I propose that it is their failure that led to this more concerning scenario, that of criminal charges against a nurse. This is something we all should be worried about. Yet, the BON didn't even put this nurse into any stipulations, not even a slap on the wrist! They failed in their duties. Are they not accountable to anyone? I know of 2 nurses that were either partially or fully culpable in a sentinal event leading to a patient death. One was working in a CVTICU and forgot to replace the leads on a patient and the patient arrested while unmonitored. She was placed on probation with stipulations. The other didn't initiate O2 sat monitoring on someone with a PCA, an order the charge nurse failed to initiate, the charge was the one signing off orders, not this nurse. It was at shift change and the patient died under the responsibility of a very negligent nurse who didn't make rounds or check on patient until he was, well, cold. My friend got probation and stipulations, the second nurse lost her license.
  4. I think this article on Fox has some telling remarks. They give me pause. I'm of the belief that the BON should move swiftly in cases as much as this, and in her case, have suspended or revoked her license. https://www.foxnews.com/us/nurse-charged-in-fatal-drug-swap-error-pleads-not-guilty From the article: These quotes tell me me that the defense is saying, because the BON did nothing, then nothing should happen to Radonda. But I say, maybe the BON in Tennessee needs to be investigated. From what we've been informed of, Radonda's errors were egregious. If anyone should be sanctioned, she should. The other quote indicates that because she is likable and caring, she should get a pass. Well, she didn't care enough to pay attention to what she was doing! And, being liked by patients and coworkers does not make one a good nurse. I'm sure Vanderbilt is as flawed as all hospitals are, but this error falls on Radonda's shoulders pretty squarely. Perhaps if the Tennessee BON had done their job, it wouldn't have come to this.
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    The Future Nurse Bully- Is it You?

    This was a good, comprehensive list, thanks. I personally don't think nursing school causes this. Instead, it is human nature. Call it original sin, if you like. And, disagree if you like, I find many of these traits more common in the the female side of the human species. For me, a natural born tomboy who preferred the simplicity of playing with the boys, I found the complexity of female society daunting when I entered nursing. Over many years I learned to play the game better, and survived.
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    Trigger Warning!

    I was triggered on this thread. But, I made a conscious choice to let it go and carry on with my day, instead of violating the TOS and get kicked off the site.
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    Bring back our childhood diseases!

    The wife of White House communications chief Bill Shine said Wednesday that childhood diseases such as measles “keep you healthy & fight cancer.” In a series of tweets echoing anti-vaccination views she’s espoused publicly for years, Darla Shine lamented the fact her children had received the MMR vaccine, which guards against measles, mumps and rubella. She added that people of her generation – the Baby Boomers – were healthier now because they had measles as children. “I had the #Measles #Mumps #ChickenPox as a child and so did every kid I knew – Sadly my kids had #MMR so they will never have the life long natural immunity I have,” Shine tweeted,adding, “Come breathe on me!” Darla Shine@DarlaShine https://q13fox.com/2019/02/14/bring-back-our-childhooddiseases-wife-of-white-house-official-pushes-false-anti-vaccination-claims/ Ok, this lady has a screw loose. Why would someone say that in public?
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    Pit Bull Service Dogs

    I had a homeless patient with his 'service' dog recently. His dog was a good sized, medium dog, laying quietly on the gurney with this man, who also had physical disabilities. The hospital was going to accommodate this well behaved dog as best we could, since he would be admitted. The patient was humble, sweet, and appreciative. Fortunately, I hadn't taken my dog food out of my car after shopping so was able to give a bunch, since the fellow didn't have any. The law clearly states that service dogs need to be safe.the dogs described obviously weren't, so don't need to be accommodated.
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    Trigger Warning!

    Well, this thread taught me a new thing. I had never heard of this trigger warning fad.
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    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    Speaking of vegetable oil, my vegan cousin, who is on the plant-based diet, is totally opposed to it. She even has her 2 Bijon Frises on a vegan diet. They are always having to go to the vet's. When she's not talking about how great the diet is, she's talking about her health problems (all of which were worse before, naturally)
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    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    I mentioned in another thread how President Franklin Roosevelt collapsed of a cerebral hemorrhage. A doctor was summoned, and in 2 hours he slipped away, at home, surrounded by loved ones. This was the President of the United States, who died of natural causes, at his get away home. He wasn't intubated and helivaced off to a distant hospital. There is often more dignity in the older ways of living and dying. Better than being in a vegetative state in the name of 'life' extension at all costs.
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    Save yourself; get out of medicine.

    I like nursing, it's interesting and entertaining. If you don't like it, do something else.
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    I Hope This is Not the Latest Trend

    I agree that medicine has gone too far.
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    Trigger Warning!

    @WestCoastSunRN What's wrong with shopping on Amazon? It's a convenient and useful way to shop. One of my sons is working for then and the wages are decent, the hours flexible and benefits excellent.
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    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    They mentioned that in the Wheelchair President. Roosevelt's BP was dangerously high before he died of a brain hemorrhage. There were no medications at the time to treat hypertension. Patients were advised to reduce stress.
  16. Emergent

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    I've been binging on documentaries on Netflix this winter. Did you all know that FDR most likely did not have Polio, but instead Guillain-Barre ? He was an entirely amazing man. Just watched The Wheelchair President. The White House doctor was pretty substandard and medicine had very few tools in its arsenal. When he collapsed before he died, they didn't even call an ambulance. Follow the link that discusses this. Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?
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    I need a change!

    Positive advise? Don't be a job hopper just because you you get the 6 month itch. Count your blessings. Be grateful.
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    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Highly doubtful
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    when should i tell my manager i'm pregnant?

    It will be perfectly self-evident before too long
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    Alert fatigue and sensory overload

    I think we're all aware of the Vecuronium error by now. It was a horrific mistake by a careless nurse. I've seen nursing evolve in my career. There used to simpler, easier to navigate systems. But it seems like, every year, the work flow becomes a more complicated obstacle course to navigate. Alarms, safety alerts, multi step processes, warnings flashing left and right. Name alert! Look alike, sound alike! Mandatory prompts piled on, not to mention the bookkeeping and charge capturing features built into EMRs, requiring the mental energy of nurses. Of course, we all have different psychological make ups. People's brains work, and process information differently. Some are highly sensitive to sensory overload. Others have more trouble staying focused due to their lower thresholds, sometimes called ADD. I personally dislike calling normal variations in people disorders though. I don't think the creators of many of these systems have really accounted for the above factors. Often, these are reactionary systems to previous errors. There are new ones every year, they keep getting piled on. After awhile, people start to tune it all out. They just click, click past it all, trying to keep up. I think this a problem worth exploring.
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    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Sign me up!
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    Pre nursing student has a question for current RNs

    I agree @Davey Do. I don't have a burning desire to help people. Because I'm emotionally detached though, I'm tolerant of the humanity I encounter as patients. I'm with you on coworkers, they are more annoying...
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    DNA testing

    What does our nursing community think of DNA testing. There is now, in addition to ancestral information, genetic diseases that can be identified. Has anyone here had DNA testing done?
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    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    Our accudose allows us to search under either generic or trade. Pixsis should have a similar feature. It does boil down to gross negligence. She really ignored every commonsense safety precaution under the sun. Still, I'm in favor of no jail time. I'm wondering if she has some attention deficit problem. I mean, what's up with this gal? How could she be so clueless?
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    What is your procedure for passing ice water?

    Humor? I hope you've done your mandatory online education on water policies and procedures young lady!