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maire has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Adult Med-Surg and Rehab.

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  1. maire


    I am looking for headbands for work that will stay put. I have longish, thin hair, a weirdly-shaped head, and a huge fore(five)head and they all seem to just slip off. With this PPE I've totally given up on my hair. Anyone have any types/styles/brands that you particularly like?
  2. maire

    While we were arguing; We disappeared

    Our scrubs aren't color-coded. What differentiates us is the "badge buddies." With our name badges, we all wear additional green badges that read "RN" or "PCT" or even "DOCTOR." When the badges flip over (as the often do), you can't tell who is who. Docs wear white coats, but so do dieticians. Nurses have their stethoscopes but so do the physical therapists. It's kinda a clusterfrick.
  3. maire

    Loooove these scrub pants

    I'm pretty much ambivalent about what scrubs I wear to work. As long as they fit, don't pinch the fat, and don't make me look like I just rolled out of bed, I'm all set. Recently, however, I purchased a new pair of pants, and I love them so much I wanted to share them with you all. The brand is koi, and they are the stretch Liza yoga pants. Holy. Smoke. They are soooo comfy, they wash well, and they don't make my butt look like a dump truck. HIGHLY recommend!
  4. It's a couple months later, just curious, how do you like it?? I've done rehab for the past 10 years and I love it.
  5. maire

    First Choice Nurse; Second ???

    I'd be a veterinarian.
  6. maire

    Rehab Nursing, Not a good fit?

    I've worked at a SNF in a hospital for almost 9 years, and except for a brief period of time where my shift was staffed by 3 RNs and 2 PCTs/CNAs, it's always been a 6-10 patient assignment on the 3-1130p shift. I rarely leave on time, especially when there are admissions (I'm often there until 1am finishing up the "required" documentation). When there were 3 of us, it was glorious. Budget cuts killed us.
  7. maire

    The case of the missing pens: A rant and an idea

    I am teased constantly at work because I label my pens (actually, everything) with my name. 3 times around the pen with those printed out sticker thingies. They are difficult to remove, and I haven't lost a pen in years.
  8. maire

    Where do you get your CEUs?

    I use Advance for Nurses, pay a yearly fee of I think 25 bucks for unlimited CEUs. They also offer a few freebies.
  9. maire

    Hospital Activities for Staff!?!

    Every holiday there is something happening, and during nurse's week we get goodies as well. Also, every summer there is an employee appreciation barbecue, which is nice, and throughout the year there are raffles and whatnot going on. This is all in addition to what my unit does together (potlucks, etc.). I have no complaints. There is the odd duck who won't participate because "this hospital sucks" (find another job..? Just a thought.) or that they "don't want to socialize with coworkers outside of work," but for the most part we're an amiable, cohesive bunch that like to meet and greet and spend relaxing, non-work-related time together. I think for the most part, morale is pretty darn good where I work.
  10. maire

    random drug tests?

    We just recently had a discussion about this at work. AFAIK my facility does not test when hiring nor are there random tests performed during employment. I recently had a needlestick and I wasn't tested then, either. I find this rather odd.
  11. maire

    Ever lie about what you do to your MD?

    No. I have a very good relationship with my doctor, she knows what I do for a living, and she respects me for it. Same goes for my kids' pedi doc. I find that I get more information out of medical folks when they know what I do for a living. The talk is more direct and to the point.
  12. We get a copy of all comments, good and bad, posted in the break room. I can't say that I have ever seen someone negatively mentioned by name, so maybe those are filtered out.
  13. maire

    First Patient Death

    I had a patient about 2 years ago, whose diagnosis I've since forgotten, that was admitted to my floor for strength training and rehab before going to live with her daughter. She was a dear, sweet lady, always smiling, but rather frail. She was part of my patient assignment every night that I worked for almost 3 weeks, and I got to know her rather well in that short (?) period of time. I would often bring her out of her room and 'park' her by the nurses' station so she would have people to talk with and something to see other than the inside of her room (family wasn't local so couldn't come to visit all that often). She got to know all of us by name, and always seemed happy to see me when I came on shift. "Oh there's my favorite nurse!" she would say with a smile. It got to the point where I was looking forward to my shift just so I could see her. :) As time went on, she started to deteriorate, and was (finally) made a DNR. The family liked the care we gave her so much they wanted her to stay with us until the end. The last few days she was alive, I came in on my days off and sat with her for a few hours. She was completely unresponsive, but it made me feel good to be there and hold her hand. Her daughter was in as well for those few short days, and wasn't sure what to do with her. She was afraid to touch her, afraid to talk to her, just was at a complete loss. "I'm going to lose my mother, and I don't know what to do." I lost my sister in '05 to cancer, so I had all the empathy in the world for the daughter. I told her, "Talk to her. She can still hear you. Touch her, kiss her, hold her hand. She may not respond, but she knows you're here." So she did. I left her alone with her mom, went home, and got a call from a co-worker that night letting me know that the patient had passed. I was very saddened by the loss, but I know we gave her excellent care and her passing was peaceful. Several weeks later, one of my co-workers came into a room where I was doing an assessment and said "There is someone at the desk who wants to see you." When I went out, there was the daughter. She gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you. I will never forget what you did for Mom, and how you helped me to be there for her as her time came to an end." She handed me a card and a small, tissue-paper-wrapped package. "This was Mom's. I know she would want you to have them, and my brother and I want you to have them, too." Inside the box was a beautiful set of opal earrings. I was absolutely overwhelmed, and the two of us sat and hugged and sobbed and smiled at each other. I will never forget Mrs. R. This is why I became a nurse.
  14. maire

    Baby Phat

    I love the way the pants fit but the emblem on the ankle has pretty much worn off on all of my pairs (had them a few months). I don't much care for the tops (too "showy" for me). They do seem to run a little small though in size. I normally wear a small scrub pant, and with the BP I had to buy a medium.
  15. maire

    Sterotypes of Nurses Continues and Is Getting Worse

    O M G Are they SERIOUS?????

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