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CT Pixie has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. CT Pixie

    Home hospice nursing

    CT definition of 'essential employee', "The term essential employee”, as defined by the Essential Services Act of 2013”, is an, employee that performs work involving the safety of human life or the protection of property.” Typically, these workers include police and emergency management personnel, staff working in prisons, hospitals and residential services as well as highway and road crews responsible for clearing state roads and maintaining mandatory operations.' Who is Considered an “Essential Employee” During a Blizzard? | WTNH Connecticut News
  2. CT Pixie

    Home hospice nursing

    If you're stopped by the police (or whomever) you can easily explain you are a nurse on your way to your patients home. I've driven in several of the storms that they closed the roads down and only essential workers were allowed to drive...I got stopped once, explained I was a nurse going into work for my shift. No problem. Spoke with several officers since then and they aren't going to haul you off to jail or ticket you for being on the road if you are going to/coming from work as a nurse. Work on the other hand might not like it if you call out because of the weather. Nor will telling them that the State of CT said only essential employees are supposed to be on the road. Health care workers are essential.
  3. I was in the same boat. All my gen eds were finished and only had my nursing classes. They weren't enough credits for FA. I knew I was going right back for my BSN (which as at the same college I was already attending). You were not allowed to take any of the RN to BSN nursing classes until you were an RN BUT you could take any/all of the gen ed classes needed for the BSN class. So I did that. I added as many gen ed classes to my RN classes that i knew I could handle and went from there. However, I only did that knowing I was going to the same school and that I would be accepted into the RN to BSN course.
  4. CT Pixie

    Moving to Connnecticut

    Hard to know what the job market will look like next year. What part of CT are you looking to move to? The area(s) you are thinking of can be a big factor on job prospects. Also, when you say community...are you asking about the community of the town or the hospital community?
  5. CT Pixie

    Nclex PN Quick Results on a Sunday???

    yes, the Quick Results are available on weekends and holidays. I know they say business days but this is not the case. I got my results on a Sunday and I have many friends and classmates who got theirs on weekends as well as holidays. Did you check?
  6. CT Pixie

    Opinion please!!

    Quick question...did you pass chem and just want/need a better grade for the nursing program or did you fail it? Before you go ahead and register for A&P, check to be sure Chem isn't a pre-req for A&P. If you outright failed the chem class and it is pre-req you won't be able to take A&P. If you passed chem but not with a high enough grade for the nursing program you'll be good to go to do A&P. If you are able to take A&P you might as well as you wait to take chem. One less class you need to worry about
  7. CT Pixie

    Am I Too Old to Start School?

    I did the LPN, LPN to RN and currently doing RN to BSN. I was a month away from turning 39 when I got licensed as an LPN (I always told myself I'd be a nurse by 40.) It was a month after my 44th birthday when I got my license as an RN. And I'll be a month after my 47th birthday when I get my BSN. Nope. You're not too old. But as the others have said, I'd reconsider doing the LPN to BSN route. If you can do the most direct route to BSN.
  8. CT Pixie

    Is this real? Vein light

    I have one on my unit. And there are several throughout the hospital. I've never used it but have seen it used. You really should practice without using it. You should be going by feel, not sight. We only use this when we can't see (with our eyes) or feel a vein to use. Often if we have to resort to using the vein finder...the person is going to be a hard stick no matter what.
  9. CT Pixie

    Question about weekend schedules

    We do every other weekend. For my weekends I'm always on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, my weekends off never consist of Friday, Saturday, Sunday...they are on Friday, off Saturday and Sunday, back on Monday.
  10. CT Pixie

    Do I NEED to get my BSN?

    What you feel now at 25 years old, may or may not be what you want or NEED at 35, 45 or 55 years old. And the area you live in at the age of 25 might not be the area you live in 5 10, 20 years down the road. I'm 46 and what I wanted at 25 is def not what I wanted (at times needed) at an older age. I vote for planning on getting your BSN. If finances are an issue, get your Associates. If you already have a BA you probably don't have a whole lot of gen ed credits to meet in order to get your BSN. You could always try and find an employer who has tuition reimbursement and take a few classes a year with that money. I graduated with my Associates in 2013. At that time, most hospitals, offices, clinics etc were not requiring a BSN in my area. It was about 6-9 months later I noticed more and more job postings where the BSN was prefered and then soon after most postings said REQUIRED. And that was not just hospitals..it was doc offices,clinics, schools, insurance companies..almost any area of nursing you could think of. With the amount of nurses available, employers can be very selective and require whatever education level they want. And they are...
  11. CT Pixie

    Found myself in quite the pickle.. (Poll)

    My school required us to take a 2 week Kaplan in-class program. It was manditory. We could not skip any part of it. If for circumstances beyond our control occured and we had to skip a day or miss the whole thing, my school would not issue consider us 'graduated' and would not send the required paperwork to the State BON until you took the entire 2 week course. You said your institution requires you to take this 3 day class but then said you had the option of skipping it. If you have the option to skip it I wouldn't think it was required in order to meet graduation requirements. I'd go for the inteview but only after I got in writing from the school that by missing all or a part of the 3 day program you would not be penalized by not being able to graduate on time and/or the school would not delay sending your paperwork to the BON until you took the course.
  12. CT Pixie

    missing pinning ceremony for dying father's birthday

    I went to my LPN pinning and my RN pinning. I was not pinned by someone of my choice so it didn't mean a whole lot to me. My LPN pinning was done by an instuctor who verbally told anyone who would listen how much she despised me. My RN pinning was done by the director of the program who said as she pinned me, "I can't believe you made it here, after all the problems you had passing, I would have bet anything you would never graduate' (uhh! lady, I was never in danger of failing and I passed with honors..) Needless to say my pinnings were memorable but not for good reasons. I only went to the pinnings because my loved ones insisted. They wanted to see me rewarded for my hard work. If any of my loved ones couldn't be there, then in my opinion there is no reason to go. Go be with your Dad. You'll cherish those memories of him and the time you spent much more than you will the 1-2 hrs you stand at your pinning.
  13. CT Pixie

    FREE Offer for Nurses - Stay Tuned - TBA... Tomorrow

    The Jeopardy theme keeps going though my head!!
  14. OB/GYN no. Anything related to the floor I work on, no. Mental health treatment should I ever need it, no. Anything else, yes.
  15. Try doing a search on indeed.com I saw several LPN positions there just today.
  16. CT Pixie

    NPO with no IV fluids?

    As others have said, sometimes they get fluids and sometimes not. It depends on the patients status. I will ususally page them with a quick text saying much the 86711lh said, 'NPO after midnight. no fluids ordered, would you like to order them?' often within minutes I see an order for fluids to be started, other times I get the 'thanks for the heads up, but no fluids at this time' Most of my patients are relatively healthy and really don't require fluids. Like the others said, if they were home the night before their surgery, they wouldn't be drinking anyway since they'd be NPO.