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  1. Nola009

    Arrogant "know it all" RN

    She's insecure. Do your best to laugh her antics off. If she was so smart, she would know that nobody knows it ALL. Although they can be annoying, I bite my tounge, hang back, and watch how the whole comedic tragedy / tragic comedy unfolds
  2. Nola009

    Can't get a job in Cincinnati Ohio as a RN

    I think you have the right idea. If you need to commute, so be it. Probably worth it for sure.
  3. Nola009

    First Choice Nurse; Second ???

    Marine Biologist
  4. Nola009

    Geriatric Nurse show "Getting On"....have you watched?

    I bought the first season on am a zon dot com. It was alright.
  5. Nola009

    CHOA RN Residency 2015

    No. Isn't there an experience maximum ??
  6. Nola009

    Is it ethical to quit a job after accepting it?

    Just take the job you want. They will survive.
  7. Nola009

    New Grads, Bitterness, and Maybe A Real "Nursing Shortage."

    What do you do for a living now? I graduated with my ASN in May of 2013 and have worked as an RN at jobs some would turn away; one SNF, an LTC, and Med-Surg/tele in a small, kind of crappy community hospital. Maybe I'm thankful for the experiences because I kindof don't see myself adding 20k more debt to do this kind of work in these conditions, lol. Wish there was a ASN ---> Bachelor's in Business
  8. Nola009

    doctor's office gripe

    Single payer health insurance? As in the government knowing and paying for all the damage caused by environmental toxins/carcinonogens, additives, genetically modified (and patented) veggies, etc... all that stuff which makes us sick makes BIG MONEY for their people. We live in a capitalist society. When our government needs to reach 'an agreement' with banks, farm, food, and (some day soon) the prison industry... it's for show. Special interest groups own our legislators anyways.
  9. Nola009

    Advice on time lapse since graduation

    I think Ohio lets you take a refresher rather than go through an entire nursing program again. Good luck.
  10. Nola009

    After more than 3 years, I finally landed a hospital job!

    Wow, congrats! Did you do anything different lately or do you attribute this new job opportunity to previous experience(s)?
  11. Thanks for your answer. Maybe I am asking because one of my coworkers on med surg said she thought I'd be good in the ER. I couldn't believe it because I'm not great with IV starts, bad at tele, and don't see myself living for an adrenaline rush. I thought that's what the ED was about. I have no clue why she said that, but I can't stand med surg that's for sure.
  12. Do you need to be a ridiculosly booksmart introvert to work in the ICU? Sorry, I know these are just generalizations, but has your experience been that there's truth in these statements? I'm still trying to figure out where I belong in nursing. So far, I've done okay in ltc and survived six months working on a med-surg tele unit. The med-surg unit was waaay too busy for me and the ltc is alright, but did envision myself working outside of geriatrics.
  13. Nola009

    Early nursing jobs and "black marks" on resumes

    I think you could keep your options open by maintaining a prn job either at a hospital or a SNF. Steady employment in any nurse spcialty should keep you marketable, IMO.
  14. Nola009

    doctor's office gripe

    I agree...I have experienced similar treatment and it is ridiculous. Healthcare is getting worse thanks to the insurance companies' greed and the government's stupidity. They're in kahoots, you know.
  15. Nola009

    I am so discouraged

    Hello. Would you mind saying exactly what you used to do? PT? OT? RT? Anyways, it might well be that nursing pulls you in more directions, making it more demanding and stressful. Maybe if you can find a slower paced or more focused area of nursing that will be better.
  16. Nola009

    Med Error

    This is the real world. And the scenario you mentioned shouldn't cause you to lose sleep. You are gonna be ok