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  1. Libby1987

    The Essentials of Medication Reconciliation in Home Care

    Thank you for discussing such an important topic. Perhaps it’s implied but it seems some steps are missing. This is how I reconcile medications: Gather all meds in home. Verify which meds patient has been taking since last medical encounter. (ie since home from hosptial) Compare these meds against most recent MD ordered list of medications. (ie discharge instructions) Note any discrepancies, notify MD and correct with changing, adding and/or omitting as indicated Have patient/CG teach back reconciled list and identify container and how to take. Request/suggest how to safely set up/organization/storage of meds if needed (ie remove discontinued meds and store elsewhere, correct mediplanner) Leave legible med schedule written in layman terms with patient. Follow up for understanding and compliance next visit.
  2. Libby1987

    without a job until after new years

    I might have missed it but why aren't you you bridging the job you had in nursing school until the grad program starts?
  3. Libby1987

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    I was thinking that I would not want my photo associated with this story.
  4. Libby1987

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    I agree. I'm not an acute nurse but regardless whether protocols were in place and/or followed, this nurse couldn't have tried harder to screw up. There had to be something going with her besides being rushed and working outside her scope. I think looking for opportunities of improvement are essential but I also think it was as simple as someone practicing with gross incompetence was overlooked. (I think with the fact that she was orienting anyone a hard look at how they are confirming competency is warranted)
  5. Libby1987

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    I'm happy with my career and it's been very good to me. It's easy to be impactful everyday and make something cool happen. I've had many opportunities for growth and influence with much encouragement. It is hard work and the first years were the roughest but after the first 5 I've been treated well by every employer. With rare exception on the worst day I have not regretted it and am glad for my career. It's truly something I'd be happy to volunteer doing on a part time basis if I didn't need to generate an income.
  6. Libby1987

    Is this appropriate?

    As a case manager familiar with your patients you are being asked to contact the patients on your caseload to check in with them and let them know services are closed today and perhaps assess for needs that require attention. The weather makes travel a risk but they still need you to work to assist with patient contact. It sounds like your clinic hasn't provided a disaster preparedness plan but it seems a safer alternative to requiring staff to drive to the office to make these calls. I've been calling patients from home as a normal course of business for decades, without incident. Asking if you should block your number is a reasonable question for someone not accustomed to alternate communication practice but calling from home as disaster protocol (formal or not) would never be something I'd push back against due to discomfort. With the environmental crises in Northern California everyone is doing whatever it takes to communicate with patients. And of course you will be paid for hours worked as requested by your employer, that's the law though I would bet it's a non issue.
  7. Libby1987

    Just grin and bear it!

    Not our call to make but I view it as selfish and weak, it's neither love nor advocacy when the family prolong and/or add to the suffering. I feel for the OP.
  8. Libby1987

    Shockingly low NP pay !

    Stock and housing market gullibility. That is such a great analogy. Especially with thread after thread claiming ignorance to the NP education and market trends. I haven't applied for NP and I've read enough to see many of the problems beginning years ago. Yet those who would practice aren't doing the research, that's unsettling in of itself. I grew up when the best went on to NP, I can't un-know that influence.
  9. I would advise my younger self to not look for the job to grow on me, to become something like able.. look at it as the opportunity it is, to learn and gain skill. Tell yourself every night that you don't need to like it or to feel confident. You're getting up in the morning to face the challenge and on the worst day you're still building skill and experience. Think of it as an investment in yourself for a career that's still ahead of you. Those office jobs by the way are 1) also attractive to nurses with experience 2) not all that you might think they are, with experience they will always be there, without experience your options will narrow. What you're doing now is essentially an internship, that you're being paid for to your benefit. If you can think of it like that versus not liking it, you can let it work for you.
  10. Libby1987

    Sexual harrassment or just an old creep?

    Totally agree, be kind, direct and don't use your husband as the reason his behavior needs to change.
  11. My current employer offers near zero OOP healthcare insurance if care is received within its own system. That's not fair compared to what? To my former much smaller company that had such high premiums and huge deductible without office and prescription coverage that the non licensed staff literally could not afford to use it or seek healthcare? Not fair compared to the tens of millions without coverage or inadequate coverage? This is not a fairness issue. Hearing an educated professional claim it's not fair is worrisome not only because it's better insurance than many have but also due to the free choice of employers one has as well as the giant screaming elephant of healthcare access being tied to employment. That's what is unfair and the Haves continue to support this long held societal norm.
  12. Libby1987

    Here is an example of a clincal finding narrative for SOC

  13. Libby1987

    nurses eat their young

    Never been bullied. Have been scolded, embarrassed, feelings hurt, vented on.. never bullied.
  14. Libby1987

    New job offer, letter of resignation

    Confirming the offer is important but a concern of mine would be whether this a position that is hard to fill and/or they only want you so will postpone the start date due to your availability?
  15. Libby1987

    New nurse getting yelled at by supervisor nurse

    Yelling/raised voice in of itself isn't an issue for me but a techibka HR issue and it can be unnerving when you lack confidence. I'd (and this is me who grew up at a time when being scolded by a senior nurse was practically a rite of passage) be more interested if there was a hard lesson in there for me. Did the actively dying patient miss a dose or under dosed?
  16. Libby1987

    Quitting a job that a long time nurse friend basically got me

    I read your post as a pretty transparent admission to letting your friend down with self awareness that you have a pattern of inability to sustain any longevity. And I think you're needing to both put it out there that you feel bad about it but someone saying they're get it would help the guilt a little. That's pretty natural, I've certainly done the same with my friends where I feel like awful but I don't want to be awful. I can identify with that. I can also identify with those left behind whose worklife is going to remain difficult when someone quits, particularly with short notice. I can't speak for anyone else but I think that's where the comments that seem negative come from. One thing I feel confident about understanding through is that it doesn't come from jealousy. "You're just jealous" type reaction don't show an awareness of the impact that actions and words have on others.