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Here.I.Stand has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro.

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  1. Here.I.Stand

    COVID-Positive Nurses Working: Irresponsible or Smart?

    Wth no.... COVID+ nurses should be at home resting their bodies. ?
  2. Here.I.Stand

    Being written up

    Wait, WHAT????
  3. Here.I.Stand

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    Anecdotal story here, but I saw my PCP maybe 2 years ago because I seemed to get sick if I even thought about germs. I came back vitamin D deficient. I’m going to get rechecked because I’m getting sick again, a lot. Since my last check I have star...
  4. Here.I.Stand

    Reporting a Patient to Police?

    You can research ODD if you want to gain knowledge, but I wouldn’t take it into consideration when deciding to report or not. It doesn’t matter. Thug’s defense attorney can choose to use it as a defense if they want... YOU (or the victim) don’t nee...
  5. Here.I.Stand

    Reporting a Patient to Police?

    If I would report it outside of the hospital I would report it inside. ACTIONS determine assault... not the location of the assailant.
  6. That sounds dangerous... the pt’s BP is normal BECAUSE they are on whatever BP med. Plus diuretics are frequently (usually?) not for BP but to avoid a CHF exacerbation... or a beta blocker can be used post MI or as an anti-arrhythmic. I’ve known so...
  7. Here.I.Stand

    CNN: Abortion Performed on Wrong Woman

    My Korean ex-husband says the skinning alive thing is not true. Eating dog yes... and this is different than eating a pig or a goat how?
  8. Here.I.Stand

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    If your staff is giving pushback, it is your responsibility to listen to what the objections are and have a concrete plan that you will support for mitigating those objections. Mine would be: shift overlap is 30 MINUTES. It’s not 45 because pt h...
  9. Here.I.Stand

    Time for White Nurses to Stand Up

    If this is happening in your workplace absolutely it shouldn’t be tolerated. Neither of my managers are white though so if that was an issue in my unit wouldn’t be able to point to them
  10. Here.I.Stand

    Inappropriate documentation?

    I took the OP’s use of the word “BLANK” was to avoid putting the real info on a forum. Not that she put blank spaces or whatever into the legal document. She said she made the note after speaking to someone in the hospital about what had happened p...
  11. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Exactly. Even if it was a typical routine human error “med error” that resulted in harm, I don’t compare that to the homicide of Mrs. Murphey... Not sure if you’re aware of the death of Kim Hiatt (you’re in Australia if I’m not mistaken?) but she ma...
  12. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    There are med errors and there is reckless homicide.
  13. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Her recklessness resulted in the death of a woman... the very definition of reckless homicide. She doesn’t get a pass based on her then-profession. I think that NOT holding her accountable for the reckless homicide of Charlene Murphey — denying tha...
  14. Here.I.Stand

    How to handle patient’s threats

    Exactly... I don’t know this pt’s story but unless this is a new and minor thing (say, rolled his ankle when he got up to ambulated) I would offer the non-pharm things as an adjunct — not as an alternative. Especially if the pain is unrelieved after...
  15. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    That’s very true... you make very valid points there. I’m guessing Mrs Murphey would get swifter justice too had the reporting all been more timely and thorough