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I work in a busy Level I Trauma Center that treats approx 125,000 patients per year. There are many challenges, but most days I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything.

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  1. Loo17

    St Francis Hartford, CT

    Thank you for the info. My specialty is emergency nursing however.
  2. Loo17

    St Francis Hartford, CT

    Anyone else have any info on this hospital?
  3. Loo17

    Emergency Room IV Access Survey

    Most common patients I see are chest pain, abdominal pain, respiratory distress, and AMS. An altered and uncooperative patient would be a challenging IV start that I see daily ( altered from a UTI, ETOH, dementia, etc) IV drug users can typically t...
  4. Loo17

    St Francis Hartford, CT

    Thank you! Anything else you can offer regarding benefits? Im specifically curious about tuition reimbursement and shift differentials. Thanks again :)
  5. Loo17

    St Francis Hartford, CT

    Can anyone tell me the hourly pay range one could expect at St Francis for an RN with 6 years experience? Thank you in advance!
  6. Why not apply in the dept you have been working as a medic?
  7. Loo17

    Single Moms? Before/after school care?

    I often wonder the same thing. I work 7a-7p and have a plan for days I work but no back up plan. Before school care starts at 6:30am but I would need to drop off the youngest at 6a to get to work on time. I am single and don't have neighbors I could ...
  8. Loo17

    ER Burnout

    Its been crazy where I work for the past several months too. There has been so much acuity. We've been holding ICU patients a minimum of 4 hours after admission requests are placed, intermediate care even longer. Our assignment consists of 4 rooms a...
  9. Loo17

    Does Medic Experience Count?

    What part of the country are you from? Where I live the starting pay for an RN is higher than what most medics make.
  10. Loo17

    How long until youre not a ''new grad''

    The hospital where I work no longer considers one a new grad after a year, the new grads are promoted to RN-1 at this time.
  11. Loo17

    Urine Smells even after a shower

    I would agree. Clean out your nose lol. The odor seems to linger there!
  12. Loo17

    Mechanical Compression Devices

    My ED has several, some docs like them others not so much.
  13. Loo17

    PRN /1hr before call? Cnas pls

    Per diem is "as needed" but that does not mean you need to feel obligated to accepted to say yes every time they call and offer you a shift. You can not get in trouble for saying no. That would be silly. How could you live your life if you were virt...
  14. Loo17

    Overflow in the er

    Your floors always have available beds/nurses? Usually my department holds patients in the ED because there are no available beds or inadequate staffing not because the floor nurse wont take report.
  15. Loo17

    NG Tube suction

    I have always used tap water