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  1. Nola009

    The Slow Code: Justified?

    My neighbor was found sitting in his living room unresponsive, so his wife called 911. When medics showed up, did a respectful, gentle "slow code" on this 90-something man. It was about the realization that life only goes so far and compassion for the widow. Thx God they didn't take her beloved husband out of the home they'd raised their children in in a black bag. It was about kindness and decency. I saw it, and told his daughter that he went in a very dignified way. Sure he would have wanted it like that. There is a place for this.
  2. Nola009

    A Mile in Their Shoes

    I don't assume that my patients are emotionally healthy enough to want to make good choices in life. A lot of ppl leave the psycho/social aspect out of the equation, unfairly standing in judgement of these people. Bad behavior and practices might well have been ingrained into their way of being since childhood. And not everybody has the support system / correct information / inner strength /positive influences to make healthy changes for the better. Yeah, I shake my head at a lot, but I also realize that I only have a miniscule snapshot of them and their life so far