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This website is being mentioned in an upcoming article in our state nurses assoc newspaper that goes out to 34,000 RNs in NY.


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Heck, I have been known to hand out the website address during interviews! I've even pulled up the site during interviews with prospective employees (usually nursing students or people considering entering nursing as a profession).

Keep up the good work! I'll buy whatever you decide to market (t-shirt {although I rarely wear them}, tote bag, bumper sticker, etc.).


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How about a keychain? While driving in the car I will be able to look down and remember what I have to look forward to when I get home-not just laundry, cooking, get my point. LOL!


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Well Zee,

How about recognizing a certain poster was an old aquaintance from her descriptions of her family life, job and nursing school (bleckkk)! We could locate each other on the beach, at nursing functions, etc by the tote bags, tee shirts, and for the manly man nurse- an necktie! How's that for a father's day present?


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OOoh count me in...I can never have enough totes to carry "stuff" around in!! How about a window cling sticker for our car windows?:D


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I want teeshirts, totes and keyrings too!!

maire, ASN, RN

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I hate to sound obnoxious and repeat myself, but CafePress gives you the opportunity to design and sell your own stuff - coffee mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, hats, mousepads...

*pokes Brian*

Sorry, couldn't resist the plug. :D I would love an pair of boxer shorts. I bet they'd be comfy to sleep in. :p



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Originally posted by maire

I would love an pair of boxer shorts.

OH MY GOSH! That would be so cool!


Addicted? Who me, addicted?

Just because this is my new home page.... silly, I'm not addicted.




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Sign me up for a ball cap, a tee-shirt and a coffee mug, how about a travel cup, a water bottle, omg! the possibilities are endless. What about a contest for a slogan....'You might be a nurse if you are addicted to"....your first official entry. love this web site!


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I want a T-shirt with Brian's face on the front.


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Boxer shorts!!!!

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