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Mary Dover

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I came across an old RN journal supplement yesterday dated from Oct. 2000. The name of the magazine was 'Exploring the World of Nursing on the Net'. BRIAN, as if I wasn't already impressed enough, was the first site mentioned in the article about top websites for nurses. Yay BRIAN - YOU ROCK!


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Brian you could send site and info about allnurses to schools of nursing I know I have told our hospital librarian about it .


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I know I'm addicted and I haven't even got started yet! My husband asked me yesterday, "do you have to read the message board EVERYDAY?" I said, "uh huh". He said, "is it going to make you a better nurse?" I said, "uh huh, knowledge is power".

I have my medical dictionary right by the computer so I can look things up that I don't understand. :p


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I'm in total agreement with everyone,,,,,,, a merchandise site would be great,,,,,,, order me a tee,,,tote,,,,window cling,,,,,key chain,,,,,,,etc ,,,,,,,, Moon


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I like the t-shirts,or say sweatshirts idea. All members could send in $(we would do it!) and get some logos going. check this out...

"" a place where All Nurses COM together!

Too corny?


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I personally would like a good travel mug (need that coffee) and would be a logo I would show with pride. This is my home page too and my wife would be happy if I ONLY visited once a day.

A ball cap is another something I'd buy.


KaraLea, LVN

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I too like the bumper sticker/flyer idea, I have recommended this site to people at work and am addicted myself.


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I've only mentioned this site to a couple of people I work with. I'm selfish. I want it all to myself!

And who knows, I may want to talk about some of them sometimes!

BTW, I'd love some boxer shorts and baby t's.



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Brian, how about some bumperstickers w/ funny nurse sayings and the logo on them..?



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one of those protective sun things for front windsheilds or, umbrella

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