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  1. NurseDennie

    Steer clear of this company!!

    Thanks so much, everybody. I've kind of gone back to my normal, apathetic state. I think I've decided that this is some 13 year old monkey-child, and he's thrown this program together because something bad happened to his family and they can't afford to give him his allowance any more. I almost don't have the heart to finish going after the refund. *sigh* Now I'm feeling sorry for him. Love Dennie
  2. NurseDennie

    Has anyone noticed the # of guests we have on the bb?

    Well, isn't there some advice or rule or something that you SHOULD lurk for a while so you kinda get the feel of things and don't go upsetting people? Love Dennie
  3. NurseDennie

    Steer clear of this company!!

    P_RN, Hi. I just went there and downloaded. I think it's going to work perfectly. I really don't need the info on my palm, this will work better, since the info is already on the onetouch, and I can just fill in the meds and carbs, etc., when I get back to my desktop. Apparently the company are receiving emails. I actually think it's just one person - and I was probably his first and last customer! I think it's really nice that some of you wrote to support my point of view, and I appreciate it. I truly did not post this in hopes that this would happen, as I know it takes time and effort. And I think the guy is getting defensive, and I'm getting the refund! Yay. Thanks for your help! I just wish I'd never gotten involved. I have a sinking feeling that this guy has my personal information AND my credit card information. In my form requesting a refund from the download site, I made a note that I'd like to make sure that he does NOT. Love Dennie
  4. NurseDennie

    Steer clear of this company!!

    Thanks for the advice and everything, guys. I had thought about the BBB, but I also want to punish this guy (I assume it's a guy) so I'm also looking to see if the company sells on Ebay or whatever that other place is where people sell stuff, and complain there. I'll be good, when I can remember what the other site is. *sigh* Love Dennie
  5. NurseDennie

    Steer clear of this company!!

    Hi - I hope this is the forum that will be seen by the most nurses in general, and especially nurses who work with diabetics and diabetic educators. The name of the company is Armed for Life.com I bought what LOOKED like really nice programs for my Palm pilot and my desk top (separate programs). The demo wasn't much of a muchly, it just showed some pages and forms and said buy the program! It looked good, so I bought it. The price I paid was more than the price on the developer's website, the registration number did not come within the promised amount of time, and the program just totally did not live up to expectations. The info would post from palm to desktop but not the other way around. And if I entered it in the desktop (which is SO much easier than on that little palm!) not only did it not sync with the palm, but the new entry would disappear! Report function was completely unreadable..... I could go on and on... So I requested a refund. Here is the email that I received!!! I'll put the "customer service" answers in bold. Let me repeat for emphasis: "It is sad that people are always trying to get something for nothing, but they never do. Things like this result in higher prices for everyone" I also think that it was particularly heinous that this person would make personal insults and libelous remarks -- basically accusing me of something akin to shoplifting! -- but not sign the email. Anyway, my hope is that NOBODY ever buys anything from this company. I can't say that I know that all their products are this bad, but I have to assume so. Thanks Love Dennie
  6. NurseDennie

    continuous oral contraceptive use?

    Hi - I just happen to be here when you post, and I thought I'd stick my 2cents worth in. Probably the quickest and easiest way to get a good answer would be to call either your GYNs office, or talk with your pharmacist. I know that what you're describing worked perfectly well with the older bcp's... But no matter what everybody on this board answers, you'd probably want to talk with the doc or pharmacist (maybe both) anyway, woudln't you? BTW, have a great time with hubster! Love Dennie
  7. NurseDennie

    heparin injections

    I'm in research now, so I don't administer meds. But when I did, I would always change the needle when giving Lovenox. Those needles are DULL. Love Dennie
  8. NurseDennie

    Kansas City area anyone?

