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lauranurselaura has 19 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Clinical Research.

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  1. lauranurselaura

    What is the Difference?

    Hi Karen! Thank you so much for breaking this down. My assumptions about each position title just about aligned with your descriptions, so I feel good now about my understanding of these roles. Again, I really appreciate your help!
  2. lauranurselaura

    What is the Difference?

    What is the difference between a nurse navigator, nurse case manager, and RN care coordinator? I assume that there is some overlapping responsibilities and that the positions may depend on the employer, but I was hoping someone could specify generall...
  3. I have two semesters left before I graduate from a BSN program (!). While I am SO excited, I worry about what lies ahead in regard to clinical hours. If COVID wasn't a thing, the normal trajectory would be completing 45 clinical hours for my Communit...
  4. lauranurselaura

    So H&H are 2 different labs: why only say one value?

    That's bizarre. I've never heard anyone say that a patient's H&H is 10, for example. I've only ever heard anyone say that a patient's hgb is 10. I've heard providers say "Let's get an H&H on him .." but, I've never heard anyone report an H&a...
  5. It's been a great program! I am set to graduate in December. It's had it's ups and downs just like any nursing program, but overall, I've really enjoyed it and have felt it is very fair. You must, must, must be an organized and self-motivated student...
  6. lauranurselaura


    I had the same problem and spent forever and ever searching high and low for quality headbands that stay put. I can't wear cotton ones, though I desperately wish I could because they look so soft and comfy. But they just slide right off. Anyway, I fi...
  7. Hi Vivika! Congratulations! You'll probably get the best responses by joining the ISU LPN to BSN FB page:
  8. What are the courses like? Are there quizzes and tests that must be taken at a proctor testing site? Are there papers due? Is it a lot of discussion board postings?
  9. lauranurselaura

    Sick of floor nursing, what now?

    I was in the EXACT same boat as you. After a year and a half, I was completely miserable and working nights made me feel terrible. I refused to work days on the floor for the exact reasons you explained. I decided that a year and a half was all that ...
  10. lauranurselaura

    Research coordinator position from scratch, need guidance

    Hi GundeRN, I agree with aelie. I would join ACRP so that you are able to post questions like the ones you posed about QoL studies on their very helpful discussion boards. There are so many experienced folks there who can serve as great resources!
  11. lauranurselaura

    CCRC to CRA

    Hi tlp1019, I've found it helpful to get in good with the monitors who you work with on your current clinical trials as a CRC. I've gotten a few interviews by working well with CRAs who in turn have recommended me for a monitoring position. I've deci...
  12. lauranurselaura


    Hi dlashon, You may want to shadow a research nurse/study coordinator somewhere near you to see what the job entails first. Covance is a CRO who generally hires CRAs or monitors. These monitors are the ones who then comes to sites where studies are c...
  13. lauranurselaura

    New Graduate - Research Nurse Residency

    Hi Robin4! I agree with everything that MBARNBSN said. I'm a research nurse (study coordinator) and have found that having bedside/clinical experience has been very helpful. Though I should note that those skills aren't necessarily what got me the j...
  14. lauranurselaura

    How to look for research jobs with BSN

    Hi TexRNVW! Please see my post in response to BlueIndigo79's similar question. Hopefully it is helpful for you!
  15. lauranurselaura

    Help getting into research nursing...

    Hi BlueIndigo79! I am a research nurse (study coordinator) at an academic medical center. I work on Cardiology clinical trials. I absolutely love it and have been working in research for 7 years. I first started out as a research assistant as the ph...