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  1. l.rae

    Is it wrong...

    It's a career, not a voluntary ministry. However I will say this, those who have no ppl skills or compassion need to steer clear. Some degree of emotional comforting will always be required in this field to be outstanding.
  2. l.rae

    USA Ranked Dead Last In Healthcare

    as far as infant mortality, the USA is the only western country to my knowlege that attempts to save extremely premature infants. This leads to higher numbers but it's like comparing apples to oranges.
  3. l.rae

    Vent thread "universal" health care

    I can't afford to pay for their 'free' health care
  4. l.rae

    Question Please! Icu Nurses

    Is there any policy or standard requiring that an ICU be able to accept an admit within a 30 minute time frame? If this is so and anyone can provide a link it would be most helpful. I'm sure there are exceptions as codes etc. My co-worker tells me this is a standard national guideline. Thanks
  5. l.rae

    You Know You're a Nurse When...

    The ETA of the full arrest is 1 minute out, you figure you got 2 good minutes to go to the bathroom. After all, you have 3 minutes till brain death.
  6. l.rae

    Reality TV : Nurses

    "reality", "nursing" and "mansion"...in the same sentence? geesh, do we still use the term oxymoron?
  7. l.rae

    Offended by Prayer

    No one forces you to say the pledge, or any part thereof that is found "offensive." The marriage law was voted on where I live. There are many laws, true that could be argued that they are bibliclly based....as in laws regarding murder, thieving etc. you get the drift. While I stand strongly that ppl should be allowed to express their faith, (reasonably), I dn't stand with the extreem right evangelicals that want to legislate morality. According to the New Testiment and Christ's techings, I've never come across an account of His teachings being forced on anyone. He said ,"who so ever will." Far as I can tell, Christ was a huge proponent of free will, and so am I. I will share my faith if asked. I will express my faith as a privilege of freedom. If I offend anyone, I expect to be told in a respectful manner and would change my behavior as long as it does not infringe on my faith or constitutional rights. edited because I can't spell...where is the spell check?
  8. l.rae

    Offended by Prayer

    I would like to point out part of your statement, "if we are also required to adhere to any of the religious beliefs or rules of others. " Never is anyone "required" to adhere. Just because someone witnesses someone practicing a religeous rite, or wearing of a symbol in no way reflects participation. If the mere site or sound of religeon is offensive then the problem goes much deeper. One of our Jewish nurses posted information on the celebration of Ramadon in the nurses station. Did I feel violated? NO, as she does not feel offended when I wear my cross. People who preach tolerance need to practice what they preach, otherwise it is nothing but plain hypocrisy. Tolerance vs. Abstinance...I vote for tolerance. As for saying prayer, I do, silently. I agree it is for myself and the family. At death, I believe the eternal fate of that person is fixed with the last breath they take.
  9. my pet peeve in giving report is the nurse that frequently interrupts asking non-pertinent questions. If the pt is being admitted for cellulitis, do not ask me about his breath sounds. Can we say focused assessment? ER nurse here too.
  10. l.rae

    another snake bite

  11. l.rae

    Ever leave work crying?

    Walked on water?????
  12. l.rae

    Let's try the intro again!

    Hi Tazzi, ER nurse here too. l am in Ohio....welcome!
  13. l.rae

    ADN question - not a debate!!!

    l can't imagine ANY nursing program without pharm.....my LPN program was heavy in pharm, so was ADN, and pathophys was incorperated into our med surg.....interesting.
  14. l.rae

    When to use 911

    Well, l work ER, we have several crews of all female medics frequent our ER. They are kick-a$$....these women are trained for these situations. But, l don't necessasarily think you did wrong.
  15. l.rae

    T shirt slogans

    I See Dumb People
  16. l.rae

    More Evidence That This World is Full of Complete Idiots

    I'll say it again,.......stupidity is my job security.