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  1. nurse2033

    Changing PRN requirements

    It is unfortunate that the conditions of your employment changed without your consent, but that happens. If you can't or don't want to fullfill the new requirements, move on. I would go work for the agency that supplies them with agency nurses and make more money. If they try to complain about non compete clauses just say that your original contract was nullified by the corporate changeover. Good luck!
  2. nurse2033

    Worth It? CA to CO

    1) no idea 2) the pay is much lower than California. New grad pay $25-30 hour? 3) Nursing culture is good. 4) Mountains are boring, and we're mostly full anyway
  3. nurse2033

    Looking for a Online MSN in Nursing Education

    You get out what you put in. My degree is from Excelsior. I learned a ton and use it all the time.
  4. nurse2033

    MSN in Nursing Education Online - Practicum?

    I had to find my own preceptor. I cold called a number of institutions and found one without any problem. It also gave me a lot of flexibility in my Capstone, and it went great. Good luck.
  5. nurse2033


    Just because a drug is legal does not make it authorized. Some health care systems are only hiring non smokers, as is their right. They have the same right to hire non THC users. Good luck.
  6. nurse2033

    Help! Manager is making schedule a nightmare

    I learned the hard way that if you have work limitations like certain days or times you should get it in writing from your manager when they hire you. Often their promises are forgotten, not sincere, or not communicated. In any case a good conversation starter would be; I really enjoy working here but the schedule is not what I expected. I don't think I will be able to make this work. I don't want to leave but I just want to let you know I have started looking at other opportunities. This is their chance to take you seriously and maybe ask you what would work. If the boss isn't willing to work with you, you are better off leaving anyway. Good luck.
  7. The best way to follow up on a patient is to go see them in their room. "How are you doing?". They are free to share information if they wish, or not. They will certainly appreciate that you care enough to check on them not on the clock.
  8. You have described some probable HIPAA violations. Technically, once you are no longer in direct patient care, you have no "need to know" about ongoing patient information. This would include followup. Staying in touch with parents may not be a HIPAA violation but probably a professional one. It crosses the boundary between professional and personal. You could report this to your corporate compliance line, which should be confidential for you, and let them investigate. Unless you are a manager or supervisor there isn't much you can do about unit culture. Good luck.
  9. nurse2033

    Best apps to track CEs?

    PIACET- yes, stupid name but designed by a flight nurse for tracking certs... works great.
  10. nurse2033

    need PMHNP school...

    Hello, I have a MSN and looking to get into an online post graduate psych NP cert program. I'm not currently interested in DNP. Can anyone suggest a good school? Thanks!
  11. nurse2033

    What do military reserve nurses ACTUALLY do?

    Agree with jeckrn. Most units don't do much. But, Aeromedical Evacuation (AF) is manned 90% by Guard and Reserve. So what we do is train for deployment, then deploy, bringing home Wounded Warriors. My unit goes out the door slightly less than every 2 years. I think it is probably the most mission active medical specialty.
  12. After unsuccessfully trying to place an NG tube in a patient who had overdosed, she sneezed spraying blood and snot all over my arm.
  13. nurse2033

    Navy Nursing with Some Experience or Right After School

    You can join the reserves or guard and keep your civilian job, and control over where you work. The best way, is to apply directly to the unit you want to work for, then they get you through recruitment and training. In the guard or reserve you can rise in rank at the same rate, but don't have to move. You would deploy at whatever rate your unit deploys. I work in Air Evac and my unit deploys every 20 months. I deploy every other cycle or about every 3 years. This works great for my family and civilian career. I've risen to Major in 7 years with no prior military. Since it can take 12-16 months to actually get you in, you can apply early and by the time you commission you will have a few years of experience. You can only apply. If they don't take you, apply in another year. Good luck.
  14. nurse2033

    Inpatient Boarders?

    Yikes, that seems a lot. Hospitals are not like this everywhere. Saying you have it good because your ratios are less bad than before equals- you are lucky to be beaten once a day when we were beaten 5x per day. If I was a sex trafficker this would be called normalization. The fact is, you are not trained to provide the same standard of care of the ICU or tele, and patients will not effectively receive the same level of care. For leadership to expect that is unrealistic and unfair. This sounds like systemic failure and should be treated as such. Leadership should have the integrity to tell you this sucks, and we're sorry, but here's our plan to change it, not- suck it up because it used to be worse. If there is no sign of the situation getting better, I would move on. Good luck.
  15. nurse2033

    CEN as a new grad ABSN?

    I would say the latter not the former. Go for it. You are clearly a go-getter, just embrace it.