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maire has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Adult Med-Surg and Rehab.

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I am looking for headbands for work that will stay put. I have longish, thin hair, a weirdly-shaped head, and a huge fore(five)head and they all seem to just slip off. With this PPE I've totally given up on my hair. Anyone have any types/styles/brands that you particularly like?

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lauranurselaura has 17 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Clinical Research.

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I had the same problem and spent forever and ever searching high and low for quality headbands that stay put. I can't wear cotton ones, though I desperately wish I could because they look so soft and comfy. But they just slide right off.

Anyway, I finally found the perfect headband!

Sweaty Bands: sweatybands.com

I sweat a ton and needed something that would stay put and absorb sweat and these did the trick. I've washed them a ton of times and they're still doing great. I prefer the 1.5 inch headbands, but you may like other sizes.

Disclaimer: they worked for me, so they may not for you, but I highly recommend them.

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