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Pangea Reunited has 6 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. Pangea Reunited

    Seriously?? Small rant.

    ...kind of funny.
  2. Pangea Reunited

    Stepping away from direct patient care. Would like input

    ...sounds like a good move, to me.
  3. Pangea Reunited

    When you're the patient...

    I tend to not speak up, as well. I don't think it has to do with nursing, though ...I just try to tolerate things when I perceive them as temporary. But if I knew it would be happening again, I would speak up before the next time in the hope of being...
  4. Pangea Reunited

    Seeking advice from all you Introverted nurses out there...

    I'm an INTJ and do fine in nursing. I laugh and play with co-workers all night, although more to amuse myself than anything. They go out together all the time, but I've only made it to one gathering in the past two years ...I arrived late and left ea...
  5. Pangea Reunited

    Seeking advice from all you Introverted nurses out there...

    I think a lot of people don't understand the meaning of the word "introvert". I'm introverted, but also assertive, talkative and even goofy. I just need alone time to recharge and don't rely on the thoughts/feelings/opinions of others very much. I am...
  6. Pangea Reunited

    Stepping away from direct patient care. Would like input

    Where will you be stepping to?
  7. Pangea Reunited

    Dear Abby and social induction of pregnancy

    "Dear Abby" is like a print version of "The View".
  8. Pangea Reunited

    Patients or family members that lie about you

    I can only think of one time a patient lied about me, but it was an outrageous lie and the patient was a well-known liar. I did get asked about it for the sake of "addressing" the issue, but it was a mere formality. I'm not sure the lie your patient ...
  9. Pangea Reunited


    You have until you die to do it, right? I don't have a personal issue with tattoos, but i wouldn't want to deal with having to cover up such a large one for work. I know a few people who do it. They sweat like pigs in the summer.
  10. Pangea Reunited

    Who needs a bigger pat on the back?

    Nurses do, from what I've seen ...but I know very few teachers. I have always found dolphins to be very smug, as well. You should have included them in your poll.
  11. If you call them, they should be able to estimate your chances and tell you how to improve your chances. They'll know what their typical "cut-off" scores are (as opposed to the minimum requirements most programs have listed on their websites). Good L...
  12. Pangea Reunited

    Contemplating LPN? Already have Bachelors

    You might find this thread useful, although it's asking about RN instead of LPN. And after you get the age thing sorted out, find out how marketable LPNs/ASNs?BSNs are in your area.
  13. Pangea Reunited

    Seriously?? Small rant.

    If they want to be called "nurse" and "it's not that hard to be a nurse", then they should do they easy stuff required to make it legitimate.
  14. Pangea Reunited

    BLS/ACLS maintanance

    There is no grace period at any of the three hospitals I've worked at. You're suspended until it's brought up to date. I've never worked as an agency nurse.
  15. Pangea Reunited

    Student Nurse Look For Advice

    You might need to talk to people who actually know you. I can't tell you if nursing is a good fit for you anymore than you can tell me if electrical engineering is a good fit for me.