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  1. proud nurse

    Must... Find... Food...

    Back in 2004-2005, I worked as an agency LPN. Work was plentiful, pay was great, and life was good. So good, I sometimes had to turn down shifts. Then the new year rang in. My agency called me with available shifts from one nursing home I went to a lot. I booked 15 shifts for the month of January. She called me back the next day to tell me shifts were canceled. "Which ones?", I asked. She replied "all of them." I found agency work to be flexible and undependable. I haven't worked agency since then. OP, I understand your writing style. Trying to give it a humorous tone, when it actually can be a dark time for those trying to make it work. Agency Girl sounds like a few nurses I've known personally.
  2. proud nurse

    The Perfect Shift: Are cameras on us?

    An adequate number of staff on hand, that will work, and preferably can work well together is usually enough for me. As a side note, I used to work as charge nurse in a LTC facility that had cameras all over the place. I had to remind the staff often to be cautious that the cameras weren't only there to catch what they were doing, but to catch what they weren't doing. Many people were fired over the years because of what was seen on camera.
  3. proud nurse

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    This was great! Brought back sweet memories of reading these books with my kids.
  4. proud nurse

    Why Nurses Don't Want to Be Identified in Public?

    I thought with the old title, there was some link between the two before I read it. I really like your style of writing. Truthful, sensitive, descriptive, yet a little sarcastic. Your article was spot on.
  5. proud nurse

    Happy Unintentional Ignorance Awareness Week!

    I gotta steal Sugar Niblets, too. I've said some not so bright things in my nursing career. I'm getting better at catching myself at that very last moment, and being able to rethink it.
  6. proud nurse

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    The CNAs on 2nd shift shared their soul food potluck with one of the residents. She had some ham hocks and peas. I came on for my night shift, and started my rounds. I went into her room, she was awake. She could barely contain herself, she was so excited to tell me about her meal she called me over and whispered, "I had a hock!". I said "pardon?" She said "I had a hock and some peas, and potatoe pie." Never saw her that happy before. It was beautiful.
  7. You have a hilarious way with words. I love this, and wish I was a fly on the OR wall.
  8. proud nurse

    A Phone Call

    I like this. Reminds me of all my years in LTC. Phone calls are so reassuring to family members who aren't there. We are their eyes and ears, and they put their trust in us. A lovely story to start my day!
  9. proud nurse

    Getting Your Desired Position 101

    Boston, Wow! You put a lot of work into this and it's awesome...and to think I was able to land my new job without all this info, so YAY ME!!!lol. Tell me what you think about humor in an interview. The nurse manager I interviewed with had a bubbly personality and we seemed to hit it off immediately. She asked me, where do you see yourself in 3 years. Before I knew it I answered "here", and she laughed so hard. It was still professional, wasn't like night at the improv. Just not so stiff and formal. I took my cues from her. She also asked me a question, that through all my prepping for the interview I hadn't expected. She asked "what do you think the patients expect out of you?" I could've rattled off something, but I wanted to give a powerful answer (like you said sell myself), so I took a moment but I told her "you kind of stumped me." I recovered and came back strong with a response. I did most of the things you wrote about here, would've loved this about a month ago. It was the most honest and effortless interview I've ever had and I hope it's the beginning of an amazing and long career at this hospital.
  10. proud nurse

    Just Another Statistic

    I worked in LTC for 6 years. This is familiar and touching. You have a beautiful way with words.
  11. proud nurse

    Nursing Scrubs: The Material Makes A Difference

    I think I'm addicted to scrub shopping. My favorite are the Cherokee flare leg pants with half elastic in the back with a drawstring.
  12. proud nurse

    Unwritten Social Contract: Your Needs Come First!

    At first glance I "Freudian-ly" read the title as "Unwritten Social Contract: Your Needs Don't Come First." lol. Great article, as usual. I'm still in orientation right now, so fortunately my preceptor covers my patients so I can get a lunch break. But even then that's not to say I'll get my entire 30 minutes. I've had no problems sneaking away for a bathroom break, and if I didn't take one...yes, that would be my fault because the opportunity was there. I hate to hear that there are so many that can't get a few minutes to go to the bathroom. When nature calls, I have no choice but to listen. I had job in LTC when I would literally get called off my break everyday I worked, and I could only manage to use the bathroom located in the nurses station within ear shot of all the bells and whistles. When I was a school nurse, I had a bathroom in my office which was convenient but some kid would be banging at my door without fail soon as I stepped in there. As nurses I feel we train our bladders and stomachs to be able to go a long time without be tended to, especially knowing how far we can fall behind if we actually took a proper break. But we also know when it REALLY comes down to it, we will go use the bathroom or take a break long enough to sneak in a few bites.