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NotMyProblem MSN has 36 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, LPN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, LTACH, LTC, Home Health.

LPN for 24 years prior to obtaining an ASN degree from Excelsior College in April 2010. Passed NCLEX-RN in June 2010. Completed the BSN with degree conferral in October 2014. Completed the MSN in Care Coordination through Capella University in September 2021. 

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  1. Manager Falsified my initials

    Your initial question to her was actually addressed to ALL of them. The 3-way meeting was probably to make sure there was no retaliation against you, considering the legalities that are involved. Keep your eyes open for an employee ‘guide to reportin...
  2. Quitting a New Job

    Harassment takes on many forms, direct and indirect. If the OP witnessed the slapping and was offended by it, it is considered harassment. It is no different than overhearing a heavy sexually over-toned joke between colleagues that one finds offensiv...
  3. But what if I just don't LIKE it?

    @londonflo, in my 35-yr nursing career, I’ve never had an issue with a lab tech/MT/phlebotomist. I’ve even made a point (as a 20+ year night shifter) to collect my own 0600 PTTs and troughs just so it wouldn’t fall through the cracks of shift change....
  4. Working as a CNA while in school??

    Smart plan! Not only are you building a resume, you also have your foot in the door, which should make it easier to secure a licensed position.
  5. But what if I just don't LIKE it?

    I didn’t say the OP needed to know any of what we do. My point was that an assumption was made and 80% of the RNs were tried and found guilty by the OP based on that assumption. As busy as acute care nurses are, any number of things could have been g...
  6. But what if I just don't LIKE it?

    So you’re not a phlebotomist, but a MT. We are not phlebotomist, either, and blood collection was not and is not part of any nursing program. But this is a task that is expected of us should whomever from the lab fails to perform this task. But ...
  7. But what if I just don't LIKE it?

    It would be interesting to know how you would know this as I’m pretty sure phlebotomist are not allowed to touch PICC lines. Could it be that your viewpoint is as it is because you are overworked and you resent having to come to the floors to do som...
  8. Is this shady?

    I would just move on to a program that has the proper accreditation if I were you...even if it means having to repeat a couple of courses. If you’re having this much grief on the front end, imagine what you’re going to go through on the back end of t...
  9. Forgot to call doc after lab called

    This is relatively minor. However, other lab results may require immediate attention, so try to get in the habit of calling the physician/provider as soon as you take the call to get that off you. Another thing to consider as a brand new nurse:...
  10. It took me 35 years and I can honestly say that I love my job and it is more of the team that I work with, including the doctor, than the area. It’s DEFINITELY NOT the patients or leadership, although I’ve experienced more rewarding moments in this p...
  11. Hard Decision

    Former traveler here. What they said!! Let me just add that as a traveler you’re almost guaranteed to get THE worst of the worst patients on the unit. Either stay where you are, or apply for a fulltime position at a facility where there is highe...
  12. Patient Abandonment

    This idiot fired himself! As I was reading this, I was thinking he was gonna be found somewhere with at least a half-a**-believable lie. But the dumb*** told the truth!! He must have been one of the ones who cheated his way through nursing school and...
  13. Resignation Question

    I’m pretty sure ‘they’ already know. But yes, it should be reported...without fear of retaliation...or flat tires.
  14. Resignation Question

    It was an HCA. And since I regifted it within the same year (every single penny), they could not legally report it as income given to me. Believe me, I was definitely waiting on the W-2, with an attorney on speed dial. Of course the bonus was taxed b...
  15. Resignation Question

    I wish there was a way of alerting new nurses that if they are offered sign-on bonuses for nurses with ZERO experience, it is most likely a place they’d want to avoid! It isn’t like they were so impressed with the grades that they just had to have YO...