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nurse2033 is a MSN, RN and specializes in ER, ICU.

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  1. nurse2033

    New Grad Med Error in ED

    I would say this is a good lesson. As as nurse you want the patient to have what they need. But, your employer did not provide the tools you need (all too common). Next time, don't hang the infusion without a pump. Immediately notify the physician, a...
  2. nurse2033

    Calculating Gov RN Pay Scale

    The VA uses a GS system similar to rank pay in the military. You want to know what GS you would be. I'm not expert but it seems you need a BSN to qualify for the lowest level. Try searching for this... Nurse Series 0610 (
  3. nurse2033

    Suicide screening

    I have, at various times in my career, screened for suicidality, domestic abuse, and alcohol abuse. I have never had a patient who was there for another reason report abuse or suicide. You can't convince me that the screenings are valid. Yes, there h...
  4. nurse2033

    Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    My jaw dropped when I heard this. First, the idea to provide nursing to underserved areas by capping pay is the opposite of how it works. Nurses would leave states that cap pay and go to states that pay more. That's how our economy works. Supply and ...
  5. nurse2033

    Endocannabinoid DNA panel

    I'm a nurse and epigenetic health coach and we just came out with a genetic panel sequencing over 50 genes to predict a patient's endocannabinoid function. As you probably know the endocannabinoid system is found in almost every cell in your body. It...
  6. nurse2033

    Becoming an Air Force Nurse in DETAIL

    Sorry I'm not black so I can't help you with that part. Benefits are good but you pay for that with your time. Now putting in time and effort benefits you personally as well, at least that's how I see it. If all you want is travel and benefits you sh...
  7. nurse2033

    Looking to join the national guard.

    You will need your BSN to apply but not to find a job. I would recommend you contact the unit where you want to work. They can facilitate recruitment. Reserve and Guard are roughly equivalent in their time commitment.
  8. nurse2033

    Medical Missions

    I've done a number of mission trips in Nicaragua and Haiti. On the surface it is a feel-good opportunity but there is discussion about the ethics of these types of swoop and save missions. You spend a lot of time and money helping a relatively small ...
  9. nurse2033

    Current Pay in Colorado area?

    Pay is relatively low in Colorado. I think you could expect mid 20s per hour. Childrens is one of the best employers. I haven't worked there but everyone who does loves it. Otherwise, it's mostly large, faceless health systems.
  10. nurse2033

    Skills Lab, Creative ideas?

    Make a mess. I have heavily utilized Halloween props and supplies. Fake blood is cheap and effective. You can get all kinds of fake wounds, and I've used rubber hearts for open thoracotomies. Good luck.
  11. nurse2033

    Homicide Investigation

    I attended the St. Louis Univ Homicide investigation course (5 days). It was mostly homicide detectives but there were a few forensic nurses. A few of them had carved out unique positions, one I think with the coroner. If you advocate, educate, teach...
  12. nurse2033

    How do you get called in?

    Whatever she does, make sure she puts it in writing via email how best to contact her.
  13. Well let's start with peopel who don't like to fly. Or anyone that can't face the ever present possiblity of unplanned landings. When they issue you fireproof clothing, that should be a clue that bad things can happen. I've been foot printed because ...
  14. nurse2033

    Marching Band Nurse

    Well I've been both in the marching band, and as medical standby for everything from rodeos, to the Bolder Boulder, to polo matches, to Burning Man, and once to a horse rescue. I would bone up on heat emergencies and ETOH abuse. You might get strains...
  15. nurse2033

    Paramedic looking for a career change...

    I am an EMT turned paramedic turned nurse turned commissioned officer. If you like helping people nursing is great. There are so many options. I still work in Emergency care so it is immediate and gratifying. It is different than in the field in both...