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  1. NurseEric81

    I need some really-wide-shoe ideas!

    I am starting in a new unit and need some good, comfortable, but wide (4E) shoes. Anyone have ideas? I'm leaning toward New Balance; they normally have wider shoes. I have been wearing Dr. Scholl's wide shoes but there is no grip to the floor and with the salt on the floors, it's like walking in oil! :-) Eric
  2. NurseEric81

    It is my dream!

    As a young child I was extremely sick for a while. It is what propelled into the medical field, first as an EMT-Basic. I have been an EMT for 7 years. I am graduating on Saturday with my BSN. I know there are TONS of threads like this, but how do I get a start in the ED? It has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to be in the ED. Every ED near me requires 2-3 years experience to be considered. Thanks in advance, Eric
  3. NurseEric81

    An Introvert's Guide To Nursing

    As a lifetime introvert just graduating nursing school, I can second everything you had to say. Classmates think I'm: creepy, weird, strange...(insert adjective here) just because I don't crack jokes every time I speak. Or I'm not the loudest when I talk. Or I don't pipe in when we are having a group discussion. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I tell people I am an introvert with slight extroverted tendencies(at clinical only).
  4. NurseEric81

    What books to keep

    Hey all! I am 10 days from graduating with my BSN, and was wondering what books would you suggest I keep? I've spent a lot of money in this program and would like to get some money back... Eric
  5. NurseEric81

    All ATI's are DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    I just got done with my last ATI, the big one, the ATI predictor! 97% probability of passing NCLEX! All ATI's passed with a level 2 or better! Sorry for the gloating but I had to post it somewhere!! Good luck to all in your studies and congratulations class of 2014 wherever you are!!! Eric
  6. NurseEric81

    Being Gay and a Male Nursing Student

    You too?? I am not even 2 months into my BSN program and already know wayyyyyy too much about those female NS students I have come out to!! I feel ya there!! It's gonna be a looong two years!! 🙂
  7. Hey all! I am in my first semester of NS and as a part of our program we have to do, at minimum, one flu shot clinic. With that being said, we have never done any IM injections on human beings and I am nervous to do it! Any advice?
  8. NurseEric81

    Hyperpotassemia vs hyperkalemia?

    Ha! That's great!
  9. NurseEric81

    Hyperpotassemia vs hyperkalemia?

    I just searched hyperpotassemia and it actually comes up in medical articles! Oh my! Why? Because I thought this language had been around for MANY years! That just burns my onion!
  10. NurseEric81

    Hyperpotassemia vs hyperkalemia?

    I was transporting a nursing home resident when I looked on the chart and it said she had a hx of hyperpotassemia. Huh? I have always learned it as hyperkalemia. Have they changed it or is this more dumbing down of the medical language?
  11. NurseEric81

    Fall 2012 new nursing students roll call!!!

    I am going to Western Illinois University...I forgot to put that on my other post!
  12. NurseEric81

    Titer question!

    I have been accepted to NS for the fall. Just like everywhere else, I have to have titers drawn. When I started the CNA course in January '11, we had to do titers. I found out that my chicken pox was low so I got a booster, do you think the NS will accept the titers from january '11? Thanks for the input in advance! Eric
  13. NurseEric81

    Fall 2012 new nursing students roll call!!!

    I can't believe I'm saying this but, I'll be starting nursing school in the fall as well!!! I received my acceptance letter about a month ago! It is contingent on me passing the dreaded chem class! I sign up for classes on the 4th of may. After that I have a while lot of stuff to do! Titers, boosters (if needed), getting the car tuned up to make it four hours away (yikes), background check. Well, congratulations to all who have been accepted! Now a question, if I had titers drawn in january '11, do you think they will accept them or make me draw new ones? Thanks for the input! Eric
  14. NurseEric81

    Why did you become a nurse?

    I am starting my transition into nursing from the EMS world. I was a VERY sick child and I spent many a week in the hospital surrounded by wonderful nurses. I want to be that kind of nurse who can (like they did to me) calm a child's fears and make parents worry less. My grandmother/mother were/are nurses so I guess you could say it's in my blood too.
  15. NurseEric81

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Hey guys! I am going into Western Illinois University RN program in the fall...super excited! Not excited about living in the dorms the first semester but...it could be worse!
  16. NurseEric81

    Medical TV shows you love...

    I was conversing with another AN member and the subject of Trauma:Life in the ER came up. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this show!! Before I purged my DVR, I think I had 64 episodes. I was curious: what medical shows do you love? What kind of show is it? Reality(T:LITER), Documentary (Medical Mystery, Diagnosis Unknown) or other type, drama (Grey's)?