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Medical Oncology, Alzheimer/dementia
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proud nurse has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Medical Oncology, Alzheimer/dementia.

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  1. proud nurse

    Nurse Resigns by Sending 'I Quit' Cake to Her Employer

    Lol. This is so tacky, yet hilarious to me!
  2. proud nurse

    Do you overspend on luxury items as a nurse?

    I can admit I'm a sucker for a certain brand of candles and quilted bags. To me, those are my luxury items.
  3. proud nurse

    People who don't look before flushing (#2)

    I love the story about the beets! Reminds me of the time my sister ate the whole damn red velvet cake and went to her doctor in a panic. I'll admit I take a gander. It's mine, after all.
  4. proud nurse

    colleague does not want to take day off

    I'd say this nurse has a great work ethic that many people don't have these days. I only wish I worked with at least 2 people like her. Unless this nurse is coming to work ill and spreading germs everywhere, or anything else that puts staff at risk...why be concerned? There is so much more to complain about when it comes to coworkers, I just don't see this as one of them.
  5. proud nurse

    Shadow People/ghosts at work

    I worked in LTC for many years, and would see white images floating through the hallways on the colored monitors all the time. Never saw dark shadows.
  6. proud nurse

    What is your dream unit?

    I would like to work in a clinic with a pediatrician. My ideal job would be to work in day surgery. The problem with both of those jobs is they are day shift, and I absolutely despise working days. So now I work on a med oncology floor. I enjoy providing care for the end of life patients and their families, and I'm studying for the hospice and palliative care certification exam.
  7. proud nurse

    He/She Said What!?

    The unit clerk at the nursing home I used to work at referred to LPNs and "little peon nurse" and she needed to talk with the RNs (real nurse). I was an LPN at the time and was floored by that, since the majority of staff were LPNs.
  8. proud nurse

    Why did you come to allnurses? What made you stay?

    I hate to admit this, but I actually came here to read about the PVT. I was an LPN for many years, and I really wish I known about this site while I was a student in the bridge program.
  9. proud nurse

    Time Paradox of 12 hour shifts

    My friend (coworker) also works nights, but mostly on my off nights. We still manage to get together once or twice a week. Sometimes it's after a shift, or we'll meet for breakfast if one has worked and the other was off. And sometimes it's both of our day off on we do something fun. It just takes planning. And I agree with llg, friendships grow by planning to spend time together. Also by being flexible. I hope you find the time to do the things you want to do.
  10. proud nurse

    This week, I have learned... (8/8)

    This week I learned: 1. Just how awesome it is to have a friend/coworker who also enjoys a cocktail after working the night shift. Long islands at 0800!! 2. Having a severely depressed friend who routinely gets his cell phone service cut off sends me into a panic until he reactivates it. 3. You can't fix stupid. But I already knew that, it was just reinforced. 4. Patients who leave AMA after being admitted to our floor for only 2 hours are a huge waste of time. Never had a patient actually tell me they were leaving. Had a few just waltz off. 5. Apparently I was the only nurse for 2 weeks that gave my patient his meds/flushes through his g-tube by gravity. And according to the patient this was the wrong way to do it and would clog up his tube. I've been giving meds through the g-tube by gravity for 14 years...the way I was taught in LPN school.
  11. proud nurse

    COB rollcall

    I think I might be a COB in years, but definitely in my state of mind. Graduated from LPN in 2001. Got nice and crusty for 11years. ASN in 2012. BSN in 2014.
  12. proud nurse

    7:30 meds? Who is responsible for giving?

    Our PCA's on night shift take the morning blood sugars. I'd only give the insulin if the breakfast tray is at the bedside. There aren't many meds scheduled for 0730 for this to be that big of an issue. I would just give it with 0700 meds around 0630.
  13. proud nurse

    7:30 meds? Who is responsible for giving?

    No I don't. And the 0700-1930 nurse that I follow does not give 2000 meds.
  14. proud nurse

    7:30 meds? Who is responsible for giving?

    My shift is 1900-0730. I give 0730 meds. I pick up a few more patients from pm shift at 2300. They will give any 2330 meds before they clock out.
  15. proud nurse

    Must... Find... Food...

    Back in 2004-2005, I worked as an agency LPN. Work was plentiful, pay was great, and life was good. So good, I sometimes had to turn down shifts. Then the new year rang in. My agency called me with available shifts from one nursing home I went to a lot. I booked 15 shifts for the month of January. She called me back the next day to tell me shifts were canceled. "Which ones?", I asked. She replied "all of them." I found agency work to be flexible and undependable. I haven't worked agency since then. OP, I understand your writing style. Trying to give it a humorous tone, when it actually can be a dark time for those trying to make it work. Agency Girl sounds like a few nurses I've known personally.
  16. proud nurse

    Patients wants a back rub

    It was taught in my LPN program. We even had to place the bottle of lotion in warm water. That was years ago. I'll do it if I have time. And it has been my experience that the patients asking were pretty creepy.