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maire has 18 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Adult Med-Surg and Rehab.

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  1. maire

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    Got mine Friday evening. Saturday, arm was sore (on par with the flu shot) had a headache, bit of a scratchy throat, and just felt tired. Went to bed at 8 and slept for 12 hours. Sunday, felt fine.
  2. maire

    Moving to Massachusetts

    Came here to say this. Emerson and Heywood are both good, small hospitals and both are hiring!
  3. maire

    Masks and sore throats/sinus issues?

    With the N95, yes to the sore throat. It's super annoying. Some days it's worse than others and I wonder, Rona, is that you? Nope, just the mask.?
  4. maire

    Ever date a patient? Or would you?

    I work in geriatrics, so no ? And no, I'm too busy trying to land a surgeon.
  5. maire

    New job at rehab, what should I know

    Congratulations! I work on a TCU, but mine is actually in a hospital, so your mileage may vary. If you've done LTC, you will do fine in rehab. There may be some skills you will need to learn (dunno what sorts of patients you have in LTC, do you guy...
  6. maire


    I am looking for headbands for work that will stay put. I have longish, thin hair, a weirdly-shaped head, and a huge fore(five)head and they all seem to just slip off. With this PPE I've totally given up on my hair. Anyone have any types/styles/br...
  7. maire

    While we were arguing; We disappeared

    Our scrubs aren't color-coded. What differentiates us is the "badge buddies." With our name badges, we all wear additional green badges that read "RN" or "PCT" or even "DOCTOR." When the badges flip over (as the often do), you can't tell who is who. ...
  8. maire

    Loooove these scrub pants

    I'm pretty much ambivalent about what scrubs I wear to work. As long as they fit, don't pinch the fat, and don't make me look like I just rolled out of bed, I'm all set. Recently, however, I purchased a new pair of pants, and I love them so much I wa...
  9. It's a couple months later, just curious, how do you like it?? I've done rehab for the past 10 years and I love it.
  10. maire

    I took the feels weird

    Best of luck with the new job!
  11. maire

    First Choice Nurse; Second ???

    I'd be a veterinarian.
  12. maire

    Rehab Nursing, Not a good fit?

    I've worked at a SNF in a hospital for almost 9 years, and except for a brief period of time where my shift was staffed by 3 RNs and 2 PCTs/CNAs, it's always been a 6-10 patient assignment on the 3-1130p shift. I rarely leave on time, especially when...
  13. maire

    The Face of a Medical Error...

    Came to say what IrishIzRN did, and I am pleased to hear that your co-workers are holding you up, rather than yanking you down. Keep your chin up!
  14. maire

    The case of the missing pens: A rant and an idea

    I am teased constantly at work because I label my pens (actually, everything) with my name. 3 times around the pen with those printed out sticker thingies. They are difficult to remove, and I haven't lost a pen in years.
  15. maire

    Do acute care nurses look down on LTC nurses