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KelRN215 has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pedi.

"Success is loving life and daring to live it." ~Maya Angelou

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  1. KelRN215

    Work Opportunities For Unvaccinated Nurses

    In my state the options will be next to none. The Executive Office of Health and Human Services announced yesterday that any provider that bills Medicaid needs to ensure all of their staff are vaccinated.
  2. KelRN215

    Explaining Absence During Colleague's Vacation

    If you can't cover for a colleague when it's part of your job to cover for them when they're on vacation then you shouldn't be in the role you're in. People need to be able to go on vacation and trust that the work that can't wait is being handl...
  3. KelRN215

    Talent Review With Manager

    Just make something up then start working on your real goal... to get out of there by this time next year so you don't have to do another one of these.
  4. KelRN215

    Please help! Which job offer should I take???

    A 2 hr commute each way is insane for a nursing job. No way should you take that offer. Let's say you are scheduled to work a 12 hr day shift, 7a-7p and you need to be there by 6:45am. That means leaving by 4:45am if there's no traffic on your c...
  5. KelRN215

    Disrespect & Profanity

    Addressing someone by first name or Mr/Ms/Mrs. Last Name is regional. I have never had a doctor or nurse refer to me as Ms. Last Name (nor would I want them to) and as a pediatric nurse of 14 years, I've never referred to a patient's parent by anythi...
  6. KelRN215

    Lose vs. Loose

    Some of my favorites: The misspelling of the word definitely is my single biggest pet peeve. Also you're and your. Anyt...
  7. I've never done it because by the time I'm job searching, I've made up my mind that I'm definitely leaving my current job. I've never seriously been extended a counter offer either, I've been asked "is there anything we could do to change your mind?"...
  8. KelRN215

    First Reaction to Changes

    My first reaction is "the site was down for 3 weeks for this?"
  9. KelRN215

    Boston children's new residency

    The program isn't closed to external applications, it's just harder. It's been a long time since I was a new grad (2007) but we did have 1 person who I can think of off the top of my head in my new grad program who had gone to school outside of New E...
  10. KelRN215

    Peds Pulmonary Unit??

    At the pediatric hospital I worked at, one of the 3 medical floors was designated for Pulmonary and GI patients. The Pulmonary patient population was primarily CF patients.
  11. KelRN215

    Boston children's new residency

    I don't know if they still do but they definitely did have one and, even then, most of the hires were Northeastern grads who had done co-ops on the floor they were hired onto or new grads who'd done their senior practicums there. Why would that hirin...
  12. KelRN215

    Had interview..Not sure how it went

    I can tell you that if I were the hiring manager and an applicant hugged me, it definitely would go against her. I would advise against hugging future patients as well, unless they somehow initiate it. ETA: I don't hate hugs either. I have some frie...
  13. KelRN215

    Resignition Timeline?

    You could always give 30 days and then call out for those last 2 shifts. I certainly know people who've done that. I'm a little surprised with you having only been there for 4 months that they're demanding a 30 day notice. Many times people who are r...
  14. KelRN215

    Resignition Timeline?

    Yes, the policy when I worked in the hospital was 4 weeks. Employers can require whatever they want. You have no obligation to give that much notice but, if you don't, you risk burning a bridge and being deemed "ineligible for rehire."
  15. KelRN215

    Do not understand scheduling issue

    As a patient, I'd be mad if my provider's office did this to me and I'd call and ask to have the appointment changed to the NP. Perhaps your patients don't realize they can do this? I'd think if the patients put up a stink, the practice would re-eval...