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  1. NightNurseRN13

    NCLEX Nervous

    Here is a great video on how NCLEX works https://www.ncsbn.org/356.htm
  2. NightNurseRN13

    How do I start my own Private duty nursing?

    72$ a day? Are you talking home health or private duty?
  3. NightNurseRN13

    Advocating for my pt.

    Seems you have done what you can, maybe try again? I have one case where there are only two nurses. The other nurse doesn't initial the mar or maintinence sheet. I am always having to text or call her asking if she did so and so. Bugs the hell out of me!
  4. NightNurseRN13

    RN training pay at 10$/hr??

    Runnnnnnnn! I started off as a new grad making 24$ a hour even during training. I'm in NC and I know the cost of living is cheaper here.
  5. NightNurseRN13

    Should I let my manager beat me at Trivia Crack

    I think if your nurse manager plays trivia crack with you then you have it made. Small talk completed
  6. NightNurseRN13

    grey's Anatomy petition

    I love GA. The depiction of nurses/doctors is unreal, but it's just a show. I wouldn't waste so much effort on it.
  7. NightNurseRN13

    What's your dress code at work?

    Ahhh see this is a perk of my job. I wear sweatpants and whatever t-shirt is clean. PDN, gotta love it! (certain clients at least)
  8. NightNurseRN13

    How many of you actually enjoy your job?!

    You have to understand that people will more often complain than they will praise. It's a way to vent. There are some very legitimate posts on here that question whether someone should be a nurse or not, but if you read through the comments it's usually just a normal reaction we have to stressful event's, because well, being a nurse is stressful at times. I love my job... do I complain? OF COURSE! Who else can us nurses complain to? I think AN has been my saving grace at times letting me know I'm not alone.
  9. NightNurseRN13

    closing in on graduation

    If you aren't tied down to anything, could you try travel nursing? Not sure if that would get you into L&D, but from knowing friends who do it, it is a great experience and you will learn a lot!
  10. NightNurseRN13

    attn working mamas.

    I agree with you. My kids are almost teenagers now, they both were in daycare even though I wasn't even working. We did it for the socialization (I was a young mother and didn't know anyone else with kids) and because we were told that having them in that kind of environment would build up their immune system and get them ready for school. Not sure how true that is, but my kids are rarely sick now whereas it seems half the school is out with the flu and stomach bug. *shrugs* They both are still in afterschool 10+ years later and they are very well-rounded, polite, respectful, loving young men. They know mama loves them, there is no doubt whatsoever!
  11. NightNurseRN13

    Should I let my manager beat me at Trivia Crack

    Give it all ya got and the first chance you get steal her science character!
  12. NightNurseRN13

    Silvercel vs. Doctors Orders

    Got an unna boot prescribed, thank God! This patient also for months has been upset with me because I wouldn't administer their insulin without an order. They finally got an order and I administered it for the first time (for this patient) and they seriously said "I really thought you just didn't know how to do it" *sigh*
  13. NightNurseRN13

    I shouldn't be a nurse

    classic example of nurses eating their young. Annoy the hell out of them and ask many questions. DO NOT EVER BE AFRAID OF ASKING FOR HELP.
  14. NightNurseRN13

    I shouldn't be a nurse

    I bet you will never make that mistake again! :) *hugs*
  15. NightNurseRN13

    Write ups and feeling bulling by staff

    It took you 15 minutes + to start an EKG and then you only spent another 15 minutes with the patient before handing them off to someone else.
  16. NightNurseRN13

    Changing Trachs

    No, the entire trach itself