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Here.I.Stand has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SICU, trauma, neuro.

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  1. Here.I.Stand

    Being written up

    Wait, WHAT????
  2. Here.I.Stand

    2020-2021 influenza vaccine

    Anecdotal story here, but I saw my PCP maybe 2 years ago because I seemed to get sick if I even thought about germs. I came back vitamin D deficient. I’m going to get rechecked because I’m getting sick again, a lot. Since my last check I have started covering for religious reasons... except for my face and hands my skin literally never sees the light of day.
  3. That sounds dangerous... the pt’s BP is normal BECAUSE they are on whatever BP med. Plus diuretics are frequently (usually?) not for BP but to avoid a CHF exacerbation... or a beta blocker can be used post MI or as an anti-arrhythmic. I’ve known some physicians to be quite tolerant of a low BP because the benefit of the med outweighs the risk of a soft BP. Besides the resident lives on these drugs. A regular dose isn’t going to randomly tank someone’s BP when they’ve been on it months to years. If in doubt they really should be calling to clarify
  4. Here.I.Stand

    Time for White Nurses to Stand Up

    If this is happening in your workplace absolutely it shouldn’t be tolerated. Neither of my managers are white though so if that was an issue in my unit wouldn’t be able to point to them
  5. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Her recklessness resulted in the death of a woman... the very definition of reckless homicide. She doesn’t get a pass based on her then-profession. I think that NOT holding her accountable for the reckless homicide of Charlene Murphey — denying that poor woman and her family a chance at justice by bringing it to a jury of her peers — would show the criminal justice system’s lack of control
  6. Here.I.Stand

    Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    The C-suite occupants didn’t kill Charlene Murphey..... their actions or consequences or lack thereof isn’t anything I would waste energy on.
  7. Here.I.Stand

    Killing them or helping them?

    I don’t throw around “BON” lightly... but I would seriously consider reporting this nurse. Her practice is so egregiously abusive, I think the public needs to be protected from her.
  8. Here.I.Stand

    What is a reasonable nurse: patient ratio in ICU?

    What. The. ****. I’d be curious to see what happened to the HAPU, CAUTI, and VAP rates. I can’t imagine you have much (any??) time for basic nursing care
  9. Here.I.Stand

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    I’ve been wondering about her, and my heart is hurting with this loss... but happy for her that she’s no longer in pain. Thank you for letting us know and sharing her beautiful obituary (and beautiful face!)
  10. Here.I.Stand

    Hazard Pay

    None where I work
  11. Here.I.Stand

    CVS Minute Clinic for physical?

    I haven’t, but have taken my kids for sports physicals... much more convenient than scheduling an appointment. It involved a height/weight/vitals, and interview for the info asked on the form. The PA/NP listened to their hearts just to verify there wasn’t a new murmur but don’t think they even did much more with the stethoscope.
  12. Here.I.Stand

    Nursing School and Career with Back Problems

    Sounds good in theory, and no we don’t physically lift patients. But we sure as heck have to move them (and sometimes the hardware — halos, ex fixes, traction weights etc) for bed changes/wound care/bathing. Plus the other night, in the span of 8 hours my patient had to be rolled in bed to CT twice and to MRI once. That bed didn’t drive itself My job has a completely non-negotiable requirement that we are able to lift 50 pounds. No exceptions. And while it’s true that not all specialties are as physical as others... nobody is going to hire a green nurse to manage or teach other nurses or students.
  13. Completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if they show appreciation or not.... the answer is the same.
  14. So many boundaries, so many crossings... Yes 6 visits a day is too many. The residents on your current caseload deserve all of your attention. No you shouldn’t try to swap cases... if you’re dedicating their time to this one resident NOW, what’s to say you won’t favor this one when she IS your responsibility? The feeling that only you can provide adequate care is a HUGE red flag for crossed boundaries... the only reason that occurred is you dedicated such a disproportionate amount of your time to her. The rest of the staff aren’t doing that BECAUSE THEY SHOULDN’T. Your assigned residents and their families are ENTITLED TO your attention. You don’t have the right to be irritated with them for needing you. Those families made the difficult decision to place their loved one in a SNF because they need more nursing care than they can provide in the home.... you can’t expect them to do your job simply because they are present in their loved one’s life. I’m not nearly as heartless as I might sound... it’s natural to feel differently about some people than others. The issue is that as a professional you can’t give favorable treatment to those ones who give you the feels. Every resident is entitled to the best care you can provide, within your time constraints and physical abilities. If you want to visit her, do it on your break or after you clock out... and don’t insert yourself into her nursing care.
  15. Here.I.Stand

    Recurring Nursing Dreams?

    I have the one where I get to the end of my shift and realize I haven’t laid eyes on a pt through the entire shift. Usually they’re on an insulin or vasoactive gtt 😆
  16. Here.I.Stand

    Nurse with mental issues?

    For me — and I get this isn’t true for everyone — working helps. While I’m helping someone having a worse day than I am I can focus on that person. It’s affected my home life more.