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Emergency/Trauma/Critical Care Nursing
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My parents always say that they knew early on that I would one day become a nurse, and I cannot remember ever wanting to do anything else. I am passionate about & addicted to learning anything medical/nursing related, and I am so proud to be able to call myself a R.N.

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  1. Christy1019

    Best hospitals in the Detroit area

    I have worked for both Henry Ford hospital in Detroit and one of the suburban Beaumont hospitals. I much preferred the Henry Ford system over Beaumont, however the current Beaumont hospital is much closer to home. Welcome to Michigan!
  2. I'm confused... were you all practicing catheter insertions on fellow students? lol There would've been no way they would've talked me into that one!
  3. Christy1019

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I think they are referring to the way that it is spelled "M'K'N'Z'Y" and not the name.
  4. Christy1019


    A good bet would be to get a bachelors degree in something like biology prior to going into medical school. I am not sure why you are going for an additional degree in ultrasound sonography if you are currently in nursing school, as a means to get into medical school? If you are already going into the route of nursing, maybe you should look into the idea of becoming a neonatal nurse practitioner. They work side by side with neonatologists and if you are already in nursing school, you have your foot in the door.
  5. Christy1019

    Where were you...9/11

    I was in my senior year of high school, first-aid class when the teacher turned on the TV and was explaining what had happened. I have to admit that I didn't know what the WTCs were or their significance, and also believed it to be an accidental crash at first. Once the second plane hit and we all realized how serious this was, some of the girls with boyfriends who were 18y/o or older became upset at the possibility that this was war and the draft would be reinstated. I don't remember many students being picked up early, but I do remember my mother being glued to the TV when I got home, and my dad wasn't able to come home from his job at the airport until the next day. It is still crazy to me that this was 17yrs ago and that some people don't remember it happening. I imagine it was like that for those who were around for Pearl Harbor or the JFK assassination. I will never forget.
  6. My first one (not medical related) was when I was much younger, and a waitress at a Coney Island restaurant. We had a ton of regulars and it was very common for them to come in at lunch and order a couple Coney dogs and a Coke. I had one male customer who ordered his two coneys but ordered a root beer instead. After delivering his food and drink, he said "Excuse me miss but I don't think this is root beer" to which I replied, "Oh no, did I grab your C*** (another word for rooster) instead??" I instantly turned red, and said "I meant Coke!" He laughed, I then hid, mortified until he left. He must've felt pretty bad for me though, he left a nice tip. My second one actually happened to someone else, but I was the witness who cringed. While working in the ER, we had a young girl brought in after a drowning incident in which ROSC was achieved and she was somewhat alert. After everything was settled, the xray tech came in to take some films, and told the girl "Okay, take a deep breath and hold it like you're going under water!"
  7. Christy1019

    Jahi McMath "What does it mean to die?"

    Interesting read.... What Does It Mean to Die? | The New Yorker Before having her tonsils removed, Jahi McMath, a thirteen-year-old African-American girl from Oakland, California, asked her doctor, Frederick Rosen, about his credentials. "How many times have you done this surgery?" Hundreds of times, Rosen said. "Did you get enough sleep last night?" He'd slept fine, he responded. Jahi's mother, Nailah Winkfield, encouraged Jahi to keep asking questions. "It's your body," she said. "Feel free to ask that man whatever you want."
  8. Christy1019

    Tell on yourself, if you dare...

    I was thinking the same thing, plus the whole wanting to use the last absence day for her last day had my head spinning, I would've never dared! lol
  9. ^^ This! Thank you for wording it better than I would be able to.
  10. The Beaumont Health system recently voted and decided to wear Navy scrubs, unless you are in certain units, i.e. OR, L&D, NICU etc. You can buy them at whatever scrub store or website you choose. If you are looking to get them from your employer, you would have to ask them directly, as I know at my facility we are not provided with scrubs unless in those areas listed above.
  11. I would love that option, lol! Unfortunately, we are a small community hospital with a budget crisis, so I doubt they will be doubling us up any time soon.
  12. I'm not sure what role house supervisors play at other facilities, but in my role I have a constantly ringing phone, the responsibility to evaluate admissions and assign them to inpatient beds, as well as do the staffing for all of the inpatient units and ER. I also work in an area that tends to have a lot of patients brought into the ER accompanied by police, as well as for police blood draws. If I was responsible for handling every single police interaction for the ER, none of my other responsibilities would be taken care of. I was a charge nurse in the ER prior to this role and we always had great working relationships with the officers that came in. I would hate to see that relationship damaged because of a knee-jerk reaction, assuming that all officers would behave as this one did.
  13. This post just made my day! LOL
  14. Christy1019

    Allnurses needs nurses

    I'm sadly one of those nurses who stopped visiting the site as often when the app went away. I used to go on the app daily, looked forward to the lively debates and discussions, however I don't use my laptop very often, and navigating a website forum on a smart phone is not something I care to do. However, tonight it is slow at work so I thought what the heck, let me see what is going on there, and it does seem to be a lot more student questions than nursing discussion. I say, bring the app back please! If you build it, they will come... :)