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  1. nuangel1

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    yes .i have always had my own insurance .its reasonable.i would not trust the facility
  2. nuangel1

    URGENT: Are CDC Ebola Guidelines 'Good Enough'?

    I work in Rhode Island .the DPH has already stated that any nurse who refuses to care for an Ebola pt will lose their nursing license.
  3. nuangel1

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location RI Pay rate 35.45 base In which area / specialty do you work?ED What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)?RN What type of degree and/or certification do you have?BSN How many years of experience do you have? 26 Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? FT What shift do you work?11AM TO 11 PM Do you receive any shift differential? Yes Are you a manager or supervisor? No but I do charge
  4. nuangel1

    An open letter to the ER triage nurse

    Very good! That's what they suspected. Problem is I'm not completely better and although the sx have improved they are still there. Oh...and I got no meds...not even an IV. And I'll be the first to admit that is part of why I am upset. All I could think of while I was waiting to be triaged was that I could be having a CVA and time is ticking away. Besides, as I said earlier in this thread, the point of the letter is not to critique her assessment skills...regardless of what I think of them. But it's to bring to light an ever increasing problem....the fact that it seems that some nurses are forgetting why they are nurses. Their lack of caring and professionalism is appalling. That's what it's about. first i wish you well and that you feel better soon.but you brought this to the forum.some of what you say here sounds like sour grapes and that you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.i agree from your description that the triage nurse seemed a bit rude . you don't feel like she acknowledged you enough make eye contact etc.she could have spoken to you nicer .but if you could be in triage/waiting room that meant you were stable. not having a cva .if you had not been stable you would have been in the back/main area of dept .you were in and out in 4hrs you got seen examined , treated and released per the ed attending md.not the nurse.the decision of whether you got an iv meds etc was for the md to decide and order .again not the nurse.if you felt she was rude to you you should have said something to her at the time.and if her response was not satisfactory ask to speak with the charge person or supervisor.as for the bathroom issue.why couldnt your friend get a whhelchair and help you to the bathroom.or you could ask the nice ambulance attendants to wheel you to the bathroom .again i do wish you well the ed ruled out a cva .you obviously did not need to be admitted.but that doesn't mean the symptoms have resolved and you don't have a health issue.upon d/c you were instructed to f/u with your md ,specialist etc .that is what you need to do.
  5. it is very sad if the lady was being abused in any way .i can understand how the daughter feels.my mom had alzheimers too.but his video doesn't show much.
  6. nuangel1

    Get through it without laughing - dare ya

    i did not find it funny .i don't think he is funny just very unrealistic and silly.
  7. nuangel1

    Treating pain in ER

    first ,i am very sorry that you are in such pain.i have several conditions that also leave me in pain all the time severe cervical stenosis,spinal stenosis and disc disease also.but each person is different and it sounds like you are doing all you can.i am glad you are seeing a pain specialist.but when you went to the ed what did you expect to happen ?what did you expect to receive?for most people toradol,phenergan and dilaudid would provide some pain relief.agreed you probably needed more second to your tolerance.but ed is for emergencies .you were not going to leave the ed 100% painfree.that would not be a realistic expectation.but hopefully in less pain then when you came in.most likely you were told to followup with your pcp and pain specialist also.good luck feel better .
  8. nuangel1

    ER MD documentation and triage??

    we currently use pre printed t sheets .these are pretty detailed and are updated periodically by our med director -attending ed md,he keeps up very well with the documentation.our secretaries actually review and have a checkoff list ,done on all charts after pt is d/c.our director is actually now using and trialing a computerized version of above and dictating the the t sheet .then this gets printed out for the pts medical record.
  9. nuangel1

    MORPHINE and Dying Patients

    amp and nlm i am so sorry for your losses.i understand.nlm i too have witnessed pts waiting for kids to step away and pass.i have seen it a lot having worked 11 years in icu.i was with my mom on the day she died talking to her, holding her hand and giving her permission to go .the nurses were repositioning her, i was not far, in the hallway ,during those moments my mom passed.i do believe even though she had been unconscious for 2 days,that she heard me and knew i was there .at least i hope so .i still miss her and my dad soo much.always will.
  10. nuangel1

    Never driving to work in snow again

    glad you made it home safely .i am in new england and have a car with awd .but still with snow storms dropping 6-12 in we have had a record jan snowfall.we have had 6 major storms so far.i lucked out and have been off the last 3 of 4 .but i have a 45 min commute and took my time last week. was 1/2 late.but my job and boss were just glad i got there safely .they did not care i was late.you gotta do what you have and stay safe.
  11. nuangel1

    Catheters in Pregnant Pt going for US??

    thats not the case in my ed .we do not place catheters in hcg pos pts at all.ie not for sole purpose of a pelvic u/s .its not necessary.
  12. my mom died 3 yrs ago today .dec 29,2007.that same year my bil died 3 days before thanksgiving.my moms was totally sudden died of sepsis .as a critical care/ed nurse i had the difficult decision to make my mom dnr/dni days after xmas.my moms death brought back memories of my dads death 10 yrs earlier .both loved xmas.these holidays have become very difficult for me since.i now have very little xmas spirit all it brings is a flood of memories.but the grief is getting better.i would never prolong a loved ones passing but i too understand it.
  13. nuangel1

    Merry Christmas to the nurses who will be working today

    i worked 11 to 11 in my ed on xmas day was not bad till 6 pm then crazy after that.but thats part of the job.
  14. suburb of boston here.got about 14 in .i was fortunate not to have to work yesterday or today.i just came in from clearing my car off.i have to work 11-11 tomorrow.my boyfriend went in last noc they put him up.he had to be to work 7 am to 7 pm in boston.
  15. nuangel1

    verbal abuse from patient

    i woulnd not change my nursing practice for anyone.and i would not tolerate his comments. i would tell him it is annapropriate and walk out.then i would document all.i would also inform my manager .if it happened again he would be taken care of himself.