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  1. Of course many of use earned our antibodies the old fashioned way for that one.
  2. psu_213

    HIPAA breach

    I don't have any words of wisdom about this particular situation, and I hope it works out well for you. However, let this be a warning to others--just don't post anything at all about work. Period. Even saying "it was a tough day at work" or "this one patient today...." can be taken out of context. Just stay away from it!
  3. psu_213

    Is everything computerised where you work?

    At my one job we had almost all paper charting. (lab orders and diet orders were entered into the OLD computer system). When we had to administer blood--blood bank would call up that the unit(s) of blood were ready and we entered a request into the computer system for the blood to be sent to the floor. Then we went to (basically) all computer charting, which I think is much, much better than computer charting for so many reasons. Well, when we went to computer charting, blood bank would call up that the unit(s) were ready and we had to tube down a paper req for them to send the blood to the floor. Go figure. As for the automated blood pressure machines vs. taking a manual BP...there is still a lot of human element that goes into getting an accurate reading from the machine--correct cuff length, correct cuff width, correct placement of the cuff, etc., etc. Not that those aren't concerns for a manual BP (they are), but if there are any doubts about the "computer's" pressure, I will be taking it myself.
  4. psu_213

    Morphine dose in vial?

    We have an MD who does not believe flexeril (sp?) is effective so he almost always uses valium and a muscle relaxant. When he orders it IV, it is usually 4 mg. Our IV valium comes as 10mg/2mL. Another waste...plus the importance of being able to do basic med math.
  5. psu_213

    College Network Rep. "LIAR"

    Is this a 'for profit' college? If so, beware! Seen/heard lots of news stories about for profit colleges recently and the general message has not been good.
  6. psu_213

    failed lift test, may have lost job offer..

    Well, I would imagine this is true....if you are already in the union. Not for someone who is going through the application/testing process.
  7. psu_213

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    Surgeons always wear scrubs in the hospital. Just because he was wearing them does not mean he came right from the OR and "broke scrub." There may be a hand surgeon/team on call all the time, but are the always in the hospital..I highly doubt it. You said this was a community hospital--I also doubt that they have a hand surgery resident in house 24/7. Also, is it necessary to insult all ED nurses? If you had a bad experience, that's unfortunate. It is not necessary to call out all ED nurses on here. Maybe half of our pt's get IVs. I have never seen a finger lac get an IV. Using names is a really, really bad idea. Near shock and then just "sewed" you up and told you to come to the office in the morning? If the hand surgeons are the heros of this story, whey did they not ask for blood to be drawn or an IV to be started? (or do you want to question their expertice too?) So now you have told us the names of the folks in the ED and that another doctor said you should sue them. No decent doctor is going to say something like that ("I hope they have good malpractice insurance, this is criminal"). Since he is not on staff at that hospital he has now slandered that institution and that staff there. Sorry, I'm not going to let you bash all ER nurses like you did earlier in this post then let you turn around in a few paragraphs and try to make nice with a cliche.
  8. You're not going to be perfect--deal with it! You will miss IVs, have struggles with time management, etc. (P.S. be perfect when it comes to med. administration though!)
  9. psu_213

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    To follow up on the perception vs. reality post....I had a pt (age 70s or 80s) who had a bloody nose. No anticoagulant use. Controlled with pressure, but still a "steady trickle" of blood when the tissue was removed from her nose. Busy day, after an hr or so in the room, dtr calls me in asking what is taking so long. Politely explain that we are busy, her mother will be seen in turn. The condition is not serious and we will get the bleeding stopped before we go home. After the MD puts the "rhino rocket" up the nostril to apply direct pressure and stop the bleeding, we draw CBC and coags. All WNL. Pt given referral to ENT and d/c without incident. Week goes by, dtr writes to complain that we sat around and did nothing (I'd like to see the dtr last for a 12 hr shift on a busy day) "while her mother was bleeding to death." On one hand I shrugged it off as no big deal (and it was not a big deal), on the other hand I got kinda upset that she would make such a ridiculous allegation (I was fairly new in the ED so I took said complaints too personally). Anyway, just how a lay person perceives a situation versus how the ED nurse perceives it.
  10. psu_213


    Either way, what's worse? Taking a shortcut and trying to have us do homework -or- not knowing the answer when it is spelled out exactly on the bag in front of you...no math needed?
  11. psu_213

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    I'm with AlwaysTired on this one... The other thing, not from a medical sense, but from a customer service sense: the MD, 2 or 3 nurses (plus the triage nurse) and a few aides (plus some other nurses who were, alledgedly, on Facebook) are all at the worst at the same time on the same night toward one patient....at least accoding to the original story with followups. Plus, as much as I like AN, it is one of the last places I would visit not too long after I was "going into shock."
  12. psu_213

    Bad experience - is this typical?

    I will grant you, that it is true. Sometimes in the ED, tx areas are only separated by curtains and privacy can be an issued. However, you stated: "Then she stood outside the door while I was getting dressed (the nurse station was right there) and was talking to what I guess was the staff coming on duty. She ran down the entire list of who was seen & for what the entire time I was there." Hmm, a bit different. As for the "Scrubs" issue. The person who posted it (I believe, sorry if I put words in his/her mouth) was only trying to say it sounded overly dramatic, like something you see on a TV show...not that that you pulled the story directly out of an episode....
  13. psu_213

    CDC advice on Zombies

    Very cute....There is probably some sad sap out there who believes the Zombie talk (my apologies to anyone who believe in zombies and/or anyone who considers themselves a 'sad sap' ) I hope it does spark some interest in someone who would otherwise not be thinking about disaster training.
  14. psu_213

    Theory Help!

    That's what I was thinking. You will never see an NCLEX question about Orem. You memorize the theorist and their main points, you pass your test, they (most likely) never refer to them again, and you move on to more important things.
  15. psu_213

    Dark view of UPMC.

    I like you choice of those two industries for your simile when talking about Pittsburgh.