Too much stuff behind ID badge!!


Does your employer require you to have placards behind your ID badge? Including my ID, we have to keep 9 things on our clips including a mission and values card. Why, oh why, so much stuff?

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I agree! Not to mention the hospital's code color system, the separate card that says RN, and then my own cheat sheet of phone numbers and codes! It gets heavy!!

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yes us too code colors ,mission statement code neuro etc

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When I worked in the hospital, I think I had like 15 cards. Safety crap, fire codes, Pediatric pain scales, JCAHO requirements, emergency med doses by weight, I can't remember what else.

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Nope. Just the ID badge and the bright red RN tag.

When I work at the nursing home, we had about 4 things besides our badges. We were told it was so that we could refer to them when state came around asking questions.

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Yes, and I don't wear the ones I don't feel are helpful. Too bulky.

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Let's not forget those large "Speak Up!" or the "What else can I do for you?" buttons!!! I'm not a button person. If we can't clip them onto the badge lanyard, I don't wear them. I'm already weighed down with the stethoscope, pen light, hemostats, scissors, tape, whiteboard markers, and that dinosaur of a hospital cell phone! I'm not putting another ounce onto my uniform!:no::smokin:

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I am required to have my name badge (with my last name! no, I don't have a problem with this if anyone is curious) and a placard that says 'Registered Nurse.' Behind that (although not required) is a "placard" with all the phone numbers for all the units in the hospital…very helpful for an ED nurse. At a previous job, I had approximately 6 placards…this never affected my ambulation though.

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I put them on as they're handed to me and take them off as soon as management leaves the room. And they stay off.

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I've been given a couple dozen of these at my current job. I used to faithfully put them on, then they added the big RN one (and I'm supportive of this), but that's when the rest went on my work bag where I could get them if I needed. Then TPTB decided a nurse having a bag at bedside was an infection risk so I leave the bag (with all those cards) in my locker.

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A bag at the bedside is an infection risk, but not our shoes. Ok.:sarcastic:

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This is the stuff I DON'T miss about nursing. And if someone tried to make me wear a button, I would very nicely hand it back and advise them where buttons should go.

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