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    Telemetry issue Safe and Sound

    First, any time the system does not register the patient correctly or deletes the memory, I would enter a safety occurrence (I'm totally blanking if this is the correct word--whatever your reporting system is for safety issues). Hopefully your facil...
  2. I guess that as a clinical instructor, she has been asked before for letters of rec, so I don't think that asking is 'needy.' I would go to her in person rather than asking via email. Compliment here without being fake/sappy ("I've always appre...
  3. No HH experience here, but I, personally, would refrain from calling out a person by name in a shared document. In an email to your supervisor(s) sure, but I feel like if you use the nurse's name in the log, the log could just spiral downward and be...
  4. psu_213

    How do I document A&O status of nonverbal patient?

    The 'A' part of A&O should be pretty easy to figure out. As for the O part--is he able to communicate in any way? If so, would you be able to test him on the various spheres of orientation without him actually speaking answers? While it is...
  5. psu_213

    Giving False Bad Reference

    I added numbers so you could more easily see what I am referencing.... 1. If this happened, obviously it is totally inappropriate. However, unless you actually witnessed her lie about her identity--she says "Yes, this is Sally Smith," when she i...
  6. psu_213

    Guns at the Bedside He can not bring it inside in the first place, or he can hand it to security. Any delay would be his fault. But it is very American of him not only to have a misguided view of the 2nd Amendment, but, furthermore, believe that he will pre...
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    Yeah, that's what I don't understand. I do agree it is not appropriate (in any situation) to have a phone conversation on speaker phone without all involved parties knowing it is on speaker phone. But it seems pretty straight forward to me: "are we...
  8. psu_213

    Epic HIPAA violation

    Perhaps it was flagged in the system that this person was opening a bunch of charts of people who weren't active patients in her unit. That caused IT/informatics/etc. to dig deeper...
  9. psu_213

    When Delegation is Unsuccessful

    First, to the OP, no reason to feel guilty about having a day off. Exactly what I was thinking. Just looking at it from a process stand point--why was it delegated to 6 people? This is sounds like the classic "everyone thought someone else wou...
  10. I'll start off with a story that is mostly rant, but does have a question at the end of it. Recently our ER treated a 30-something pt who fell at home around 8am (per her account). Arrived at the ER via ambulance with a friend, who also took the am...
  11. psu_213

    New nurse struggling

    Is your hope to move to a permanent unit in this hospital or to move to another facility all together? If they are serious about this "verbal contract," they might be fairly unlikely to let you leave the float pool, but stay in the hospital. You ca...
  12. Of course many of use earned our antibodies the old fashioned way for that one. ?
  13. psu_213

    HIPAA breach

    I don't have any words of wisdom about this particular situation, and I hope it works out well for you. However, let this be a warning to others--just don't post anything at all about work. Period. Even saying "it was a tough day at work" or "this ...
  14. psu_213

    How do you take blood pressures for 90 people?

    Is this LTC. It has been a while since I worked in LTC, but do you take everyone's BP every day?
  15. psu_213

    Children's Heart institute putting kids in danger

    Don't take this as a defense of the hospital, merely a statement about this particular article. I'm not saying the article is wrong, I'm not saying that this actually is a good hospital. I am not a expert in pediatric cardiology/cardiac surgery; h...
  16. psu_213


    180? Yikes! So glad I can accrue more. I think it stinks that your cap is so low, but it seems to be and easy problem to work around. As others have said, plan you time so that you have to use hours. Take a calendar week off rather than taking pa...
  17. psu_213

    Medical/nursing shows/critical thinking shows...

    What drove me nuts was how he would always announce what he believed was the correct diagnosis with certainty. For example, "it is amylase transference disease. Give him steroids, he can be discharged tomorrow." Umm, we are only 15 minutes into th...
  18. psu_213

    Would you call in sick?

    I would agree if this happens repeatedly, but the OP states that she does not feel safe driving nor caring for pts. Just the driving issue alone: call me selfish, but I would't want to be hit/injured/worse by someone who fell asleep at the wheel, ev...
  19. psu_213

    Reminder why the seven rights are important

    And in other news: "a nurse gave medication that is frequently used to commit suicide. That medicine is called acetaminophen."
  20. psu_213

    Verbally Abusing a Nurse

    Makes me grateful that at my hospital, one of the written pt responsibilities is that the patient will "accept their room assignment." Refusing transfer is not an option.
  21. psu_213

    Nasal Irritation From Crushing Medications?

    I put the pills in a plastic med cup, nestle in another plastic med cup on top of them, and use the butt end of a 10cc syringe to press down and crush the pills.
  22. psu_213

    Nasal Irritation From Crushing Medications?

    I've never personally have a problem, but I do my best to make sure that I am not going to make a cloud 'o crushed pills.
  23. psu_213

    J-tube. RN/LVN

    A lot of individuals have a low HR when then sleep. Does he also have episodes of this when he is awake--i.e., go suddenly from awake and alert to unresponsive with a low pulse? Report it to the physician, but in the end, it is going to be a cardio...
  24. psu_213

    Medical/nursing shows/critical thinking shows...

    I found House (for the most part) entertaining. I found ER (for the most part) entertaining. I also realize they are, besides for some scientific truths, very poor representations of real life medicine/nursing. If you are suspending disbelief, the...
  25. psu_213

    12 hour night shifts

    Speaking as someone who was responsible for approving schedules (after the scheduling committee constructed it) in a fairly large department, this statement is a bit unfair. We had a robust weekend program on nights, so most straight night shifters...