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CT Pixie has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. CT Pixie

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    Became an LPN a couple months after turning 39. Became an RN a month after turning 44. Got my BSN a month after turning 47. You are going to be 35 no matter what. You can turn 35 and not be an RN OR you can turn 35 and be an RN. Either way, you'll st...
  2. CT Pixie

    NVCC and question about titers

    I'm not a former NVCC student,but I know I had to provide titer results for certain vaccines. I know I needed to provide titers for chicken pox, hep series and MMR. There may have been others but I can't recall now. Thankfully all my titers came bac...
  3. CT Pixie

    Home hospice nursing

    CT definition of 'essential employee', "The term essential employee”, as defined by the Essential Services Act of 2013”, is an, employee that performs work involving the safety of human life or the protection of property.” Typically, these wor...
  4. CT Pixie

    Home hospice nursing

    If you're stopped by the police (or whomever) you can easily explain you are a nurse on your way to your patients home. I've driven in several of the storms that they closed the roads down and only essential workers were allowed to drive...I got stop...
  5. I was in the same boat. All my gen eds were finished and only had my nursing classes. They weren't enough credits for FA. I knew I was going right back for my BSN (which as at the same college I was already attending). You were not allowed to take an...
  6. CT Pixie

    Nclex PN Quick Results on a Sunday???

    yes, the Quick Results are available on weekends and holidays. I know they say business days but this is not the case. I got my results on a Sunday and I have many friends and classmates who got theirs on weekends as well as holidays. Did you check?
  7. A simple, thank you for the offer but I have decided not to take the position. Why did you waste your time to fill out an application as well as interview if you had no intention of working sub-acute? Just curious.
  8. CT Pixie

    Curious how Magnet Hospitals & employment?

    I work for the same health system you do. My hospital is not Magnet. I do know that most (if not all) of the employment postings for my particular hospital state (quote taken from job postings)-->Graduation from an accredited School of Nursing. Th...
  9. CT Pixie

    Receiving your ATT

    I know for both my LPN and RN, I had to send in my application to my State BON as well as sign up with PearsonVue. The schools had to send the paperwork into the State. The State BON issues the ok to PearsonVue and PeasonVue sent me my ATT. I had don...
  10. CT Pixie

    Starting school at older age! :(

    I was a month from turning 38 when I started my LPN schooling. I was 42 when I started my pre-reqs and other courses for my LPN to RN program. I was 44 when I started my RN to BSN. I turned 47 a month before getting my BSN. You're going to be 30 anyw...
  11. Just re-read my orig reply to this post from 4/22/12...at the time I was in the LPN to RN program. Fast forward..graduted the RN program and continued on for my RN to BSN. Still worked full time job (40hrs/wk) and a part time job (24hrs/wk) and gradu...
  12. CT Pixie

    2016-How long to have license posted?

    Here is my post from 2013 asking the similar question: https://allnurses.com/connecticut-nursing/wait-time-for-837830.html also, when I did speak with the BON she did tell me that employers could call and verify your license if it is not yet showing ...
  13. CT Pixie

    What exactly is the NCLEX?

    1. Is it similar to the NREMT exam? In terms of grading or what...? I've taken the NREMT and the NCLEX. They are similar in the sense that they are both testing to see your competency. They are both multiple choice. I took the NREMT back in 2001 and ...
  14. CT Pixie

    BSN only in CT...

    You're NM is mistaken. There is nothing in place that states diploma or ADN nurses can't work in CT. If that were the case the ADN programs in the state (the vast majority are State schools) would not be accepting students and would begin shutting do...

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