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  1. Libby1987

    The Essentials of Medication Reconciliation in Home Care

    Thank you for discussing such an important topic. Perhaps it’s implied but it seems some steps are missing. This is how I reconcile medications: Gather all meds in home. Verify which meds patient has been taking since last medical encounter. (ie since home from hosptial) Compare these meds against most recent MD ordered list of medications. (ie discharge instructions) Note any discrepancies, notify MD and correct with changing, adding and/or omitting as indicated Have patient/CG teach back reconciled list and identify container and how to take. Request/suggest how to safely set up/organization/storage of meds if needed (ie remove discontinued meds and store elsewhere, correct mediplanner) Leave legible med schedule written in layman terms with patient. Follow up for understanding and compliance next visit.
  2. Libby1987

    Are We Letting Our Patients Suffer?

    It takes a special kind of depraved stupidity to withhold whatever it takes an ESRD Hoyer lift broken patient to have pain relief that is within their own health/life goals.
  3. Libby1987

    Nurse Face Her Fears To Help Patient

  4. Libby1987

    The Nurse at the Bedside

    I'd like to think that if you're happy in and love your work, you wouldn't need to justify your value, I guess that's in a perfect world.
  5. I might have missed the post but I'm pretty sure that no one said not to support mothers who choose to breastfeed. And that the post in question with the anecdotal evidence was not intended to discredit the benefits of breastfeeding.
  6. Libby1987

    When will nurses advocate for themselves?

    I remember as well. We used to get OT for the last 4 hrs and if I recall correctly, nurses were behind the alternative 40 hr work week which exempted the employer from paying OT until over a 12 hr day or 40 hr week. You had to go to a SNF for an 8 hr schedule. (California)
  7. I absolutely love the way OP advocated for his wife but I also can't believe this is a topic, or rather sad that it is. I had some guilt for my breast feeding decisions (all 3 of my kids and their pregnancies were different) but mostly I was of the get the **** out response to anyone who tried to proselytize. I wonder how many people who have raised kids through their teen years have as strong of an opinion? In hindsight we know that there are so many fish to fry and if you get your kids to a safe and happy adulthood, whatever means used should be lauded.
  8. Libby1987

    The "Fat" Deception

    The hidden research was exposed years ago, and not received well. Gary Taubes received a media beating and was ridiculed due to permeated politics despite having the real research. It has been so readily available that anyone doing a simple search could have found it, and probably did, but again it was and continues to be rejected as fad by many, including many still on this site. I do appreciate the ongoing exposure but our industry as a whole has denied it even on a personal level.
  9. Libby1987

    The "Fat" Deception

    This should be old news, especially on a forum such as this. My experience? Great health and weight on a high fat low carb diet, clean eating of course. That's the bonus, the diet naturally cleans up when produce becomes the only carb intake. It's harder to find a dirty fat when it doesn't come combined with carbs.
  10. Thank you Pagesen for bumping this thread. It brought me to tears the first time I read the OP and it has again. OP, I hope this bumped thread finds you in a good place. Thank you for your far reaching words of gratitude.
  11. Libby1987

    Controversial Patient Odors in Nursing

    Not as often but another group critisized are the elderly.
  12. Libby1987

    I Lost My Baby And My Phone!

    What an amazing leader you are. Much more than seeing her heart yourself, you showed it to others.
  13. Libby1987

    AACN BP Guidelines - Importance of Accurate BP Readings

    I had to take the initiative to get a pedi cuff in everyone's bag. Not a single licensed staff requested one or voiced concern of not having one. All levels of experience, too. We're "educated professionals dammit" often lamented here, but then we're not.
  14. Libby1987

    AACN BP Guidelines - Importance of Accurate BP Readings

    I literally had to teach a new grad how to take a manual BP. No biggie but it was a first for me. Does every nurse here use an appropriate sized cuff?
  15. Libby1987

    Professionalism in Nursing? Yes, Please!

    Funny, dreadlocks might even impress me if focused intelligence is the first thing that came out of his mouth. On the flip side, a conventional haircut on someone who appears distracted begins a sentence with umm while rifling through their files is going to lower my confidence. We have a few seconds to make an impression, both of our knowledge and our focus. The moment you make, or don't make, eye contact and begin to speak is going to set the perception that will stick, positively or negatively. A conventional appearance can increase tolerance of an otherwise imperfect 1st impression so it isn't a bad idea for someone starting out and still working on their routine.