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What's your dress code at work?


Are you "color-coded" like we are at my job or can any staff member wear whatever scrubs they want? At my job, we nurses must wear ceil blue while others, depending on their department, wear maroon, navy, dark green, light green, or royal blue. The idea is that other workers and the patients and visitors can easily recognize what each person does --- even from far away. I'm sure there's truth to that, but still.


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My hospital: RNs wear white tops with navy bottoms. Hate it! Thank God it's a travel assignment and only have to endure the white for another 7 weeks! :p

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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I have several dress codes within the department that I work in; nurses wear the darkest colors, though.

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klone, MSN, RN

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RNs wear royal blue tops, with either royal blue or black pants. Undershirts, you can wear whatever color. MAs and CNAs wear ceil blue.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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The hospital where I work has utilized color-coding in its dress code for years.

Licensed nurses = royal blue / galaxy blue

Unit secretaries & medical assistants = beige / khaki

Housekeeping / EVS staff = hunter green

Dietary staff = black bottoms, white tops

Patient care technicians = gray / charcoal

Physical & occupational therapy = ciel blue

emtb2rn, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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Techs & ancillary staff wear specific colors. Nurses wear whatever we want. Works for me, pts don't seem to care.

Here.I.Stand, BSN, RN

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Our CNO wants to go color coded; it has to pass approval by our union though. I believe Peds/PICU would be exempt. Right now the only color we can't wear is ceil blue--except in Burn or L&D where they change into hospital-laundered scrubs. One place I worked, the nurses wore ceil blue, PT/OT/aides wore navy, CNAs wore beige, RRTs wore either cranberry or royal blue (can't remember now), HUCs wore green.

Personally I don't care as long as work gives us a stipend to buy new scrubs, and as long as I get to purchase my own--i.e. choose my own brand. It's not a hill I'm willing to die on. I don't know how it helps pts/families though. I mean, the title on our ID badge is too confusing, but they're supposed to memorize what color belongs to each discipline? :rolleyes:

proud nurse, BSN, RN

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Housekeeping and dietary wear uniforms. Surgery and L&D wear ceil blue. All other departments do not, and can wear whatever color or print they want.

We can wear scrubs or street clothes as long as closed toe and at minimum cap sleeves with no dangling earrings. And no cleavage or ripped jeans.

My typical "uniform" is jeans, henley and slip on Roxys.

Ahhh see this is a perk of my job. I wear sweatpants and whatever t-shirt is clean. PDN, gotta love it! (certain clients at least)

The hospital where I work is color coded by discipline now. We were given 6 months notice of the new dress code. No stipend was given to purchase the scrubs. We are required to wear a specific brand and have 6 styles to choose from. The top must be embroidered with the hospital logo as well. Undershirts can be black, white, or the exact color of the scrubs only. If you prefer to wear a jacket it must be one of the two styles approved from the brand, be the same color as your scrubs, and be embroidered with the hospital logo.

I am ok with the color coded concept but I hate that we are required to wear a specific brand AND use our own money to purchase the uniforms. Only 2 styles of the pants come in tall length and neither fit me properly. Working in a busy ED the last thing I want to worry about is my butt hanging out during CPR or every time I bend over. It also is a bummer that the scrubs have to be embroidered. Now I need separate scrubs for my per diem job.

CT Pixie, BSN, RN

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My hospital: RNs wear white tops with navy bottoms. Hate it! Thank God it's a travel assignment and only have to endure the white for another 7 weeks! :p

I;ll take your white tops with navy bottoms over my white bottoms with any color top..any day..all day!

To answer the OP, One of my positions, the RN's wear any color top (solid or print) with ONLY white bottom. The techs wear navy blue.

My other position is either navy top and bottom, or navy top with white bottoms.

the only color coded in my hospital is housekeeping...everyone else can wear whatever print/color/style scrubs

~PedsRN~, BSN, RN

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We are color coded, but by pants. RNs have black pants, and we can wear any color (or print) top. We are a Children's Hospital.

loriangel14, RN

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We wear whatever we want.

I can see the benefits to having color-coded staff within hospitals... But on a personal level it's a bummer because you don't have any freedom to wear fun prints/express yourself.

Then again, I guess one could work in a practice and wear whatever they wanted

NicuGal, MSN, RN

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Nurses, clinical engineering and OT/PT wear black. Aides wear teal, X-ray wears navy, housekeeping wears gray and secretaries wear black and yellow.

We we look like a flock of crows at meetings. Peds and NICU tried to petition to wear black pants and colored tops, but no go. And the ones of us that wear hospital laundered ones hate them, fit terrible, wrinkled and faded.

No no tshirts or long sleeves, all black scrub jackets.

CelticGoddess, BSN, RN

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We are color coded in my division. Lab, Radiology, and Resp aren't color coded yet. They will be soon. Nurses wear black or Black and White. Except for mom/baby, NICU and L&D. They wear lavender.

I used to work for a facility that the nurses wear Galaxy Blue, and respiratory wore, get this, snot green. Actually, it was a sage but really?

ETA: We are allowed to wear solid white or black long sleeved shirts under our scrub tops and on Fri, they are generous. We get to wear T-shirts with the name of our facility on them. (Or the name of the cancer center, as I work ONC)