    I lived in Overland Park from the time I was about 11 to when I was 17. I loved it. I wish I'd never left!!!! That doesn't tell you anything about what you were wondering about work, pay levels, etc., but I just REALLY wanted to mention how much I loved it there. Love Dennie
  9. NurseDennie

    If Jerry Springer did a show on Bad Patients

    A friend of my daughter's was on Jerry's show. He was playing a role, wasn't his story, wasn't his name, weren't his family/friends. So yeah, the people do exist, but they're Fakes. Which we had to surmise, when they're too angry to keep from hitting and screaming at each other whilst they're on camera, but calm right down and sit next to each other on folding chairs when the next little drama plays out. Love Dennie
  10. NurseDennie

    help me understand

    ((((((Darn Mom)))))) I'm sorry not to have any words of wisdom, because I don't understand, either. I'll be thinking and sending good thoughts and vibes as you deal with this. Love Dennie
  11. NurseDennie

    Doctor Asked For A "Kind" Nurse

    Taken out because it wasn't really about the thread topic. Sorry! Love Dennie
  12. NurseDennie

    More Strange Baby Names

    ShandyLynn, I dunno, I guess it's just tradition. I like it. Being both Roman Catholic AND British, I've got a LOT of names! And so do my daughters. I also gave my maiden name to both my daughters. I know I have brothers with sons to carry on the name, but I don't care. They only go by their first names of course. But *I* know it's there. Love Dennie
  13. NurseDennie

    Circumcision Debate

    I wouldn't have been happy about having a son circ'd. But I wouldn't have made a huge "deal" about it. I told my hubby he could choose if we had a boy because I didn't have a bone to pick!!! Heh - get it? But anyway, the 17 year old son of a friend of min had to have a circ. Too tight, didn't retract, all that stuff. I was concerned, not only because of the pain, but maybe that there'd be a problem with self-imagine and all, being 17 years old and all. He just sailed through it and my friend seemed to wonder why I thought it was going to be such a big deal? Love Dennie
  14. NurseDennie

    Do your dying patient's have company?

    Hellllllo Nurse, I'd like to read your story, too. I absolutely believe that people get help when it's time to go. Especially if they're having a hard time of it. And I've heard some stories, and read some on this board that give me such a feeling of peace. Interestingly, and I know I've posted this before, and I know it doesn't PROVE anything, but you never hear these people who are about to die talking to somebody who is alive and just distant... I even remember reading on another thread on this BB about a patient who talked to someone he/she didn't even know had died! Love Dennie
  15. NurseDennie

    Let's talk about acrylic nails ...

    I worked with a nurse who had very nice, tasteful acrylic nails. It was against hospital policy, but it wasn't really enforced. Anyway, one change of shift, she and I were standing in the hallway, talking and she drew up some med, "flicked" it with her fingernail and the fingernail went FLYING down the hall!!! WAY too funny. I have unpleasant nails, too. My mother had truly HORRIBLE ones, that never grew out to her fingertip and were peely and curled up and just nasteeeeee, so I'm lucky that mine aren't worst. But I don't like to spend time/money, so I just keep them trimmed short. Cheap, easy, quick (heh heh - that's me!) Love Dennie
  16. NurseDennie

    low census

    SheRN - how can that possibly be legal???? I can almost see how you would kind of have to "take it" if they called and said that your shift was changed from 7a-7p to 11a-7p and they might still call you off... you're kind of stuck. But to have to sit waiting for a 3 pm call? I don't see how they can make that stick. If they call you at 10 and say they don't need you yet and they'll call you if they need you at 1500, I'd say I'm not available at 1500, don't bother to call me, you've called me off for the day. I guess you could even say that at the first call..... I just don't see how they could make this stick. Even a little bit. Sheeeesh And Allison S - I'm with you, too. Whenever they sent a nurse home or pulled her to another floor at 1500, it was always the last 4 hour of HE!! on that floor. No slack at all and every one of the rooms that that nurse would have had got filled up. Whenever they asked if anybody wanted to go home because they were going to either go home or get pulled, I always BEGGED to go home - because everybody else is just sc***ed, tattooed etc. Needless to say there was a lot of competition for getting to go home early!! Love Dennie