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KelRN215 has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pedi.

"Success is loving life and daring to live it." ~Maya Angelou

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  1. KelRN215

    I can't do it all (mom rant)

    One of my very good friends talks and reads frequently about the "mental load" or "emotional labor" for women. It's things like, in my relationship, it's my job to keep track of EVERYTHING, including when we are going to see his parents and what weekend day his mother works (every damn weekend I have to remind him that she's at work on Sunday mornings when he decides it's a good time to call her). Or how he's the one who wanted 2 dogs yet it's my responsibility to take care of everything vet-related and to arrange dog sitters when we're going out of town. Or how, several months ago, together we made a decision to do a "paint your pet" night and, before I bought the tickets, I verified with him that we weren't doing anything that evening. A few days later I get a text at work asking when the paint night was and when I respond with the date, I get another text: "oh, I have a work thing that night. I told you a while ago and I figured you would have kept track of that." WHY on earth would I keep track of when his work dinner, that I'm not invited to, is? Here's a couple articles she sent me the other day after this topic came up at my bridal tea this past weekend: Why Did Becoming a Mother Bring Up All These Retro Beliefs About Gender? - Lenny Letter Stop Calling Women Nags — How Emotional Labor is Dragging Down Gender Equality It came up because one of my friends left her 3 children with her husband for a couple hours so she could attend. He was bringing them to some farm or something and before she left, she asked him if he had everything he needed for them for the day. His response was "well you packed the bag when we went to the football game so I should be all set." The football game they had gone to was 3 weeks ago and her husband literally had no idea that the bag would need to be re-packed because she always does it. My mother still talks of the year, ~25 years ago, when she was taking a course on Thursday nights and my father refused to practice my brother's spelling words with him. She identifies this year as a turning point in my brother's schooling. My father also apparently didn't feed us dinner on these nights and my mother would come home at 9pm to children who hadn't eaten since school lunch 10 hours earlier. It was also past our bedtime when she came home.
  2. Yup, this is what I was going to suggest too. That's all I usually put. They're mostly just trying to see on your application that you haven't been fired from every job you held. If people ask why I left various jobs, I tell them the truth- I left my hospital job for a Mon-Fri schedule, I left my home nursing manager job because I saw the writing on the wall that the office I was working out of would end up closed (it did), I left my liaison position because I wanted to get out of the for-profit side of healthcare.
  3. KelRN215

    Student Charge Nurse out of line

    I did it in college. I got paid $10/hr to sit between 2 students with autism on the bus to their special school so they didn't kill each other, basically. It was easy money as a 19 year old and I got paid for 4 hours/day but was actually only with the kid for about an hour. 1/2 hour to school and 1/2 hr back from school. The rides back from school in the morning and the rides to school in the afternoon with the just creepy old bus driver were a little awkward.
  4. Why don't you just defer admission by a semester? If you apply again next year, you'll be up against a different applicant pool and there's no guarantee you'd be accepted again.
  5. KelRN215

    Questions from a nursing student

    1) No but I live in Massachusetts. I imagine the answer may be different in places like Alabama or Mississippi. 2) This term is way overused. The current generation of young nurses are from the "everyone gets a trophy" generation and they don't know how to accept constructive criticism. It's not "eating your young", for example, if a new grad makes a mistake and you are the nurse following her and you have to point it out because, for some reason, the patient you're picking up didn't get his q 8hr vanco at all during her 12 hr night shift. I've never seen it actually happen. I've also not worked anywhere that hires new grads in the past 6 years.
  6. KelRN215

    Teen Pregnancy

    Abstinence only sex education is an obvious one. What are the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy? What kind of sex education do those states provide?
  7. KelRN215

    How do you feel about B's?

    What do you call the person who graduated last in his class in medical school? Doctor.
  8. KelRN215

    Anyone Else have to Sub in classrooms??

