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Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych
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TheCommuter has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

I'm a longtime rehab nurse with CRRN certification who recently switched specialties by accepting a case management nursing position. I stair-stepped my way into nursing by starting out as an LVN in 2006 prior to earning an ASN degree in 2010, then a BSN degree in 2015. Now I am enrolled in a MSN degree program.

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  1. TheCommuter

    Unit secretaries assigning patients to nurses??

    I wouldn’t be agreeable to this situation at all. Non-nurse unit secretaries don’t know how clinically weak or strong some floor nurses might be in certain tasks. Sorry, but as a former house supervisor, I’d only my assignments to be made by another nurse.
  2. TheCommuter

    How long you push emergency drugs during codes

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  3. TheCommuter

    Questioning a doctors order

    I will keep my comment short and to the point: prudent nurses will question and/or clarify physicians' orders instead of following them blindly and unquestioningly. There's an order for 80MEQ of potassium chloride via IV push, so would you give it? Would you question it? I'd give it only if I was employed at a prison and my patient was a confirmed death row inmate scheduled to die via lethal injection that day.
  4. TheCommuter

    Need advice

    I was an LPN before becoming an RN. I've completed three different programs: an LPN program, an LPN to ASN transition program, and an online BSN program. Out of the three, the LPN program was the most difficult for me. The LPN to ASN program was not as difficult, and the online BSN program was ridiculously easy. Therefore, do not assume that LPN programs are easier.
  5. TheCommuter

    RN license approval after NCLEX

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  6. TheCommuter

    Made a 75 anatomy 1 dropping anatomy 2

    I am not one who candy-coats reality. You need to honestly assess why you have been unable to earn 'A' or 'B' grades in your anatomy coursework. If your performance in these courses was the result of life's distractions (e.g., grieving the death of a loved one, working too many hours, abusive situation), go ahead and retake them. Strive for better grades. If your performance was due partly to poor study skills, buckle down and adopt better study skills before retaking. Figure out what type of learner you are. Conjure up a study plan that meshes with your personal learning style. Meanwhile, if your performance was due to difficulty understanding the material, I do not see the point of retaking these courses. Some Pollyannish respondents will say, "Never give up!" However, some people have the academic horsepower to pull it off and others simply do not. Being passionate alone will not cut it in a course that expects students to know the structure of a nephron and/or describe the phases of the cardiac cycle from start to end. Only you know which category you fall into. Good luck to you!
  7. TheCommuter

    10 Years, Burned Out!

    I am employed by an insurance company. The flexibility is undeniably awesome and I feel so very fortunate to have this job. However, I work from a home-based office. I would be less satisfied if I had to join the rat race to commute to an office park every morning. These days, my commute consists of a few steps from the master bedroom to a spare bedroom that serves as my office space. I was once an LPN. Earning my RN licensure has opened up a host of opportunities in addition to increased salary for less strenuous work.
  8. TheCommuter

    Need HELP finding online FNP/DNP accredited programs!!

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  9. TheCommuter

    brutal Toronto RPN job market

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  10. Many people who hated working as CNAs actually enjoy the licensed nursing role. With regards to the invisible healthcare hierarchical structure, CNAs and patient care techs have mountains of backbreaking work and responsibilities for low pay, but no authority. It is a tough predicament that few would envy. As a nurse, at least you have a small semblance of authority and earn higher pay for the sheer number of duties for which you are responsible.
  11. You are located in either California or Texas if you are using the 'LVN' title. If you are in CA, your employment options will be severely limited without the BSN degree. Most employment markets in CA are saturated with new grad RNs, so the BSN degree is used to effectively weed out more than half of the job applicant pool.
  12. TheCommuter

    Anyone else employer not drug test you?

    In my experience, many of the smaller employers that are owned by sole proprietors or partnerships do not always require drug testing prior to employment. I am referring to family-owned nursing homes as well as privately owned hospices, home health companies, personal care group homes, etc.
  13. TheCommuter

    NRSE 4560 Ohio University

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  14. TheCommuter

    SLU ABSN what to expect

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  15. TheCommuter

    Best quality DNP education

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  16. TheCommuter

    American Career College ADN

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