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nuangel1 has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CT ,ICU,CCU,Tele,ED,Hospice.

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  1. nuangel1

    RN hospice attire

    We have option of business casual with a lab coat or scrubs of set color green
  2. nuangel1

    Dying Patient Requires CPR- Nurses Laugh Instead.

    Absolutely horrible.So sad.
  3. nuangel1

    Do all nurses make fatal mistakes?

    I have been a nurse over 30 years .Yes I have made a few med errors but no harm to pt .Certainly not a fatal error.
  4. Yep tell me about it .I have a partially displaced comminuted distal radius fracture after a fall.Was xrayed at urgent care given 3 days of tramadol 50mg .Did not help the pain in wrist.Saw ortho next day casted and given 3 days of oxycodone 5mg .Still in pain 10 days later cannot take motrin.Told to take tylenol.It trobs so bad at night it keeps me awake.
  5. nuangel1

    BSN is a joke

    you could also look to your supervisor and see if they could send you to a class on 12 lead EKG.or you could go to a seminar on it this would get you CEUs
  6. nuangel1

    Help! I can't find work!

    There is one local in Woburn .they staff Big and small Boston area hospitals.I know for a fact MGH and Brigham.
  7. nuangel1

    Help! I can't find work!

    There are lots but check into Supplemental Health Care. they are real good.
  8. nuangel1

    Help! I can't find work!

    Have you thought of going to staffing company and doing contracts.usually 13 week assignment .That gets your foot in door alot hospitals use staffing companies.
  9. nuangel1

    ADON having sex with CNA

    No ,they are 2 consenting adults .MYOB
  10. nuangel1

    Do nurses use "Linked In"?

    yes I do.I am job searching and have found recruiters use it heavily .also find interesting info regarding resumes ,interviews etc.plus I job search with it also.
  11. nuangel1

    Nurses Liability Insurance: Yes or No

    yes .i have always had my own insurance .its reasonable.i would not trust the facility
  12. nuangel1

    Peritoneal Dialysis in the ED?

    absolutely not .dialysis nurse would be called to floor not in my ED.
  13. nuangel1

    "Fixin' to die"

    Thank God the nurse used good judgement and immediately knew something was seriously wrong and called 911.I read the story it sounds like she did everything correct.I dont feel that by her using that statement she sounds ignorant at all.it sounds like a southern slang that is used .
  14. nuangel1

    The Opioid Crisis hits LTC

    I agree with the commuter.That said his death is sad.
  15. nuangel1

    No pain meds in ER??

    Very well said and I agree with you
  16. nuangel1

    No pain meds in ER??

    I agree as a nurse there should be a decrease in opiate prescriptions and use .like all Ed i have seen too many OD in my time .We give a fair amount of iv dilaudid,morphine ,fentanylt and ativan,etc.for c/o pain .We traditionally also gave small 2-3 days worth in a script.Finally in last year the scripts for narcotics and or benzos are almost gone except in case of fractures.Pts are given Referrals.Pts not happy.I still believe the true c/o pain should be treated as we are in my ED .this is a compromise that should continue.I hope my ED Drs,NP, and Pa-s agree. This NJ plan of no narcotics at all scares me if this becomes a National Trend because as a RN and a chronic and acute pain sufferer I want my pain treated with non narcotics preferably .But there have been and are times i have needed shorterm narcotics.I dont enjoy suffering and being unable to work.