    I was a substitute teacher in college for 2 different school systems. All that was required was 1 year of college. It was decent pay for not a lot of work at 19.
  9. KelRN215

    Reportable BRN incidents

    Giving 80 mg when the order is for 75 mg constitutes a med error, does it not? The right dose wasn't given, hence it was an error. The correct thing to do would be to document that the dose administered was 80 mg and file an incident report. Probably nothing more than a conversation would have come out of that. Administering 80 mg and then fake wasting 5 mg to make it look like the correct dose of 75 mg was given is the problem.
  10. KelRN215

    Excessive Absenteeism in the Nursing Profession

    It is not a problem in my current work environment. It was a relatively minor problem when I worked in the hospital but, in my opinion, the policy was extreme. I had a colleague, a great nurse, who was disciplined for excessive call-outs (3 in a rolling 3 month period, she had fewer because she was part time) when they were all for legitimate reasons like having to attend a funeral, an illness in a child and having a concussion. I don't remember the details because it was a long time ago but she was told that she couldn't advance to a level 2 staff nurse because of this. She had been employed by this hospital in some capacity for 17 years and left shortly after this happened. When I worked in the hospital, I had the experience a few times where I requested a day off way in advance and was put on the schedule for it anyway. I had no problem calling out for those shifts. I told you 2 months ago I wasn't available this day so now it can be your problem day of for not planning appropriately. Shortly after I gave my notice at my hospital job, my best friend's father died unexpectedly of a heart attack. I was scheduled to work a night shift day of his funeral. I found someone to switch with me but my manager denied the switch for a stupid reason. I had 0 Fs left to give at that point and no qualms in prioritizing my best friend over a job that I was leaving in 3 weeks. Since leaving the hospital and switching to M-F positions, the only times I've ever had an unplanned absence were when I got stranded somewhere because of snow in my home state. I got stuck in Miami for 2 days, for example, on my way home from Ecuador because there was a huge blizzard that dropped over 2 feet of snow over 2 days. The reason it's not a problem in my current job is because of the incredible flexibility we have. My 4 colleagues and I each have a patient assignment of around 20-25 patients who we have to see once/month. We schedule our patients ourselves and can work from home on days that we don't have any appointments. If I had something contagious, I wouldn't call out. I would reschedule any patients I had on that day since my patients are medically fragile children and a cold can land some of them in the hospital and work from home. Plus since my employer uses a PTO system, I never want to call out. I want those PTO days for vacation, not to sit at home because I feel a little under the weather.
  11. KelRN215

    Recording Lectures

    I was allowed to record lectures in college. It was the suggestion of the Dean for Students with Disabilities when I as having trouble retaining information post-brain surgery. The school gave me the tape recorder and everything and sent a letter to my professors explaining it. I never listened to any of the recordings I made so I gave it back to the Dean to give to another student at the end of the semester. I did have some classmates in nursing classes who tried to just record lectures without the professor's consent and it did not go over well. Voice recording someone without their knowledge/permission is illegal in my state.
  12. KelRN215

    How do you feel about B's?

    I stopped caring about grades by my second semester of freshman year of college.
  13. KelRN215

    NCLEX was easy

    I agree, it was easy. I was in and out in 45 minutes. 75 questions. I had no doubt that I passed.
  14. KelRN215

    Advice on how to end up in the NICU

    Maybe if you work in a step down/special care nursery in a community hospital where babies transfer to step down and feed/grow. My best friend's kid spent 5 months in the NICU at birth after being born at 23 weeks 6 days. She had to do much more than feed during her stay. She was on TPN, had bilateral IVHs, had NEC and a bowel perforation/multiple surgeries, was vented then on CPAP then oxygen by nasal cannula. To answer the OP's question, the best way is to get your senior preceptorship in a NICU. I only remember one girl I went to nursing school with (out of our class of around 90) who was interested in NICU. She did her senior preceptorship in one and was hired in one in her home state when we graduated. As far as I know she still works there.
  15. KelRN215

    Have you done this ?

    People swear loudly and proudly where I'm from. And when I was precepting a senior nursing student, if she was with me on the night shift, she was definitely privvy to conversations about everything we hated about the job and how we were convinced that the nurses' back room was probably bugged so our conversations were probably being recorded. Actually, once, I'm pretty sure we moved a fake plant that we were sure was the bugging device.
  16. KelRN215

    Need help finding next career

    You need help finding a new job, you sound settled in nursing as your career. Pay is highly variable based on your area of the country. Do you have any sense of how your hospital pays compared to other hospitals in the area?